Why Does My Android Battery Die So Fast? The Best Phone / Tablet Battery Life Savers!

3. Don’t Use The Facebook App! (Use The Mobile Website Instead)

Like I said before, not all apps are created equal, and in my book, you won’t find any better examples of this than the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps. It’s strong language, but it’s true: The Facebook app for Android is horrible. The only way to stop the Facebook app from constantly checking for notifications and eating up battery life is to log out of the app. Even closing it out using the methods above doesn’t solve the problem – it restarts itself almost instantaneously.

There’s only one solution to this problem: Uninstall the Facebook app and use m.facebook.com.

Why, you ask? One app can’t be that bad, right? Wrong!

When I had the Facebook app on my phone, I was lucky if I got 8-10 hours on a full charge, even after implementing all of the other suggestions I’ve shared with you on how to improve your battery life. Now, under exactly the same conditions but without the Facebook app, I average 12-16 hours of battery life. Yep: Applying this one simple fix has given me at least 50% more battery life.

I’ve only given one example here, but trust your gut – if you’ve recently installed an app that is draining your battery too quickly, locking up your phone or tablet for long periods of time, or causing your device to reboot – you’ve probably stumbled across a poorly-coded app. I’d love to hear about your own discoveries in the comments section below.

4. Keep Your Brightness At A Comfortable Level

Let’s head back to the Smart Quick Settings app and take a closer look at the Brightness setting on your device. Truth is, the displays built into our devices these days are amazing, and they can get really, really bright. The brighter the display, however, the faster your battery will drain.

Setting your device’s Brightness slider right around the middle will be absolutely fine in most circumstances and can cut down on eye strain in low light environments. I have my phone set on Auto-Brightness, a feature that automatically adjusts the brightness of the display to the level of ambient light surrounding you. This uses the ambient light sensor in your phone, which in itself can drain the battery by always asking, “How bright is it now? How about now?”, but I’ve found that the tiny amount of battery this sensor actually uses saves most people a far greater amount of battery life than the massive drain caused by leaving their device set to maximum brightness all the time.

5. GPS

If you rarely use your phone for GPS, you probably don’t need your phone to constantly ping satellites for a service that you’re not using anyway. Head to Settings -> Location Services and turn GPS off.

6. Bluetooth

Do You Even Have Any Bluetooth Devices? This one’s simple: If you don’t use any Bluetooth devices, turn Bluetooth off to save battery life.

7. Wi-Fi (If You Don’t Use It)

Do you use Wi-Fi at home or in the office? If you do, it’s probably best to leave Wi-Fi on, just to keep things simple. If you don’t, go ahead and turn Wi-Fi off to save some extra battery life.

Let’s move on to the last page of Android battery saving tips where we’ll address a common battery life issue that seems to cause a lot of confusion: The real way to close out your apps.

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