How To Backup iPhone To iCloud On iOS 12: A Quick Guide!

You want to save a backup of all the information on your iPhone, but you’re not sure how. Without a backup, you run the risk of losing all of the information on your iPhone. In this article, I’ll show you how to backup your iPhone to iCloud on iOS 12!

How To Backup iPhone To iCloud On iOS 12

To backup your iPhone to iCloud on iOS 12, begin by opening Settings and tapping on your name at the top of the screen. Then, tap iCloud.

name icloud settings ios 12

Next, scroll down and tap on iCloud Backup. Make sure the switch next to iCloud Backup is turned on.

turn on switch next to icloud backup

Finally, tap Back Up Now.

I Don’t Have Enough Storage To Backup To iCloud!

If your iPhone doesn’t have enough iCloud storage space to backup to iCloud, you have two options:

  • Buy additional iCloud storage space.
  • Create storage space by deleting some of the stuff already backed up to iCloud.

If you’re considering buying extra iCloud storage space, check out our article on ways to get around paying for iCloud backups. You still may be able to backup your iPhone to iCloud on iOS 12 without spending a dime!

If you’d rather just clear out some iCloud storage space, you can do so by going to Settings -> Your Name -> iCloud -> Manage Storage.

manage icloud storage on iphone

Then, tap on the item you’d like to clear out of iCloud storage. Finally, tap Turn Off and Delete.

disable and delete photos icloud storage

Note: If you decide to clear out Messages or Photos, you’ll have 30 days to change your mind. After that, all the photos and messages stored in iCloud will be permanently deleted.

Once you’ve cleared up enough storage space, go back to Settings -> Your Name -> iCloud -> iCloud Backup and tap Back Up Now.

Backed Up And Ready To Go!

You’ve successfully back up your iPhone, so there’s a saved company of all your data in case of an emergency. Make sure you share this article on social to help your family and friends back up their iPhone to iCloud on iOS 12! If you have any other questions about iCloud or your iPhone, leave them below.

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David L.

Note: iOS 12 is currently in its public beta phase. This iOS update will be fully released to the public sometime in Fall 2018.

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Maria Spencer
18 days ago

My phone has totally died and I have backed it up previously to iCloud. The phone has irreparable screen damage. I need a new phone. I’m going to get one tomorrow. How do I access all my backed up data and put it on my new phone?

Colin Boyd
12 days ago
Reply to  Maria Spencer

Hi Maria, here’s a link to a page on Apple’s Support site all about how to set up a new device with an iCloud backup:

I hope this helps! Best of luck with the new phone!

3 months ago

i have an iphone 6 plus and I spilled rubbing alcohol on it by accident now a few days later my iPhone is turning it on by itself and random screenshots sometimes my home button won’t work and Siri random would turn herself on what can I do

Last edited 3 months ago by lilly
Colin Boyd
3 months ago
Reply to  lilly

Hi Lilly, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble! It sounds like the problem you’re experiencing is the result of physical damage to your iPhone. If that’s the case, your safest bet would be to contact Apple Support and inquire about your repair options. You can do that online, over the phone, or at an Apple Store if you have one nearby. Here’s a link to Apple’s Support website if you’d like more details:

Hope this helps!

Debbie Saville
7 months ago

I got iphone 8plus i cant do anything as the screen wont come on. what should i do now? Do i need to buy some part to fix this problem?

Liam Shotwell
7 months ago
Reply to  Debbie Saville

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Bridget Backus McBride
2 years ago

Ahhh… found your update on how to get around buying more iCloud storage for OS12 on my new iPhone 8. Thank you. However, mine does not show “Photos” to “Turn off and delete.” Not sure what to do… can’t get this phone to sync over wifi with my iMac. Your previous article “iCloud Storage Full? Never Pay for iCloud Backup Again” was a lifesaver on my previous iPhone 4S. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Mr. Payette.

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