Is The iPhone X Waterproof? Here’s The Truth!

You’re considering buying the iPhone X and you’re wondering if it’s waterproof. Fortunately, you can let out a big sigh of relief! In this article, I’ll answer the question: is the iPhone X waterproof?

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Is The iPhone X Waterproof?

Yes, the iPhone X is designed to be waterproof up to 1 meter or approximately 3 feet. The iPhone X has rated IP67, meaning that it is completely dust-resistant and water-resistant when submerged at a depth of 1 meter or less.

If you’re planning on going near a pool deeper than the kiddie pool, check out these cases from Lifeproof. Lifeproof cases have an IP68 ingress protection rating and seal your iPhone from dirt, dust, ice, and snow. They’re also shockproof and can withstand drops from up to 6.5 feet!

Is Water Damage Protected By AppleCare?

Your iPhone warranty does not cover liquid damage, even though the iPhone X is waterproof. Warranties for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the first water-resistant iPhones, also do not cover liquid damage.

iPhone X Waterproof Rating

Like most other devices, iPhones are graded on their dust and water resistance using an IP Code, also know as an Ingress Protection Rating or an International Protection Rating. Devices rated on this scale are assigned a score of 0-6 for dust resistance and 0-8 for water resistance.

Currently, the only smartphones with an IP68, the best overall rating a device can receive, are the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8. However, Apple is seeking to catch up with Samsung and release an IP68 rated iPhone. Just recently, Apple filed a patent in Taiwan for what appears to be an iPhone with a IP68 rating.

The iPhone X Is Waterproof!

We hope this article helped clear up some question you had about whether or not the iPhone X is waterproof. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the iPhone X in the comments section below! Would a completely waterproof iPhone X be enough for you to buy this iPhone?

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Kirsty Haworth-Willey (Willey59)
2 years ago

iPhone X is not waterproof my Son’s water bottle slightly leaked on phone & now it doesn’t work 🤬

Toilet Boy
2 years ago

I just dropped my phone in the toilet with no case. It was in there for about 25 seconds and there was no water damage to the phone. The ones below just sound like bad luck.

3 years ago

why does my iPhone keep blinking the apple logo wen it go wet, if it’s waterproof?

3 years ago

That is a lie, the iphone X is not waterproof at all.

3 years ago

my phone was in a otter box case in my pocket and I put some water ontop of my head because it was 100 degrees outside. My phone keeps flashing the apple logo on and off and wont turn on. Its definitely NOT waterproof. Heck you shouldn’t even say the word water next to the phone just to be careful

2 years ago
Reply to  anon

Did you figure out how to fix this?