Iphone 5s battery drain + not getting charged sometimes.

    • Anonymous on #3196

      i have recently purchased a new battery for my Iphone and still face this problem!

      Sometimes when I plug it in for example like if my phone is having 30%, after plugging it, It will go down to like 26% in 10-12mins!

      please help!

    • Keymaster
      David Payette on #3204

      Hey Jovenroy,

      The thing about replacing batteries inside iPhones is that battery problems are rarely the result of a problem with the physical battery. Check out my article about how to save iPhone battery life to learn the best ways to prolong your battery life.

      If those tips aren’t working, it would be helpful to know why you replaced your battery in the first place. Then we’d stand a better chance of getting to the bottom of your battery problem.

      Thanks for writing and all the best,
      David P.

    • Anonymous on #3209

      hey thanks for responding quickly!

      I replaced my phone battery because it was not sustaining charge! It would get drained quickly even when not in use.

      Like I said I have that problem still.

    • Keymaster
      David Payette on #3211

      Hi Jovenroy,

      Try the tips in the article I recommended. If you’re still having the same battery life issues after you’ve replaced the battery in your iPhone, we can all but eliminate the possibility there is a problem with the battery itself. My article explains how to address all sorts of software issues, and you may need to hit the problem with the “Big Hammer” like I describe.

      Best of luck,
      David P.


      • Anonymous on #3233

        Dear David P,

        Lately my iPhone 5s has been dying quicker than it used to. On a whim, I decided to Google the problem and found your site. I have just finished doing all the things you suggest and have high hopes that they will help.

        A few I knew about but not most of them.

        Whether or not they work, I want to thank you very much for posting them and helping those of us who are not former Apple employees or tech experts.

        What a “Mitzvah” you are doing.

        Thanks and Happy New Year!

        Susan K

    • Anonymous on #3223

      I followed all the 9 steps without any fail!

      but still I have that problem 🙁

    • Anonymous on #3239

      Hey David and one more thing, I use a duplicate Iphone charger. So changing it will make any difference?

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