Verizon Wireless Deals | 2016’s Best Plans And Phones

Everyone wants to get the best deal on a cell phone plan, but shopping for plans can be confusing. The main goal is to get the best plan for you and save as much money as possible. According to research, switching to the best cell phone plan can help you cut your monthly bill by $30, which will definitely pay dividends in the long run. This article will help you learn about the best Verizon Wireless deals available today and the wireless plans you should consider.

Different Plans For Different People

Verizon Wireless’ plans have changed significantly in recent years. As a heavy phone user, you now get more data, but if you don’t use a lot of data, you could be paying more. I’ll give you a breakdown of the value of the various plans related to the amount of data given, which should help you get the best deal for your dollar. You can also use our Cell Phone Savings Calculator to quickly find the best plan for you.

Find The Best Plan

Verizon Wireless Plan Comparison

Each customer has different data needs, and Verizon offers plans to fit each person. Let’s look at the variations to help you find the best Verizon Wireless plan for you.

  • The Small Verizon Wireless plan offers 2GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, and costs $35 per month. This is mainly meant for light data users, as the 2GB of data is just enough for occasional web browsing.
  • The Medium plan gives you 4GB of data, as well as unlimited calls and texts, and you pay $50 per month. This plan is a very common choice for single device users who use a moderate amount of data every month.
  • The Large Verizon Wireless plan gives you 8GB of data, plus 2GB of data per line, and still provides unlimited calls and texts for $70 per month.
  • The X-Large plan comes with 16GB of data, plus 2GB of data per line, and the unlimited calls and texts, all of which will cost you $90 per month.
  • The XX-Large Verizon Wireless plan gives you 24GB of data, plus 2GB of data per line, unlimited calls and texts, and you pay $110 per month.

How Is The Best Verizon Wireless Deal For Me?

Our Cell Phone Savings Calculator is designed to make it easy for you to find the best deal possible on your cell phone by allowing you to find a plan that fits your needs. We keep an updated list of the best Verizon Wireless deals there, so check it out and you’ll be on your way to saving hundreds of dollars per year.

Find The Best Deal
With The Cell Phone
Savings Calculator

2016 Verizon Wireless Deals: Wrapping It Up

Now you have an idea of the different Verizon Wireless deals, you know that the plan you choose is dependent upon the amount of data you use. You should also know that, apart from having a great plan, you need a great phone — and Verizon offers some of the best! Thanks for reading and best of luck!

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