My iPhone Won’t Charge! Here’s The Real Fix.

When an iPhone won’t charge, it’s a big deal. I’m a former Apple employee, and during my time in the Apple Store, fixing iPhone charging problems was a big part of my daily work. The good news is that the majority of iPhone charging problems can be fixed at home. In this article, I’ll show you how to fix an iPhone that won’t charge, step-by-step.

Know This Before You Begin

One of the most common questions Apple techs receive when an iPhone won’t charge is this: “If my iPhone won’t charge, do I need a new battery?”

In spite of what you’ll read on many websites, the answer to this question is no! There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and that was one of the main reasons I wanted to write this article.

As a former Apple tech with experience working with hundreds of iPhones that wouldn’t charge, I can tell you that replacing a battery is the absolute wrong thing to do.

The truth is that most of the time, it’s your iPhone’s software — not hardware — that’s preventing your iPhone from charging. If your iPhone won’t charge, 99% of the time, replacing the battery will have zero effect!

iPhone software decides when to charge your iPhone

And, if there is a hardware problem, it’s much more likely that the issue is with the charging port itself — but we’re not there yet.

If you’d rather watch than read, our YouTube video will walk you through the fix.

How To Fix An iPhone That Won’t Charge

1. Hard Reset Your iPhone

Sometimes the solution is as simple as hard resetting your iPhone. That’s the first thing an Apple tech would do in the Apple Store, and it’s easy to do at home. Here’s how:

How To Hard Reset Your iPhone

PhoneHow To Hard Reset
iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, SE, and older modelsPress and hold the power button and the Home button together until the Apple logo appears on the screen, and then let go.
iPhone 7 and 7 PlusPress and hold the power button and the volume down button together until the Apple logo appears on the screen, and then let go.
iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, and XRThere are three steps: 1. Quickly press and release the volume up button. 2. Quickly press and release the volume down button. 3. Press and hold the power button (called the “side button” on iPhone X) until the Apple logo appears on the display, and then let go.

Apple tech tip: The #1 mistake people make while trying to hard reset their iPhone is that they don’t hold the buttons down for long enough. On iPhone 8 and X, however, make sure you are pressing the first two buttons very quickly and holding the power button down for a long time. Sometimes the process can take 20 seconds or more!

Hard Reset iPhone

If that doesn’t work, don’t worry! We’ll dive into the hardware fixes in the next step.

2. Check Your Lightning Cable For Damage

Take a very close look at both ends of the USB cable you use to charge your iPhone. Apple’s lightning cables are prone to fraying, especially at the end that connects to your iPhone. If you see visible signs of wear, it might be time for a new cable.Lightning cable damage

How can I tell whether my lightning cable is the reason why my iPhone won’t charge?

If there is no visible damage to the outside of the cable, try plugging your iPhone into a USB port on your computer to charge instead of using the wall adapter that came with your iPhone. If you already charge your iPhone using your computer, try using the wall adapter. If it works in one place and not the other, your cable isn’t the issue.

This might seem obvious, but sometimes the best way to determine whether you have a “bad cable” is to try charging your iPhone using a friend’s cable. If your iPhone suddenly springs back to life after you plug it in, you’ve identified the reason why your iPhone won’t charge — a faulty cable.

Don’t forget about your iPhone’s warranty!

If your iPhone is still under warranty, the USB cable (and everything else in the iPhone box) is covered! Apple will replace your lightning cable for free, as long as it’s in decent shape.

You can set up a return on Apple’s support website or call your local Apple Store to make an appointment with the Genius Bar. If you decide to go to the Apple Store, it’s always a good idea to have an appointment at the Genius Bar before you go in. That way, you won’t have to wait in line — at least not for long.

3rd-party cables can charge iPhone charging problems

One of the most common reasons why an iPhone won’t charge comes from low-quality 3rd-party iPhone charger cables that people buy in gas stations. Yes, Apple cables are expensive, but in my experience, those $5 knockoffs never hold up like the real thing. There are good ones out there — you just have to know which ones to choose.

High quality, less-expensive cables do exist!

If you’re looking for a high-quality replacement iPhone charging cable that’s more durable than Apple’s, check out our favorites on Amazon. These aren’t cheap gas station cables that are going to break in a week. I love the 6-foot Lightning cable because it’s long enough for me to be able to use my iPhone in bed.

3. Try A Different iPhone Charger

Do you charge your iPhone by plugging it into the wall, using a car charger, in a speaker dock, in your laptop, or some other way? There are a lot of different ways to charge an iPhone.

Remember that it’s your iPhone software that says ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to charging when your iPhone connects to an accessory. If the software detects power fluctuations, it will prevent your iPhone from charging as a protective measure.Try plugging iPhone into a different outlet

How can I tell whether my charger is the reason why my iPhone won’t charge?

We’ll do the same thing we did when we inspected your Lightning cable. The simplest way to find out whether your charger is bad is to try another one. Make sure you try more than one because chargers can be very finicky.

If your iPhone won’t charge with the wall adapter, try plugging it into a USB port on your computer. If it won’t charge in the computer, try plugging it into the wall — or try a different USB port on the computer. If your iPhone charges with one adapter and not the other, then your charger is the problem.

There are high-quality fast chargers out there, but you have to be careful

If you need a new charger, check out the chargers we recommend using the same link as above (for the cable). The maximum Apple-approved amperage for iPhone chargers is 2.1 amps. Unlike many third-party chargers that can damage your iPhone, these ones will charge your iPhone quickly and safely.

(The iPad charger is 2.1A and Apple says it’s OK for iPhones.)

Hint: If you’re trying to charge using an Apple keyboard or USB hub, try plugging your iPhone directly into one of your computer’s USB ports. All the devices plugged into USB hubs (and keyboards) share a limited supply of power. I have personally seen iPhone charging problems occur because there wasn’t enough power to go around.

4. Brush The Gunk Out Of Your iPhone’s Charging Port

Use a flashlight and take a close look at the charging port in the bottom of your iPhone. If you see any debris or gunk in there, it might be preventing the lightning cable from making a solid connection to your iPhone. There are lots of connectors down there (the lightning cable has 9), and if the wrong one is blocked off, your iPhone won’t charge at all.

If you find lint, gunk, or other debris in the charging port of your iPhone, it’s time to brush it out. You need something that won’t conduct an electric charge or damage the electronics in the bottom of your iPhone. Here’s the trick:Use toothbrush to brush out iPhone lightning port

Grab a toothbrush (one you’ve never used before) and gently brush out your iPhone’s charging port. When I was at Apple, we used fancy anti-static brushes to do this (which you can get on Amazon for next to nothing), but toothbrushes work just as well.

Dealing with liquid damage

One of the most common reasons why an iPhone won’t charge is liquid damage. Liquid damage can short out the connections in the charging port of your iPhone cause all sorts of problems with your iPhone. Even if you’ve dried out the port and brushed out the gunk, sometimes the damage has already been done.

5. Put Your iPhone Into DFU Mode And Restore

Even if your iPhone won’t charge, a DFU restore may still work! You’ve eliminated the possibility of a simple software problem and taken a look at your USB cable, charger, and the iPhone itself, so it’s time for a last-ditch effort — the DFU restore. A DFU restore is a special kind of restore (when you restore your iPhone, you erase everything on it and restore it to factory settings) that can solve severe software issues — if they exist.DFU restore your iPhone

Check out my article about how to DFU restore an iPhone to learn how to put your iPhone into DFU mode, and cross your fingers before you try. When I worked for Apple, this is the first thing I’d try, even when the phone appeared to be damaged. There’s a small chance that a DFU restore will bring a non-functional iPhone back to life.

If it doesn’t work, come back here to learn about some great repair options you may not be aware of.

6. Repair Your iPhone

If you go to an Apple Store to repair your iPhone and there has been liquid or physical damage to phone, the only option they can offer is to replace your entire iPhone. If you don’t have AppleCare+, this can get expensive, fast. If you had pictures, videos, or other personal information on your iPhone and your iPhone won’t charge, Apple will say they’re gone forever. Fortunately, there are other options:

Another Repair Option

If you need to fix your iPhone today, Puls is a great, affordable, in-person repair service. They’ll meet you at home or a location of your choice in as little as 60 minutes.

Puls offers a lifetime warranty on parts and labor, and you only pay after they complete the repair. They also offer the option to repair your iPhone’s charging port and other smaller components that Apple won’t touch. There’s a chance you’ll be able to recover your data and save money too!

Full transparency: We receive a referral fee if you choose to repair your iPhone with Puls. That said, I truly believe they are best and easiest option for many people.

iPhone Charging Again!

I hope your iPhone has sprung back to life and you’re on your way back to a full charge. I’d love to hear from you about your experiences fixing the iPhone charging problem, and I’m here to help along the way.

All the best,
David P.

About Author

I'm a former Apple employee and the founder of Payette Forward, and I'm here to help you with your iPhone.


  1. Amin Karkooti on

    Very helpful informations. My iphone problem got fixed at home. The problem of my iphone SE was the software not hardware. Thanks for sharing your insight.

  2. Franky Jacobs on

    my iphone 6 charges when i wiggel the cable a few times then i need to let it stand up right with the cable in it at a certain angle then i need to leave it perfectly still till it charges enough

  3. Jason H Thompson on

    Help! I have an iPhone 6 and have tried all of the items in this article. A week ago it wouldn’t charge past 1%. Now, it wont even turn on unless it is plugged in. When plugged in, the apple logo will show up for a couple of seconds, then dissappear for a few seconds. This repeats until I unplug it. iTunes won’t recongnize it so I can try a restore. The Apple store said the phone is dead but I’m not willing to give up on it yet. My only thought right now is to buy a $15 battery on Amazon and see if that does the trick. Any help would be much appreciated!

  4. Nice article. In my case, it was hardPacked lint. I’d add toothpick to the toothbrush technique. A light probing with a toothpick loosed lint that the toothbrush couldn’t get.

  5. Judy Wander Lacombe on

    Thanks so much for your help. I have an iPhone 6 that I couldnt seem to do a hard reset on. It kept coming back to the low battery pictured above. I tried several charging cables (all Apple approved MFI) but that didnt work. I tried several wall adaptors – one was the orig Apple adapter and one was an Amazon (Apple approved) adapter. Neither worked in my wall socket or power strip. I almost gave up until I saw my Kindle power adapter and plugged it into the wall and then plugged in the cable at the USB end. Yay – that worked! So I need to replace my power adapter plugs!

    I nearly gave up but since you mentioned all possibilities – I kept trying everything and then I got the reset done.

    My battery was at 100% within 35-40 min. I do need to change the battery as I only have 64 % capacity. This gives me the opportunity to get that done!

    Thanks so much David!

  6. Great solutions! I just had an issue and now my phone is charging. I had bought another quick charger thinking it was the charger. Now I have a back up I guess, lol!

  7. my phone is plugged in , with no case on and will charge up 2 % then move back 1 % then stop charging.. any ideas?? ive cleaned the charing port. i havent used any other charging cables because i have none with me, but will do so when i get my charger from work

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  9. Christopher Bowman on

    My battery died while I was using the phone and now it refuses to charge. It has been on the charger for more than an hour with the charge indicator on, but it refuses to turn on. It also refuses to do a hard reset. Am I doing something wrong? I have been holding the buttons for more than a minute, but the logo never appears.

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    Came here after the PULS guy refused to fix the charging issue with my husband’s phone, insisted it was a problem with the new battery we had installed. I let him login to my iPad and now *it* stopped charging too… on the same brand new, highly rated power cord that charges my phone just fine. No one mentioned a software issue at all until our fourth attempt at hardware repair and the PULS guy was unbelievably terse and unhelpful. Thanks for the good info, maybe not the best referral though.

  12. In my case,Hard reset works like a magic. It has fully charges my iphone but only for once. So I have figured it out; Its a simple software problem. I have done no.5 “Put Your iPhone Into DFU Mode And Restore” and It works. Thank You!

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    I tried everything from steps 1-4, so then wanted to try Step 5, the DFU restore, and even watched your video on it. The problem is, with my phone not taking a charge, that means it is also not recognized by my MAC, or my Itunes, and the DFU restore depends on the phone showing up in your iTunes. So then what?

  16. Ashlekha Jain on

    Hi David
    I updated my i6 with latest iOS ..was working fine till last night ..morning it was dead so kept on charging .not charging tried all options cables ..port cleaning even DFU but it is not coming up 🙁

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  18. Sheri Helseth on

    Did everything and still not charging, took it to Apple store. He said hes not sure what is wrong with it. Ill try calling Apple and see if its under warranty. It quit working on a Friday and my 7( this is a 6) was coming to my house on Monday. Changed carriers and thought I would upgrade, upset because I wanted to sell it, hard to sell when it wont turn on. I dont think its under warranty still, any suggestions? Can I sell it somewhere if it doesnt work?

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    So, I updated the most recent iOS 11 last night, and had no problems with the phone. This morning I wake up and its dead. I tried three different cables, different chargers, everything -nothing works. I thought I needed a new battery for sure or needed to do the complete reset and start over. But just for the heck of it I decided to try and clean the charging port… A teeny speck or two of lint came out. I plugged it in, and lo and behold, I heard the chime! Thank you!!!

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  21. Eric Tomalewski on

    I found that using a small bungee cord and pushing the charger in with a little force gets mine going 🙂 the bungee cord keeps the small amount of pressure to charge it sucks but it is what it is
    Your friend Eric

  22. Dona Nazareth on

    My Hubby’s phone was on charge all night, and when he picked it up this morning to use it, it had no charge at all, and refused to start up. I tried the hard reset as you mentioned and it din’t work. I hadn’t read your whole article as we had errands to run, but deep down I knew there were options to bring it back to life that iphone 6Plus. He was upset all through our errands… so I came back home to read thee rest of your article and Boom, came to the toothbrush part, and cleaned it up stuck it to the USB port and there came that eveil apple sign. Anyway we got all the pics on it, and swore, we will never buy an apple phone again… thats it for us after suffering with the 3rd product. My imac, macbook and now this…they are building redundancy into their products and I hope they see the fate of Nokia and others who went through the mill in the past.. Goodbye Apple! Juicy kisses! 🙂

  23. Laura Echevarria on

    So yesterday I was using my iPhone 7plus and everything was fine,the battery was at 1% so I put it to charge the phone die and was not taking any charge we tryed using different chargers and nothing but sometimes u see the red battery sign and the connector sign on the screen but not charge at all the screen totally black,this morning I went to iPhone fix in Tampa and this guy came and open my iPhone and after 5 min came out and told me the screen cable was broken inside and that was the problem,honestly to me thats impossible hows could that break if the iPhone never fall and was open before ? I think he broke the cable just to get more money ..can somebody explain to me please

  24. David W. Eastridge on

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    Please help. I’ve tried the tooth brush trick and it didn’t work. I’ve resetted my phone already, and have updated to the latest software. I’ve also tried several different chargers, and only one worked and my phone currently charges only on that “one” cable. What should I do?

  27. John James Loftus on

    well i have used different APPLE lighten leads…and still nothing, i have cleaned out the charging port on my phone…and still nothing, So do i goto apple and see how much it will cost me to fix my phone, or do i just upgrade?

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  29. So this guy reckons he is an “Official Apple employee, repairer)
    Then he goes on to say it is not the battery. “Think about it, when you plug your
    yPhone into the socket it is plugged directly in to power and isn’t using the battery.”
    BS!! …… Do a simple test, while your phone is still working , try it without the battery in
    and see if it works plugged into a wall socket. Then put the battery in and try again.
    For those with a flat battery, just buy the cheap ones, it doesn’t matter on price.

  30. Cueball Gooding Jnr on

    my phone will only charge with an apple cable, only on one side an donly with my portable battery. wont charge with wall plug, usb on pc or laptop or my other postable batteries. its really annoying

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    Suddenly my iPhone 6 refused to charge ! The same cable charges my iPad just fine, but after trying out a few things from your article, it works again ! Thank you.

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  34. David Payette you are a legend, I threw away an I-phone 5 a couple of years ago as I figured it had packed in ( it was fairly old ) but have just had the same issue with my 7, thank-you for your expert advice and for informing me of DFU, I have (thanks to you ) just re-connected my charger and its charging, you have saved me a lot of both money and time

  35. Cinthia Thorp on

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    PS I also cleaned it with a pure alcohol and after that dried it with a hairdryer before pluging into PC charging port.

  39. Is someone here able to help me? It’s an iPhone 5c. I accidentally left it in my car for a couple hours in 20 degree temperature. It has been warm for severa lhours now but still won’t charge. The screen is not black; the screen has the battery symbol with the tiniest red line at the left side of the battery. But it hasn’t changed from that for hours. When I try to do a hard reset, I do not get the Apple symbol, no matter how long I hold the buttons down for. The port is clean, I’ve tried different charging cables, different ways to plug it in. Any help anyone?? Thanks.

  40. David, if you have a phone that only periodically will not charge, but at other times charges (ruling out the power supply or cable as the problem) would you agree that the likeliest cause of its intransigence is software-related?

  41. The lint clean out fixed my charging problem. Followed step 1, reset the phone. When I used a light and magnifier, the charging port looked 1/2 full of lint. Cleaned it out and it works again!!!!!

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  45. Rajesh Puthussery on

    Very useful
    Started charging after connecting to the USB port of computer
    Probably my adapter to which the iPhone is plugged in is damaged
    I was also getting shock from the phone when I was using that adapter

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    All I can say is Thank You!! I didn’t know that a hard reset on the Iphone 7 was different than I had always used on my old 6. Just that easy fix of pushing the power button and the volume down button for 20 seconds and the apple logo appeared!! Now I can go to sleep and stop worrying!! I appreciate your help so much!!! 🙂

  47. I have found that applying wd 40 to end of lightening cable and wiping dry then another application leaving connector moist insert into phone turning back to front acouple of times then wiping dry sometimes does the trick

  48. THANKS!!! Verizon didn’t even try to help me – they just told me I needed to buy a new phone!! There was junk in the charging port 🙂 all charged up now!!! AWESOME

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  51. Your awesome thanks. mine is a 5s started not charging like usual after the last IOS update. Took the step and it’s charging again. It must be the software. Just to be safe I uninstall my apps and reinstalled them. Will update after a few complete charges to let y’all know if it is still charging.

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  58. Michael Ramsey on

    I have a 6 that was used 2 months then restored to factory settings after upgrade to 7 and turned off the 6 and put away. Got 6 back out to sell it and wont turn on. Used different chargers, both original Apple, tried restarting, have it plugged into laptop now, nothing. Any suggestions?

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    I have one question that wasn’t answered
    My daughter spilt root beer on my phone and it completely stopped working. However I put it in a bag of
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  61. Debbie Templeton on

    Thank you so much for this information. My iphone charger cord fell in an empty cappicino coffee cup. I did not notice that there was still some residue in the cup that got on the phone cord as I removed it from the cup. I plugged the charger into my phone and the iphone charging port got milk, coffee, chocolate and etc on it. The phone went dead and would not charge. I followed all the advice on this website and cleaned out the port with a toothbrush, blew compressed air and picked out the little pieces with a pin. used a little alcohol to clean the milk residue off. Then pressed the power button and the Home button together for 8 seconds until the apple logo came up. Yippie Horray Praise the Lord!!

  62. My phone will charge to 1 to 2% then lose power in about thirty seconds if its running I tried all your-steps but still won’t change resetting it just kills the battery restoring it from iTunes it tells me error 4013 happened

  63. My phone will charge to 1 to 2% then lose power in about thirty seconds if its running I tried all your-steps but still won’t change resetting it just kills the battery restoring it from iTunes it tells me error 4013 happened

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    Can you please write the next iPhone For Dummies book!!!

  65. Lisa Berniece Bean on

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    The lightning symbol on my phone had showed that it was charging but the % kept falling. So I tried a hard reset like you suggested which didn’t rectify the problem. Then I tried my charging cable in another iPhone and it worked but when I put the cable back into the original iPhone it still didn’t charged. So I dashed out to Duane Read at 12:30am and purchased the cheapest soft toothbrush that I could find and the most expensive charging cord that they had then I prayed that these 2 things would solve my problem and guess what they did! So I think that my problem resulted from the opening of the charger connector on my phone having gunk in there and a malfunctioning charging cord.

  66. Keith Townsend Jr. on

    I just moved my phone cover a bit because I guess a new cable i was using wasn’t long enough on the tip to charge. Not the most convienent but I thought I would just post in case in helps. Pun intended.

  67. my iphone 6s plus is horriable. I have repkaced it 5x since bjying it in january of 2015. I go threw apple chargers(yes even apple chargers monthy) iv nvr gotten it wet either but the last time was about 6 months ago and I paid 399.00 at apple to replace it cause yet agin it wouldnt charge. I keep having these issues and it went dead and it says its charging but its been on that red battery sign for over 2hrs now! what do i do? my bf went to go get a new cord but im so tired of buying them. I cant work becasue im so vwery ill ( 6 major hip surgeires as well in the last almoat 3 yrs! I am saying major surgeries like 330-450 cubic entimeters cut out of my hip and my femur shaved, almost needed a new hip aa few months ago and im only 28yrs old, then 20 minor surgeries on my hip so less then 320 cubic centimeters then about 100 debrriments on it all in the last 3yrs! I also am in chroic pain and have a rare autoimmune disorder that makes me almost like a bubble boy but woman. so I had to quit working and drop out of school, Im bout to lose 30,000 worthof credits I eared this last year and i had to quit it march due to surgery, illness, unable togetr my meds filled for 2 months and injury. Plus i cant go back untill im at least healed) so this is a very big incconveince and an expense i cannot afford anymore. What do I do? I cant get to turn on and im paying another 6$ tfor a new cable. I have like 40 cables and plugs. I cannt conect it to my macbook cause its a nerw one the 2016( a xmas gift from boyfriend and it came with only one usb port and its usb-c port not a regular one. I bought a device to plug in to the usb`c port but it came defective and almost broke my computer and that was 98.oo i got it on prime day on a,zon so im lost. Apple sucks they just have me buy a new one and it is a lil past warrenty with them but come on 399.00 six months ago and im stilll having the same problems!!
    help iplz, the red battery sign is on but its yet to charge enough to turn on. im scared, i have important calls to make tomorrow and all week. and do not have a land line! im frreaking out. Also im home bound due to illness/surgery so im not supose to go out of the house unless to a medical appointment. and i cant afford a new one?!!!!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

  68. I think what happened to mine is that I bought a little fan that plugs into the USB port area of the phone. As soon as it kicked on, it went back off. I think that stupid fan ruined the port some how. NOw it won’t charge – so none of these options are going to help me. I guess I am going to have to go to apple!

  69. the only thing ive found that will charge my i6 is one of thoes power hit disposable battery packs.. the only problem is it will only charge to around 10% on that so ive had to work out a way to charge these disposable chargers (easy as they have a 500mha lithium bat hope this helps

  70. Hi David, I am the mom to 2 teenagers who if didn’t have Iphones both their lives would come to an immediate end. I, however have always been a Samsung gal, i knew nothing about Iphones,. That is until I stumbled across your awesome article. Thank you for making it so easy, even a mom can understand! Now I look pretty cool to my 2 boys since I FIXED an IPhone!

  71. Battery is dead so it can’to/won’t do a reset. I do know there was a software update that had been trying to go through for a few days but kept stalling. I suspect that it’s a software issue, but how do I resolve it when there’s no battery life to do so and 4 different chargers fail to charge? Any suggestions?

  72. Cathy Brandi Marquardt on

    Tried it 3 times, left it, went to bed thinking it didn’t work & it did!! Yeah! This phone is back on again after battery issues! It has been sitting in a drawer! So happy that my hubby can use this phone! Iphone 6s…if you don’t succeed on the first attempt, might as well try it again!

  73. to resert your phone you need atleast 95% batteri, and how do you expect to get that much when you cant charge the s***t? I made a big miskate that i bought this shhittii iphone 7 . paid alot and this s***t is not even good enuogh for the money!

  74. Patricia Biniek on

    Thank you so much. Extremely helpful. My husband’s phone wouldn’t charge and we thought we would have to buy a new one but after reading your advice I cleaned out the charging port and…voila! It charges again. Yay!

  75. You are a genuis. After mucking around with a phone that would only occasionally charge for about 8 months I was going to spend over $A1000 to get a new one becuase I was thoroughly sick of the dance I had to play each night to get the phone to charge. A few flicks with the toothbrush and its as good as new. Thanks very much.

  76. Most of this information is fill for a longer article. Your iphone has lint in the charging port and/or you charging cable is work out. Take it into an apple store and they will clean the port free, then buy an over priced apple charging cable. Period. A re-boot is always a cheap fix that works sometimes. BOOM!

  77. Donald Calderone on

    i am a brand new iphone user and needless to say i panicked big time when the phone would not charge!!! Following your advice it came back and i was so happy, it literally made my day! Thank you for being there!

  78. I cut the insulation off of a bad cord, close to the end that goes into the phone. There are fragile solder joints that attach the wire to a small circuit board. Several wires had broken loose from mine. Excessive bending will break the connections.

  79. Lynn-Marie Hatcher Peashka on

    I have a 6SPlus .. and REALLY want to wait for the 8. But the phone has been acting more wonky for the past month or so. It will be two years old in November. Seems like phones always start to get wonky a few months before the new roll out … encourages the upgrade, it seems. Anyway, first the touch screen capability became intermittent. Sometimes I have to push REALLY hard. Sometimes it works right. Sometimes certain things will work right, touch-wise, and others won’t. But … I could deal with it, because I don’t want an iPhone 7. (At LEAST want a 7sPlus, if this 6sPlus won’t live until I can get my hands on an 8.)

    And then … today … it stopped charging. In fact, plugged in, with lightening bolt going, it was losing charge. Turned it off. Still discharging while turned off. Changed cables. Nope. Blew out port. Nope. Turned off everything possible — notifications, wifi, cell data. Nope.

    Did hard reset, and it is FINALLY charging …. slooooowwwwwly.

    So, thank you for this fix — as I am out in the country on my farm, alone, surrounded by wild fires, with no land line.
    Still wonder why it’s charging so slowly though …. not a good sign.

  80. Thank you SO MUCH David. My son’s iphone 5s would not charge or turn on. The battery port looked clean but when I used a long soft britled brush to gently clean it a lot of white fluff like miniature degraded tissue balls came out and voila it is charging again. Saved me from having to buy another.

  81. Eliseo Contreras on

    what about if i change the battery by a fully charged battery ,then my phone is back on business? but when i try to charge it it wont charge. and yes i did all what you mentioned above, but won’t work.

  82. Roni Crichton on

    Thanks. I had done the obvious – different cord, outlet, charging block – didn’t know about the hard reset. Panic averted. I really appreciate your clairity and explanations. Very helpful!

  83. Carina Simoes on

    Hello David. I have a question. My iphone right after updating to iOS 10.3.3 stopped charging properly. When it reaches 100% it will go down on battery even if it’s charging… now heres the weird thing. When the phone starts losing battery (while charging) I hear a hissing noice from the (charger socket) but if the phone goes off, it stops. Another things is that once my phone is dead it keeps om dieing at 2% (while charging)… last time I waited 5hours for the device to start chargin. I erase all content and settings – set up as new – no joy. And when I try to restore via iTunes also not able to. I put im DFU mode , it starts upadting the software (first) – which is weird cos I already have the latest…. but takes like 1h and the itunes logo dissapear over the phone – im confused if iTunes re-downloaded the iOS 10.3.3 …. ? I waited 1 hour , it said done on iTunes but the DFU mode wasn’t showing on the phone. What do you think I should do?

  84. Tony Scalise on

    Hi David, took your advice and used Cellsavers to replace my battery and charging port. Prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. Reasonable price to get my phone back up in less than 18 hours and not losing any data or having to buy a new phone. Thank you for sharing all your relevant knowledge and sources, and for helping ordinary folks like me keep their technology running without breaking the bank. Have recommended your site to at least three people so far, as well as Cellsavers. I’m a fan, man!

    Tony in Naples, Florida

  85. Allen Burton on

    My wife’s phone had that exact problem . . . called her up, had her do the hard re-set and before I could tell her she might have to wait 20 seconds, her phone was back. Now I’m a genius (LOL) – thanks David.

  86. Vijayalakshmi Vallabhaneni on

    Wow tat was the easiest fix thanks a ton . … Relieved my train of thoughts nd my horror of having to buy a new phone and loosing all the data

  87. Katrin Powell on

    This was very helpful! I not only fixed my immediate issue, but I also learned a lot of things that may come in very handy in the future. Thanks, David!

  88. Hi David,
    The tootbrush clean worked for me. Thanks for putting all the options in one place it was very helpful, especially about the software being in control of the charging

  89. Fred Schuller on

    Thanks a lot for these useful info! Two comments: the power button is on the top and not where shown on the picture (at least on iPhones 5s and older – I don’t know about 6 models). And, in the last section “your iPhone is charging again”, I would add as (maybe self-evident) advice: urgently back-up your iPhone, as long as it is working again!

  90. Alexa Turkington on

    Yeah!!! Very helpful info and put in simple writing for people like me that r not a techno Got my hubbys phone working. It’s out of contract and so have the bill way low and don’t fancy getting him a new phone and the tariff going way up again so thanks very much for writing all that

  91. Cheskita E Lenz on

    My iphone had an issue where I would charge it, then disconnect it and from there I took it the Sprint store where they said nothing is wrong with it and then it charged fine in different area’s of the house to plug it at but now it is doing the same thing again. Idk what to do.

  92. Thank you it really help My iphone6 is not charging and after reading this, i try cleaning the charging port with a toothbrush And i put to charge again and it starts charging now i know i need to take care now in dust entering my iphone charging port lolssss thank you again

  93. DeAnna J. Warlick on

    i watched another video that said to use a toothpick to clean the charging port. So I got out a piece of lint. Phone still would not charge, so I used a toothbrush–got more lint! Within 30 minutes all my texts from the last day and a half came through! Thanks for your help!

  94. Steven Pincini on

    If your having trouble with your iPhone this site is fantastic
    All these year of trying to solve problems with my I phones
    Here it all is in one place

  95. Rose Groce Worthem on

    Thank you! This article saved me from having to use an android until my iphone 6 was fixed. 🙂 you saved my from certain he;;. When it came back up my battery was still at 73% full.

  96. commencing update. i hope it will work out because i spend too much money for cables….. this is the real nightmare in my life. thanks for explanation and in the future, i can even save lives/money

  97. All the while I thought I needed another cable.. then what I found out is that the problem was with the phone’s software.. hard reset the phone and tada!!! My phone was charging again!! I screened shot this as I type it in!! Awesome!! Cool!!

  98. Thanks for alll your helpful info, but what I’m trying to find out is why my phone (iphone6s) has yesterday stopped holding its charge? It charges ok normal length of time but within 3hrs and not much use it’s at 10% again any ideas

  99. Doug Gavilanes on

    I though my 6s battery was toast. I did the hard reset for a little more than 30 seconds, while the black screen display showed 2 red lines in the nearly exhausted battery icon. The display died, and I thought that this was it – the battery failed completely. After about 20 seconds of despair, the white Apple logo appeared, and the phone appears to becharging normally now. Thank you for reminding me of the obvious first step.

  100. Julie Michaud Durrant on

    THANK YOU!!!! My phone hasn’t been charging and I would have to jiggle, pinch and twist the charging cord all weird to only sometimes get a charge. I could tell it was a problem with my phone charging port.
    I tried the Toothbrush suggestion and as soon as i plugged my phone in to charge it started charging! YAY

  101. Owusu Asante on

    When i charge my iphone 4, i only see the apple logo which appears on the screen but will later disappear after 4seconds . so the phone is not charging

  102. You made me feel like an iPhone repair genius! I was ready to buy a new charging cord, but the hard reset worked. I’m amazed! Thank you.

  103. Jim Crutchfield on

    This article was enormously helpful. I assumed something was wrong with the phone and or cable. I had used compressed air to blow out the cable port but did not notice a change. The toothbrush seems to have been just the technique needed. Brushed for a few seconds, dampened bristles with alcohol then use can of compressed air. took 30 seconds, now charges fine. Perhaps with was pocket lint, dust, etc had accumulated and embedded in such a way as to prevent charging without a lot finagling of the cable – but whatever the cause I really appreciate the help.

  104. Angela Birchall on

    THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! My phone would not charge, but brushing out the charging port worked a treat and it’s now charging up properly! 🙂

  105. Hi David, very helpful article. Thank you. Here’s my problem; I’ve got an iPhone 5 that won’t charge and is dead flat and unbootable. I’ve put in a replacement battery and it came with 40% charge and connected via USB using the lightening cable to a PC and I’ve used iCloud to backup. Phone charge was then 33%. I turned the phone off using the power button at the top. Overnight the phone lost all charge and is unbootable again. I’ve tried various charging methods and cleaned the ports.
    So hard reset/restore isn’t possible at the moment and I’d love your thoughts on the next move. I have a replacement part for the lightening connector/headphone port on hand, but the rapid drain is concerning me.

  106. Magenta Deluxe on

    Thanks David. Mine sorted itself simply by plugging into iTunes. It took a while for iTunes to register the phone’s presence, and then the phone rebooted itself and it was fine.

  107. Maryellen Kurkulos on

    I just bought a refurbished Mophie juice pack from what I consider a reputable online dealer. It caused the phone to shut down or perhaps the screen to go dark and it was unresponsive until a hard reset. I’m wondering whether there are issues with battery packs (or refurbished accessories) that you or anyone has encountered. Thanks

  108. Marian Louwrens on

    My last battery became swollen to a point where the screen was lifting. I replaced the battery with a new one which worked fine for about 2 weeks. i would charge all night and withinh an hour after I take it off charge and use it the battery drains. This weekend I used it til the battery died then plugged in to charge. I shows that the power cable is plugged in but it doesnt come on so I dont know if its actually charging. Ive tried a different charger and plugging it into my laptop and it does the same thing. I cant do a hard reset either and this battery is a month old so can it really be the battery?

  109. Hossam J. Ibrahem on

    hiiiii david i have iphone 6 and it have complex issue it charging on adapter or wall charger and have itunes screen restore but not charging when i plugged it on pc or laptop and I would appreciate it for your replay

  110. Erik Fjeldheim on

    I tried al the steps. The phone stopped charging and working proppery after i plugged in a cheap iphone fan, i bought at the local tech store. Tried al the steps. But a hardware repair is requiered for mine:/

    Dont know if it is the battery or charging port though

  111. Elizabeth Scott-Janda on

    Hi, David — I bought a battery replacement kit on Amazon and replaced my battery before reading your instructions; now it looks like the battery wasn’t at fault after all, and I need a new charger. I appreciate your clear, thoughtful troubleshooting steps! I actually feel good that I learned more about my phone, and that the lesson was pretty cheap. Eh… I’ll probably improve my battery life a good bit with the new one, too. Cheers! Eliz

  112. Michelle Thompson on

    Cheers David, my son was almost in tears and cannot believe his 50 y/o non-tech dad fixed it. Simplest thing ever and I will buy you a beer or two if I ever get to meet you

  113. THANK YOU!! the toothbrush option worked for me!! Bless you for eternity lol. Thank you!! Gonna back up now and take this as a lesson learned!!

  114. Adrian Garcia on

    Thanks, this shot has been driving me crazy. I changed the battery and charging port AND nothing well before I saw your page thanks

  115. Lisbeth Sigh Fehrmann on

    My sisters IPAD completely dead. Powerup gives red battery and apple logo (short) and then black. Cant reset, cant DFU cant Itunes. Nothing. Need to know why Amps are flying up and down? I bought a Charger Doctor to insert between charger and cable. It shows voltage and the amps that are drawn (if charging). The amps go from 0.00 to 0.49 JUST when inserted. Then from 0.00 to 0.21. I want to try everything before wasting money on new battery. I TOLD HER not to get that rotten apple s***! Wouldnt listen. Apple build in planned obsolecense….. They go DEAD BY DESIGN. f*** them. Any ideas…..

  116. Thanks for this bit of info. ‘Hard Reset’ process advice seems to have resolved the problem at this moment in time. I now have access again. Thank you!

  117. Catalina Gómez Estrada on

    I tried to charge it in my car and smoked came out. After that the Apple was on the screen about 10 minutes, it turned red and blue and now that I charge it again with another charger it shows that is beginning to charge but doe not charge. Where can I read the following page? Thank you

  118. Robyn Flint on

    Awesome thanks, my iPhone was stuck at 53% tried all manner of chargers. Left on overnight still 53% did the hard reset and hey presto 100% thank you again

  119. Nightrain Fxstb on

    my iphone4 wont charge over 30% and i have been using it for 7or 8years. it it anything but battery itself. service center doesnt carry stock battaries anymore they have knock downs.

  120. Cody Morris on

    Hello, when I plug my I phone it the battery light comes on, and shows a low charge in the red, then the apple symbol comes up with just a black screen, then the creen goes blank, and it just keeps doing this over and over again, cant do anything else, tried several chargers, and also holding down the home and lock button like you recommended, any suggestions?

  121. Klaus Hubrich on

    I tried three different chargers and could not get any life out of my iPhone 6. I was just about to go online and reactivate my old flip phone that I keep as a backup. Atempted a hard boot with the power switch for 30 seconds and got no results. Found you site a saw your recomendation to use the power switch with the home button. It worked and now the phone turned no and is taking a charge. Great information on your site and very easy to understand. Thanks!

  122. Karen J. Anderson on

    thanks ! Thought my iphone was broken because it wouldn’t do anything including charging , followed your advice and reboot and it works

  123. Christopher S Claunch on

    David THank you so much for writing this I am going to write a blog post and link back to this page if that is ok? I sure appreciate you paying it forward!!!!! It was the software not the hardware.

  124. Linda Opp Davis on

    Wow! After a short “feeling out” period when al I encountered was a black screen after a night of charging, I grabbed my wife’s iPhone and found this article. I did a super hard reset ( took 30 seconds of holding the buttons ) the phone sprang back to life and showed a 95% charge. THANKS!

  125. wow! amazing.. i almost got a heart attack on seeing my phone not charge. but ur amazing post just helped me literally quarter way through it. lovely!! thanksssss

  126. dear Payette,thanks for your comprehensive brief. My phone just went dead today. It was exposed to water in the morning but did not shut down until the battery finished and it refused to charge.
    Have done everything described and when i reboot it shows the picture of the head of the charging cable, the battery with red coming on and off and a flash in between them. what does this mean?

  127. Dean Freeman on

    Thanks David my iphone was only charging sometimes and would stop halfway through which was very annoying. I got a clean tootbrush and gave my charging port a good clean and now it charges everytime. Very happy.

  128. Hayley Peachey on

    Thanks, I never realised that it was the software that would tell the phone if to charge or not, now I know for next time, you saved me a trip to Apple and me looking like a right stupid fool. :). Will be saving this page for future reference or just in case any friends have problems, I can send them this link :). Once again thanks.

  129. omg this worked i tired everythinggggggggg brand new phone it had died and i didnt put it on the charger right away but once i did nothinfg happened so i kept trying new cords and wall pieces ani still got nothing just a blank screen but once i did what you said it came on and is charging thank you so much its a iphone 6 plus

  130. Reycel Areno on

    i need help 🙁 i left my phone on 39% then i went somewhere then when i came back, it’s dead. i pressed the lock button cause i’m gonna use the camera but it didn’t turn on anymore. i’ve charged my phone for an hour now alreaady but nothing’s happening. please help

  131. Pravo Acidic on

    my battery ran out and my iphone 5 switched off… i had a broken charger so i couldnt charge my iphone 5 for a night… i bought new cables and ttry charging it again the next day but it wouldnt charge… i tried cleaning the cahrging port and tried holding the home and power button for 30 seconds or more… but its still blank… even itunes cant detect my iphone 5.. plss help me out…

  132. Sammie Hodges on

    Tried 3 different cables with the same results. Tried the toothbrush to clean out the charging port and it did improve, still a little touchy. Thanks.

  133. Reese Kermode on

    my phone was not charging, i had to hold it in a perfect spot just for it to charge, after doing th hard reset it charges normaly now thankyou so much

  134. Vicki Reinhardt on

    Thank you, this helped. My car charger works just fine so my problem must be in the cord for the charger that I use in the house. Thank you so much!

  135. Hard reseting the iphone worked! Thank you. I have to say that I love and defend Apple and all my Apple devices, but if there’s something that scary me and that whent people talk about it I can not say anything to refute their words is those weird things like this charging issue or other crazy bananas things that apple products make.

  136. Maya Passarelli on

    Help! My phone is dead and ive only had it for 6 months. Its is an iPhone 5 and it says it is charging when it is not. I tried everything even hard reset. It behaves as if it is dead even though it has been charging for 17 hours now 🙁

  137. I had a problem with my phone only charging when any cord was in the perfect position. Week after about a week of dealing with it. I finally found the problem. I took a thumb tack. And swiped I the inside of the port and found pocket lint in there. After some cleaning my problem was fixed.

  138. I’m currently having an issue with this. It seemingly sprung up overnight. The funny thing is that literally the charge before, my phone charged fine with absolutely no issues. i’m thinking that it’s either my charging port OR the outlet I’m trying. But I’m leaving for vacation soon so if it’s neither of these I’m kind of screwed

  139. Hi David
    I don’t want to chance dfu reset and I’m frustrated now! I’ve bought a new iPhone charger , still nothing, cleaned it out, nothing?, the only way it will charge is to insert an iPhone 5 to 30 pin converter and it charges on my docking station??

  140. my problem is since the button to turn of the phone dosen work whenever my iphone dies i cant turn it one because you need to hold the home button and the button to turn of the phone, so whenever my phoen dies it only comes on in like 3 days if i havent charged in a while, otherwise maybe a few hours, sometims ight away in 5 min, once took like 5 days, what is this ):

  141. My iPhone suddenly stopped charging 3 days ago, it would only charge if I did a hard reset except the hard resets started taking longer and today this method of instigating the charge has stopped. I am travelling and stuck in Romania so not exactly a proper apple shop around! Apple forum was completely useless and I’m getting rather annoyed as I’m sure it’s a software problem.

  142. Silvana Garcia on

    This is the second iphone this has happened to in the last 4 weeks. I am really getting frustrated and apple has been no help. They use to be so knowledgable and helpful. But lately they are useless. What do you reommnd I do next? I am without a phone and I have a 6plus and a 6s Plus that don’t work.

  143. Joanne Curzio Weisbeck on

    Thankyou for your information! My problem is my lphone 6 plus won’t charge on anything but a photive port! Can you give me any reasons why? Even my Apple cable and wall charger doesn’t work.

  144. Not sure if I missed something but I didn’t see a solution to the software problem , I want to see if that is what has stopped my phone from charging. Can anyone help .?

  145. Brilliant, just done the hard reset and my phone seems to be charging, wish everyone explained it as well as you have, thank you, very helpfull much appreciatted 🙂

  146. Nancy Dranitsaris on

    Thank you so much! This is extremely useful information, David. I did the hard reset because the battery indicator was showing the same level (less than a quarter charged) as when I’d plugged it in hours earlier, and when I turned the phone back on, it was indicating fully charged! Much appreciated!

  147. Very helpful. I did a forced reset and the phone came back to life. Would like to know if this will be a repeated problem as i bought the phone yesterday only

  148. I just had the same problem with my iphone 6 .. It stopped charging when it reached 79%. So I tried to follow these tips, like brushing off the dust at the charging port but nothing happened. Tried connecting it to the wall still nothing happened. Tried it in the car with a different cord, it worked! I went back to my room and try that cord, it didnt work this time! So my friend told me to just use a completely different charger with the cord he gave me.. And voila! Its working fine till now! I just used a universal chrger with an iphone cord! Its possible.. Thanks for this post David!

  149. Patricia White on

    After a couple hours my IPhone did not charge. Showed the battery plug in and lightening bolt. The little white button you press on your outlets might be up. Push that button in. Power will resume to the outlet. IPhone now charging normally.

  150. I love your post. I bought an iPhone 6 in the first month or so after it came on the market. It worked great and I took extreamly good care of it. 6 months later it stopped charging went dead and the black screen is all I see… I did all the things U recommend in regards to the charger. My wife now has a iPhone 6 that works perfect and charges perfect. My iPhone will not charge with her charger. The battery lost charge long ago. After reading your article I plugged it in and tried the hard restart method (30-60 seconds holding down the home & power button to no avail). Everything U described in regards to the software issues not charging or powering the phone fits what happened to my phone. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Please HELP!
    Respectfully yours, Bob

  151. Thank you so much!!! All I did was follow your directions for holding down both buttons and the phone came back on! So relieved I didn’t have to march up to the Apple store today. I have a house full of guests arriving shortly and was beginning to panic!

  152. i connected my phone but it doesnt show the lightning bolt and it just continues to die and then when it does shut off it charges but then it wakes up to 5% and i stay stuck in the samecycle over and over again

  153. Thomas Buchmann on

    I removed the dust from my iPhone 6 port with a bobby pin. There was enough dust in there that the cable was loose and sometimes fell out on its own. It wasn’t making contact and therefore not charging.

  154. Thanks David. Cleaning out the connector port with a toothbrush worked like a charm. Now my iphone 6 charges just as soon as I connect the cable. I’ve been struggling with wiggling the cable to charge my phone since september and it just got progressively worse. Last night, I tried for an hour but could not get the phne to charge .. I was ready to finally bite the bullet and bring it in to an Apple store for repair. Good thing I found this article onn the internet first.

  155. Mira Kawer Duncan on

    My iPhone 6 will charge but it won’t hold a charge. It’s at 75% 10 minutes after I take it off the charger. Or, mid-day, It drops to 38%, I plug it in and it shows 52% after 30 seconds then back down all within one minute. Argh. New phone?

  156. Paulina Tavera on

    Thank you for “Paying It Forward” with your post! I tried changing different lightning charge cords including Apple cords, yet it stayed at a 1% charge. After a hard reset per you reccommendation the phone would not come back on, but I left it on a original iPhone cord to charge. Within about an hour, the iPhone turned back on its own and had charged to about 79%. It is now charging fine on all of the lightning cords that we have in the house. Your reccommendations were “on point” and very helpful. Again, thank you!

  157. Michael Brothers on

    Thank you so much! I was having charging problems and read your recommendations. I tried your suggestions and nothing worked until I tried the toothbrush. Eureka!! All is well again. Thank you!

    • I just bought my iphone 6plus. I did this last night after it kept shutting off. I reset it all and then today the phone completely shut off. Now if it isn’t connected to a charger then it is a black screen and wont turn on. If I connect to a charger it shows a flashing/blinking on and off apple logo but after it being on the charger all day. It will not turn on. Someone please help me. I just bought this.

  158. I appreciate the info but nothing works. Its a mint iphone 6 my daughter uses (in bed with us). Its never taken about or leaves our plush room. For two years there has been no issue and then right before xmas it just died and that was it. There has been times Ive seen the battery logo but it turns black and then again nothing happens. Verizon only suggest I upgrade, horse sh1t, Genius Bar literally said today, “it happens, maybe unplugging it shorted it and now its in a state of such low batter it wont charge, but I can replace it for $299. We have two more iphones and four ipads so I have tried every charging configuration possible. He said the port is fine, but I dont know what to believe or try next.


  159. Becky Roberts on

    Hi this has been very helpful thank you. I’m still struggling with the phone charging properly.
    I have an Iphone5 and with the last update, it will only charge when phone is shut down and on charger.
    Any thoughts?

  160. Atharva Fadnis on

    My phone would’t charge at times & it would in a jiffy otherwise. I have discovered that it’s the IOS uprgade which has made my phone ‘Obsolutele’. Since the hardware is in top condition, the only issue has to be the software which Apple releases to weed out the older models in circulation. It’s an unfair practice, we all agree but there’s no solution around it. We just gotta succumb to the pressure and buy new phones periodically.

  161. After trying three different charging cables (and blocks), I knew that my problem had to be with the phone itself. Sure enough, all I needed to do was clean out the charging port.
    Thank you!

  162. my phone is already dead i didn’t think there was an issue until it actually died and wouldn’t charge again i tried different cables plugged it to my computer nothing i noticed when my phone was still on that it seems to be charging you know the small lightening bult on the upper right corner but instead of going higher it went fromm 22% to 2% in 3 minutes

  163. Kathleen Henderson on

    Just wanted to say thank you for being here. My iPhone wouldn’t charge yesterday and I came in from work last night thinking it was probably needing a new battery but googled it. Thankfully I came across your site and read a bit then powered off the phone, powered it back up and success! I was so pleased and so relieved, so thank you again.

  164. If anyone can solve my problem pls tell me
    Ive had 3 apple devices and they all had one common issue after a while.
    They all stopped wanting to get charged and ONLY when i switched out the cable it would work again. But the old cable would still work on other phones.
    This is probably apple’s way to scam some money off of people.

  165. David – THANK YOU! Major panic over thanks to reading your article. This has now happened twice on my iPhone 6 and each time the same remedy has saved the day. i.e. get the gunk out of the charging socket with a toothbrush!
    This time I had forgotten the toothbrush bit – I knew it was the charging socket after swapping cables etc., and I bought a can of compressed air and blew it down the socket – no good! It was a cheap and cheerful – AND DRY ! – toothbrush that saved the day. Thank you again David Payette.

  166. My husband’s iPhone 6 stopped charging. As he always carries it in his pocket, I turned it off and very gently used a pair of tweezers (probably not the best idea) to remove 4 large clumps of lint. Problem solved.

  167. When I took my bricked phone to apple, they told me the charging port was ruined and that I was just Sh*t outta luck and needed to replace it. Since then, I see it’s NOT and there are options to replace the charging port, and for hopefully about $100 bucks… Which is far less than replacing the phone through the carrier OR the apple store.

    Thanks for the information.

  168. George Reitsma on

    The toothbrush did the trick! Thanks for the advice. I knew it had to be the port but I wasn’t sure the smartest way to clean it. Blowing and digging in there with a wire wasn’t doing much good.

  169. Sara Makahleh on

    Im having a problem where my iphone sometimes charages and at other times it doesn’t, when I plug it into a computer, the computer doesn’t recognize the phone attached to it yet it does say that a USB is attached, yet my phone still wont charge

  170. My Iphone 6 wouldn’t charge. I tried your trick regarding holding down the power button and the home button down at the same time and it worked! Thank you so much. I thought something had gone wrong with the port or I needed a new battery. My phone is now charging.

  171. I replaced my Iphone 6 screen and it did turn on, everything was working as usual but then I ran out of battery and it died, and after that it won’t charge.

  172. hi, i’m from the Bahamas and don’t have any apple places to go to. I had my iPhone 5s for about a month and a half after awhile (after i updated my software) I’ve had the problem of charging my phone because the phone would often say that the charger is not a supporter. My phone died about two days ago and i took it to a repair store down here but hey told me that the battery nor the charger port is the problem. They didn’t know what else to do, can someone please help me !?!?

  173. Shavonne Morain on

    Thanks David, I’ll be sure to “payette” forward! My iPhone 6s fell in the sink while I was listening to music with my air plugs in and washing a few mason jars. I quickly pulled it out, but it appeared to late. The screen color changed to very faint and pale with white lines up and down while flashing. I removed the phone form it’s case, took out the sim card and put the phone in a jar of rice. Several hours later it came back on perfectly. The screen was completely fine, with vivid colors and no traces of the internal water damage. At the end of the day I attempted to plug in the charger but it wouldn’t go all the way in. After several attempts I took to the web with my concern and your results came up to check for debri in the charge port. With small flashlight and magnifying class in hand I discovered a small grain of rice was stuck in the charge port. 🙂 With the phone turned off, I gently broke the rice a part with a safety pin and used a dental end tuft brush to remove excess debri. I was then able to plug the adapter all the way into the port and the phone did its usual reboot to turn on. I couldn’t use your tip without saying thank you so much for saving me hundreds of dollars if not the price of a new iPhone. I’ll definitely “payette” forward!

  174. Betty Lyttle on

    Wow. Thank you so much. I’m really stressed about my iPhone 6s. it’s been “throwing fits” with charging. I have an external battery and thought the connection between the two was the problem. Through trial and error I realized it was the phone. I bought my phone outright ($700 ) and purchased a square trade warranty in November, 2015. I contacted square trade for a replacement and was told the phone is covered by the 1 year warranty from apple (which makes me wonder why a warranty is offered during the first year of ownership if a phone is covered by the manufacturer). This is the 7th time I’ve had a dead phone. I followed the advice for a hard restart and the screen came back up. Not sure what action(s) to take next. I need my phone for business, personal, social. I don’t have a land line. Please advise.

  175. Don Corleone on

    Thanks a lot dude. My adapter didn’t go all the way in for some reason and I had to keep pushing in order to makenit charge. After that I used a pin to scrup some stuff out, I didn’t find anything inside it but I could plug it in succesfully. Sadly enough charging didn’t work, so I did the reset thing like you said and now it’s 100% working, thanks!

  176. Hello, My i ph wont charge and i tried the “30” second thing but when you press the lock button it comes up with the low battery sign and charger cable ive plugged it in numerous places and the cable it brand new and was working fine. What do i need to do?

  177. I have an iPhone 6. it didn’t charge and so didn’t start at all. I tried all these tricks. I even tried heating it up with a hair dryer for a few minutes, several times. It didn’t start. It was under warranty and took it to apple, but they said it’s not covered because the phone has some bumps. The phone was intact and there were only minor scratches in the phone. Apple only replaced the phone after paying 400 bucks. Shame on apple. You may try the hair dryer trick — it may work for you if you are lucky.

  178. For thepast few months my iphone battery has been really crazy. Sometimes it is on 1% for about 1-2 hours or its on 100% and then 5 minutes later its dead. I have to charge it several times a day and the charge never lasts long. Now I woke up this morning and my phone is out of charge so naturally i put it on the charger and starts to charge but an hour it still says its out of battery but thats its charging i tried a hard reset but it still doesn’t work.

  179. Stephen Haynes on

    I was getting ready to buy a new phone! Did the hard reset as stated, and the problem is solved. You saved me a pretty chunk of change. Thanks man.

  180. I have an iPhone 6s. My phone battery had died and wouldn’t charge. I tried different outlets and chargers. Nothing. So I googled to see what can be done. I came across your website and tried the hard reset. Thankfully, it worked. Phew! I was beginning to panic! I just saved myself embarrassment and gas! Thank you so much! 🙂

    • joe catalano on

      i have the same problem. i got it to turn on and charge fully at an outlet but the problem was the outlet wasn’t in my house, it was in public. sometimes it works in the car as well. it doesn’t work for me in my house tho. i would try different outlets and car charging ports and see how it works

  181. Emily Marie Antipala on

    this is very 2% my bat is dying and i just had the same problem..turned out a hard reset is all that i need, meaning a software crash. thanks heaps man!

  182. Alawode Samuel II on

    Hello there, my iPad ‘s port and charger works fine but it’s not charging….could it be the software or a need to change charger type cause I’m not using an Apple charger

  183. Hi, I have got the same problem and tried to do hard reset but still nothing has came out(No apple logo) still remains dead and blank.
    Please help me..

  184. I just bought my iphone 6plus. I did this last night after it kept shutting off. I reset it all and then today the phone completely shut off. Now if it isn’t connected to a charger then it is a black screen and wont turn on. If I connect to a charger it shows a flashing/blinking on and off apple logo but after it being on the charger all day. It will not turn on. Someone please help me. I just bought this. I have called to a few places and seems no one cares and just want me to buy a brand new phone.

  185. Hi, first many thanks for the advice. I did as advised, brushed the charging port, then pressed the power button and home button together for the most 30 seconds, it worked, the charging sign appeared on the screen, the problem is that it stayed only for 2-3 seconds, it disappeared again, I repeated this process for a few times, it still won’t charge. Would anyone let me know what is the problem?

  186. Dexter Boaquiña on

    Good day. Im having problem with my iphone 5s. It wont turn on. I drained my battery and now it wont turn on even im charging it. My cable and adaptor is well functioned and im using it on my ipad but when i use it my iphone my iphone wont charge. What i’m gonna do pls help me.

  187. Aurora Cole on

    I have an iphone 6s, one night i p[lugged it in and it wouldn’t charge by morning my phone was on 3% and anytime I plug it in it turns on shows the apple symbol then dies.I can’t test the software because its fully dead. I plugged my phone into my computer and its still not charging, though it shows it is.It also looks like its turning on (shows the apple sign)stays like that fr a few moments, then just goes back to dead.I tried cleaning the charging port nothing was in there.Someone please help I am going to a summer college program for three weeks and I need my phone!!!

  188. my phone is out of battery and wont charge too do the rest thing. any help would be good now y phonne is dead and wont charge or do a thing..

  189. Your advice worked perfectly! My wife’s iPhone 5 wasn’t charging. We did try it in my charger, but still didn’t work. So we turned it off and on, and now it’s charging again!


  190. Meoshya Wade on

    My fiance IPhone won’t charge and when it does it won’t hold a charge for long he’s scared to reboot it because he’s afraid he may lose the contents in his phone what should he do

  191. Ernest Smith on

    I have the iPhone 6. It charges but it only lasts 15min and then it shuts off. When I plug it in it comes right on with anywhere from 89%to 94% battery power.
    I called sprint and they sent me to a sprint store that would only replace my phone for over $200. I’m a single father and I can’t afford to drop this kind of money especially on a phone that is just a little over a year old. I pay the sprints insurance for my phone. By them replacing it with an upgrade it is not covered by the insurance. This is a scam. I have never had any trouble like this with my androids. I was convinced iPhone was better. Biggest piece of crap I have ever owned

  192. Thank you! My iPhone 6 wasn’t charging at all. Was about to go get a CLNR sent to me, read this article first, did the hard reset and BOOM – charge city. Thanks again, David.

  193. Peter Thompson on

    My iPhone has just stopped charging. I have tried branded and aftermarket cables with no joy at all. I currently have the iPhone connected to the apple macbook and still nothing. I have tried cleaning the port with a toothbrush however still nothing ??????????? need help guys badly

    • Did you read the article? Hold down the power button and home button at the same time until the phone reboots. That will be your first step in figuring out if it’s just a software reboot or if hardware needs to be replaced.

  194. HI , my daugther’s IPhone 5s was working fine yesterday, however she ordered online a mini fan that was to attach to the usb port on the bottom of the phone. She plugged it in and it worked fine, but later on she noticed that when she tried to charge her phone it wont charge. The phone is fully discharged with the empty battery sign and a plug icon, telling me to charge it , but when we plug it into the computer or adapter it wont start charging, please help. Also since it is fully out of battery I cant do the “HARD” restart. BTW my daugther did say when she tried to plug it in once it did say “this accessory might not be supported” (or something to that effect) though we have used this usb 30-pin cable for months now.

  195. Cassy Michael on

    I had a very weird problem with my iPhone 4, it wouldn’t take the charger at all, I tried different cords and different bricks and it just kept depleting, I even tried normal power offs and hard reboots, eventually it just died (note, it was otherwise fully functional) and once it died, it suddenly recognized that there was power to it and accepted the charger! Is there anything I can do if this happens again?

  196. martin murphy on

    I must thank you as this resolved my issues….the tooth brush trick…thank you. Otherwise I was going to have to use my phone upgrade before the iphone 7 came out…thanks

  197. My iPhone 6 obviously needs a charge port or something because it suddenly quit taking a charge, wont reset and does not react or reset when connected to PC. Any help with replacing the charge port or where to find parts or should I just take the $100 for it ive been offered and get a new one?

  198. KeepTheTensionGoing on

    Hi, so my iphone has been weird lately, it suddenly turn off even i un-plug it from charger and the battery still 100%, even while i charge my iphone, it sometimes turn off and the screen display as if my battery is dead and just start charging. Sometimes if i un-plug and plug in the charger again, the phone is back online. My iphone just always goes on this sudden dead mode, either when i charge it or not. It’s always like this if i’m not using it. Please fix if you can.

  199. Andrzej Kondracki on

    Hello, I am afraid none of the tricks worked. I had a perfectly working, brand new (bought a new piece from the store directly) iPhone 5S and it would chargé with no problems with different cables. Today afternoon, for no reason at all it ceased to react to any charging – now the trick is that it shows AS IF it charges, but it doesn’t chargé or at least doesn’t turn on showing that the cable should plug in. Reacts identically with all cables (branded or not), what should I do? I go for a week holidays in 2 days – how can I fix this – please HELP and THANK YOU!

  200. hi so last night i slept with my iphone like 1% a d it switched off and today it took me over an hour just to turn on and what i noticed was the flashlight was on while it was turned off strange and when it switched on the flash was still on and i pressed the torch button on the control centre and every time i press it it turns off by itself just to add last year the letter p stopped working on my iphone 4s suddenly then this year the whole right hand side stopped working so the letter p,o,l,k and the search button and also some water damge happened but i put it in rice and it started working again what is happening to my phone

  201. Alexandra Dimaano on

    I have an iPhone 6 and I recently did the new update and since then my phone doesn’t charge probably more than 63% what should I do or can I do?

  202. Thank you! I remembered my phone had dropped in a fruit smoothie one time (lol). I noticed little specs inside and used a vibrating toothbrush to free them out. It’s charging now!

  203. It’s father’s day and wife freaks out because iPhone quit, won’t start and screen stays black after 20 minutes of charging. No appointments available at nearby Genius bars until late tomorrow. Two minutes on your site leads to reboot one minute after that! Thanks very much.

  204. hi i have an iphone 5c i conected the cable to charg and the signal of charging was coming on and off , untill the battery died, my wifes 5C charges normally but mine died i conected all the cables i have and in everi energy source, wall power outlet, tv, laptop, printer etc and wont work, it shows the battery and the cable when i press turn on/off button what could it be, I cleaned the power source of the iphone also.

  205. Matt Granmoe on

    Thanks, restarting my iPhone solved the problem for me. Interesting that the software determines when/how to charge, but I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t realize this myself. I am a software developer by trade.

  206. I just wanted to put in my two cents here for David.
    Man i have been trying to figure this out for weeks now like every night I was just trying to get my phone to charge and I would just sit there for like an hour sometimes and I rarely got lucky.
    So I decided to Google it even though I didn’t expect any results and this was the first link I clicked on and I didn’t expect a professional response like this.
    Thanks David for caring about the Apple fam.

  207. Excellent! After a long struggle, thank to ALLAH for this insightful solution comes from you. I had bought so many new charging cable but won’t work. Finally my phone is now okay, after cleaning so many dust stay inside from my charging port. I was so worried about my phone. Now I am feeling happy!!! 🙂

  208. Hi, I am having problem in charging my iPhone 5s. The phone is n’t charging if I am using a certified USB cable, but it is charging properly with an Android phone cable. I have also check the certified cable with other iPhones and it is working properly but not with my phone. Plz help me out.

  209. Thanks, David! This morning, after being plugged in all night, my iPhone 5S was down to 3%. I swapped cables, tried a different outlet, no joy. Oddly, when I plugged it into my PC (where I’ve been using the phone as a battery-draining hotspot lately), it charged fine. I did a hard reset as you suggested, and now it is happily charging from the wall outlet again.

  210. Hello

    My iPhone 6 does not recognize any cable. Now when plug you ca see the drained battery on screen but that is about it. Reset it a couple of times and it worked but now not even that. Help!!!!!!!

  211. It’s 4 am. I just woke up to nurse my newborn, and my phone is at 1% after “charging” for hours. I run around the house trying different chargers, and cleaning every bit of lint out of my phones charge port. In tears, and thinking I lost my photos since my last back up forever, I desperately search the internet and happen upon your article. I turn off my phone and it gloriously lights up again as I plug it in!!! I would have never thought it was a software crash! Thank you so much for writing this article!

  212. Anita Fuellbier on

    My iphone 6plus is charged at 68% or less & will not charge further, even though it shows that it’s charging. Then a message pops up every now & then telling me the device may not be compatible with my phone. I have only used the charger that came with the phone. I tried to reboot by holding down the side & front buttons. The screen goes black & then the apple shows up & my screen is on.

  213. Kaila Murphy on

    My Iphone 6 seems to be “killing” chargers. I have had 3 cords stop working In the past week. Not the cheap cords either, but not iphone cords. They switch from charging to not charging off and on until they don’t charge any more. I have hard reset my phone several times. I have changed the adapter, tried charging it in my car, but no luck. It is currently working on my iphone cord hooked to the computer (haven’t tried this cord with adapter because its kept at work) Any ideas?

  214. I started getting errors that said that the cable is not certified an may not work with this iphone although all my chargers are Apple chargers for my iphone 6 plus. I didn’t realize at the time that the battery wasn’t charging and now the phone is dead. I plug it in and I get the drained battery symbol but if I leave it long enough (about 30 minutes) it will achieve a 1-2% charge then it goes dead. I tried resetting the software when there was power but I’m not sure if it actually went through the reset process as instead of the Apple symbol I just got the drained battery symbol again. I check for lint but the port is clear. I’m at my wits end.

  215. Fiona Hynes on

    Hi! I have a 6s and it will only charge when it’s off. I’ve checked everything and as far as I can tell, it’s fine. How do I get it to charge normally?

  216. Eliot Davis on

    My iPhone 6 was not charging. I took it to apple and Verizon both tried to sell me a new phone. Turned the phone off by using the side and center button, and now it is charging on the wall. 🙂 thank you for the great tips.

  217. AlexisIsHere on

    So my iPhone 6 still wont charge, I bought a brand new charger and also tried the home button method, It won’t work. My mother recently lost her job, so if she finds out my phone is broken, I’m dead. What do I do?

  218. wow! i just had the same issue last night. i plugged my phone in but it charged until 30%. i reboot my phone by holding the lock button and the home button and now my phone started to charge. i was afraid i had to buy a new cable. thank you!!

  219. Great article. I was sure that my iPhone 6 charging socket was damaged, but after reading this I decided to gently dig around in the socket with a needle, and out came a huge wad of compressed pocket fluff. Now it’s working perfectly again! Thank you.

  220. Jessika Lopez on

    I have a 6 and for about 8 months only one charger would charge my phone, i finally took it to the apple store and they checked it out said it was fine bought a new cord (tried it at the store) and it did not work.We tired a different cord and that one worked so I bought that one. Tonight I plugged my phone into my computer to upload pictures and now it will not charge with any of my cords. Can someone please help!!!

  221. Leviticus Melendez on

    I have an iPhone 6 and its been dead for 4 days now. I’ve tried changing usb wires and adapters on my computer, wall socket and even car and it still won’t charge. I tried restarting it by holding the home button and power button simultaneously (for about 1 min) and the apple logo hasn’t popped up and its still a black screen? Someone pls help!!

  222. My iPhone 5s quit charging and died last night. Have been having issues with the charging port having a bad connection. Tried new cable and different charging ports and no luck. Replaced the charging port assembly and reconnected it all and put back together. Connected the new charging cable and tried a hard reboot. My phone is still down for the count. Would I be looking at a faulty battery?

  223. rogermexico on

    My iPhone 5c became more and more difficult to charge. The problem seemed to be in the port on the phone. The phone is only about 18 months old and I was not due for the 2 year replacement from verizon for another 6 months. I went to the Verizon store thinking I would have to buy a new phone. The tech at the store said he might be able to fix it. He took the phone and came back in a few minutes and the phone was charging. He said the problem was the build up of pocket lint in the charging port which prevented the charging cable to insert far enough into the phone to make secure contact. He said if it happened again, I could clean the port with a touch pick. He said the lint gets packed into the port when the charger cable is plugged in. Easy fix and free.

  224. Rich Hopen on

    Thanks to your advice about cleaning the phone port with a toothbrush. That simple fix worked. I never really thought about the lint that was in there as I keep my phone in my pocket.

  225. Hi – and thanks for the hard reboot tip. My Iphone 6 wasn’t accepting a charge, I did the basis checks on power cables, cleaned out the socket on the Iphone and then tried the hard reboot. For some reason the phone didn’t reboot straight away and after a few minutes I was looking online for the nearest Apple Store. However, the phone then displayed the white apple logo and *boom* it was back, accepting a charge 🙂 So… tip for other users is that the hard reboot may take a few minutes to take effect.
    Could not have succeeded without your advice. Many thanks.

  226. My ipad is not charger and is dead. the charger works fine and i have tried other chargers but is still wont turn on. Ive search a few things up and they had said to connect you ipad to a laptop or computer and i have and it is still not
    working. what do i do now?

  227. Sparticus Shakur on

    Hello strangers! Recently I noticed that ever since I switched to a stronger material cable made from Sharper Image, my iPhone6 has not been recharging its battery normally as opposed to an Apple cable. My father claims he has read an article somewhere stating that using any other products not made from Apple can damage the internal operating mechanics of your Apple devices. I fear this may be indeed true as I went back to my Apple cable and found out it now has the same symptoms: whenever I’m recharging it the battery seems to increase and decrease substantially while in usage as though it can’t make up its mind. More or less, it doesn’t increase the battery as much when I am currently using the phone while it is recharging. It actually just decreases even more time to time. I have a feeling that the cable has tender trigger areas where if some pressure is applied on a certain area then it should work. But this theory is a 50/50 at this point because it increases and decreases no matter what. So every night I turn off my phone hoping it’ll recharge properly, and then I’ll wake up to 40-100% Help me pls?

  228. I checked and cleaned the charging port with my only toothbrush ( have to buy another one) and lo and behold! A lint ball the size of Texas fell out. I plugged the charger back in and it started charging.

  229. Sharmane Johnson on

    THANKS! My husband always gets my hand-me-down iPhones and ALWAYS ends up with the problem of them not taking charge anymore, he rarely backs up so he is always losing stuff. Your 1st trick worked on this phone. We’re broke til next week so he was staring at having no phone for a week. Appreciate you.

  230. Deborah Steinig on

    My iPhone 5 will currently charge, but only from a computer or wall charger — it has stopped charging from either the docking station or the car charger. Thoughts?

  231. Kate Burhouse on

    Thanks for this article. My son was complaining that his iPhone wasn’t charging. I checked the port as described above, used an anti-static brush and out popped several lumps of fluff. It’s now charging perfectly! Not only has this saved us a trip into town to the Apple Store, but it’s also persuaded my son that it would be worth him cleaning his bedroom tomorrow 🙂

  232. Rodrigo Bernabeu on

    So I fall asleep and wake up at 5AM to find my phone on the ground, so i pick it up and it was on 1%, well I got up and checked the wall and it wasn’t that. before I could get to my phone to call for a new charger, it died now the charger has to be held at one exact spot with pressure. but I’m not sure its the charger. its 5:40 AM and i’m so mad because i had no warning. And I’m CLUELESS on what to do.

      • Elina What i did after i left it in the rice for 3 days i put it upwards fully covered it in rice i did not touch it at all for the 3 days when i turned it on it wouldnt hold charge when i rang off it BUT my mistake was i didn’t wait for it to completely charge to 100% once i did my phone is going great now hope that helped you.

  233. hi i have a iphone4 i wet it. It turned off put in rice for 3 days now it’s going BUT it chargers as soon as i ring someone the phone loses charge can anyone help please Thanks.

  234. Austin Thorn on

    my iphone 5c will say thats its completely charged but it crashes and dies after if rapidly depletes to 80 percent battery life and when i try to turn it back on it says that the battery is completely dead and as soon as i plug the charger into the phone it somes on again as if it was never dead

  235. Oh the horror of waking up and finding out that the iPhone charger was not working. And on a diabolical coincidence my Internet was down as well. I felt like I was stranded on a deserted island! After pushing around a couple of buttons managed to get my Internet connection running and thought of googling it up just for the sake of trying. I came across your article and bam! Order in the universe is restored. It’s sorcery indeed. 🙂 Thank you for helping out this damsel in distress.

  236. Rosalie LoPinto on

    Hi David, Thanks for the help you offer on this website. I have what I think is the 30 pin type charger. It looks fine to me, but today my phone wouldn’t charge. I rebooted as you suggested, but it didn’t seem to work. then, I just started basically playing with the charger near the 30 pin end and finally bent it in such a way that the phone started charging. I have it bent with the phone sitting on it to keep it stationary. In about 10 minutes it’s gone from 12% to 28%, and it’s still charging. I’m hoping I can get it up to 100% tonight as this is my alarm clock, and I need it to get up in the morning. I only see one little lightening icon near the battery icon. I don’t know if that’s usual; I don’t remember. So, I’m still not really sure whether it’s the charger or the port. In either case, it seems to me, I could just have it in such a position that it’s working. Lately, I think it feels a little loose when I plug it into the phone, which would make me think it’s the port. Any thoughts?

  237. Alastair Stephen on

    i only read all this after I changed both the battery and the charging port of a 2nd hand 5c that I had been given,After reading yr site, I did manage to get an apple logo, and the screen said that a snooze function had been running for 4000 odd hrs. ( last time phone was used I guess.
    Now its just black, even after being on charge for 6 hrs. the charger and the both cable work with another apple device ( touch screen ipod)

    Do you have any other suggestions please?

  238. Mister Monday on

    Holy crap the toothbrush thing worked! Thanks so much, I’ve been without a phone for about 3 weeks when all it needed was a quick floss!

  239. So my son’s IP6 will not charge. It starts and gets to about 3% and then shuts down. When he tries to turn it on, it is at 0% and he tries to charge again and the same thing happens. We have used different cords, plugs, and outlets. The same thing happens. I tried the reboot as you suggested, but nothing happens. Is his phone totally finished?

  240. hailonga philipus on

    i have an iphone 4s. yesterday it froze for some hours until i drained the battery and charged it is when it started working again. today i decided to charge it but when i connect it to the my computer, itunes unpinned itself from the taskbar, the phone showed up on the screen but later stopped responding. i have external speakers that i use connected to the usb ports but when i connect to charge, they stop working too but phone cant charge. what is the real problem?

  241. I NEED HELP!!!!!! at first my phone died and I plugged it in all night long and now it dosent show the dead battery it just goes to the white apple logo and after about 30 minutes the screen turns blue for about 1 second and then goes back to the logo.

  242. Hi, i am having problem with recognising cable. My iphone 5s just can’t recognise charger, only original one – which is broken. I have bought 2 cables , first cable worked about 1 mouth , now it’s not recognised anymore.

  243. My iphone 5 hasn’t been turning on, taking a charge, or connecting to itunes for almost 2 weeks now. I did the hard reset and that didn’t work, replaced the battery, replaced the charging port, did the hard restart again, and still nothing. Also before it stopped turning on I would like to note that it was on about 30% of battery then just died for no reason. I’m trying to check my options before sending it in so if anyone has any idea what happened and how to fix this please tell me.

  244. my iPhone 5s was charged last I checked then it just died the battery sign wont show up I tried plugging it in and let it rest and still don’t work PLEASE HELP

  245. hi, recently i smashed my iphone 6 and stupidly enough got a friend of a friend to fix it. of course this new screen wasnt the best but it definatley done the job, until recently. recently my iphone had a small crack in it but has never been dropped since the new screen was put on. i also noticed that the sound has stopped playing completely and the phone will not charge what so ever. i dont know if its something i`ve done to the phone or something this friend of a friend has done. any advise on how to fix it?

  246. Thank you Mr. Payette for the amazing suggestions. I used a new toothbrush to brush out the lint from my lightning port. It worked like a charm. I was afraid I was going to need to visit a genius at the Apple Store, but to my luck I found that genius here!

  247. SumRandomGuy on

    Alright, So i got a Iphone 4 and i died. So i plug in the charger and i let it sit. 30 mins later and its still on the dead screen but it says its still charging. ideas?

  248. Just came to no how to charge my iPhone in the way of this lightning cable there two sides face u and back. Just now using the back to charge it came two sound and say it can’t charge than turn back to the front it now charging???? There many things u have to check how charge u iphon

  249. The problem with my phone is i cannot charge it at home or at work, when i take it to the apple store and they plug it in their computers it starts charging (with their own cable). Does anyone have any idea why this would be? I just bought a new cable from a store so i would not expect it to be broken but i will replace it anyways to see if it works. still, other than the cable, would there be any reasons why i cannot charge it?

  250. did everything you said plus no go….. But I did notice it looked as if the pin wasn’t going all the way in so I took a needle an gently poked around and it was lint packed in it wasn’t allowing the pins to make contact I got quite a lot of lint I also gently did the sides w/ needle and that was the proble I had used a toothbrush but it didn’t work it was so impacted so you may try this and see if that’s the issue it would be nice if Apple had a closure for phone so as not to have this issue of debris in port?

  251. my IPhone 4s died earlier today, so of course I plugged it in when I got home, its been “charging” now for 4 hours, the dead battery sign will show up, & the little charger on the screen. but it clearly isn’t charging! any ideas?? HELP 🙁

  252. Dwightstreeter on

    After doing the reboot and the Reset per suggestions below, I used another person’s cable and charger and my phone re-charged. A quick trip to the Apple Store for a new wire did the job.. $21 is a tad expensive, but it’s my only phone.
    So people are right to do all options first before getting a new battery.

  253. My iPhone 5s charging had become intermittent. Then one day it would not charge at all. I tried several different cables that were charging my wife’s phone with no problem, but my phone still would not charge. Then I looked into the iPhone charging port: there was a lot of pocket crud in it.

    I tried to clean it with a pressurized air duster but that alone did not work. Next I tried an interdental brush and that worked like a charm. The brush is basically a small wire about one-half inch long with tiny bristles attached. I had to twirl the brush all along the inside of the charging port to get all of the crud out. Then I used the pressurized air duster to finish the job.

    You should turn the phone off since the interdental cleaner has a wire that holds the bristles, and the bare wire could possibly short something out if the phone was on. A standard toothbrush may work, but I believe the interdental cleaner is a better choice since the whole end of the cleaner can be inserted into the charging port.

  254. Hi folks, I have an iphone 4 that the screen went weird, so I bought a new one and the weekend I changed it.Everything seemed to go well until I tried to charge the phone. The first night after about 12 hours charge it had got up to about 10%, and when it is plugged in to a device eg laptop it is not recognised. I have fixed the charging problem by turning the phone off and then it seems to charge normally, but I still can’t get anything to recognise it through the USB cable. Any ideas?

  255. R Daneel Olivaw on

    My phone charges perfectly when connected to my computer. It will NOT charge when connected to a wall outlet with the apple charger. Things I have eliminated.
    1. the USB because it’s the same one that works perfectly when connected to the computer.
    2. The wall outlet. Plenty of power.
    2. The apple charger. It works fine with my daughters iphone. I have even tried her charger.

  256. The connector on my phone was pretty dirty so i tought i clean it up with a toothpick (i turned it off during that). I did it. A lot of mess came out. Than i plugged it in an it didnt charge and i didnt see it in itunes either. I got worried. Looked in it again, if i left some derbies in it, or i damagen the pins but they seemd right. Turned the phone off and on. Nothing. Than i tried hard reset. Luckily it solved it, however i dont really understand why was this all than….

  257. What do you when the power button isn’t working anymore? My power button stopped working a while back, so I can’t perform that reboot command with the home button. Now it’s connected to the charger, but nothing happens.

  258. This was really helpful information! This got my iPhone 5 to charge today, after it wouldn’t charge properly after a power outage yesterday. Thank you!

  259. hii have6s plus and when i plug in its says,the cable or accessory is not certified, and its not charge the phone,could you someone give me a s0me answer,pls,

  260. This may seem like an odd question but apple told me I would need to take my phone to a genius and since I live in west texas(a.k.a middle of no where) you’re the closest I can find. is there a way to tell if an iPhone battery is the one that originally came with my iPhone. long story short, went to 3rd party (against my better judgement) to have screen replaced and they say my battery is bad, but it was perfectly fine before. I had a great battery! Well after realizing I wasn’t going to buy their new battery they “generously” put a used battery in my phone but supposedly gave me my old battery as proof they weren’t lying…how the heck is that proof? anyway now I’m stuck with a horrible battery and I want to hold them responsible, because I know they are crooks, but I want proof before I go back. anyway you can help me I would very much appreciate it!

    • Hey Brandy,

      That stinks! It sounds like your question is whether there’s a way to find out whether the battery they gave you back after your phone was repaired was the one inside your iPhone when you dropped it off, and the answer is no. iPhones are serialized, but batteries are not. Whether it is or isn’t, it sounds like you have a legitimate case against them. Often times, the battery needs to be disconnected as part of an iPhone repair, and there’s a chance they damaged it in the process. I’m thinking that’s what may have happened – something was damaged during the repair and they fixed it with one of their parts.

      It’s kind of like you brought your car into the shop for a brake job, and they replaced your shocks even though you didn’t ask them to, then gave your “original” shocks back and said they did you a favor, but now the car doesn’t run right at all. has repair guides for all iPhone models, and you might want to look the battery repair guide up for your iPhone to see the process and what an original iPhone battery looks like. That way, at least you’d know whether you were given a genuine Apple battery. If it isn’t genuine, it’s not the one that came with your iPhone.

      Thanks for reading and all the best,
      David P.

      If you have any more questions, please post them in the Payette Forward Community and I’ll be happy to help you there:

  261. Deepanshu Kataria on

    Hello.. i am having iphone 5 and the problem is that it never charges whenever i plug it nomally.For charging it i have to aply some water on the end of cable and then i plug it in my iphone and it chages fine.But every time i have to try this same thing to charge my phone. i have used 3 difrent cables but it doesnt work until i apply some water.

  262. I tried doing the hard reset, but after I did that, my iPhone 5c still didn’t charge. I tried using three different charging heads as well as my laptops USB port. It only shows that my iPhone is completely dead, and needs to be plugged in. It also can’t be the charger, because I bought this charger ten minutes ago.

  263. Bruce Steinhardt on

    It is dirty contacts. If blowing out a dustball does not do the trick, then roll up a small piece of a Post It so it is about the size and thickness of a match stick and use it to clean the contacts. You will be surprised how much dirt was in there.

  264. I’ve tried everything with the article for my phone and nothing has seemed to work. I’ve tried the hard reset multiple times, at least five different chargers, and cleaning the port and still nothing. I don’t think it’s liquid damage because I haven’t gotten my phone wet especially in the charging port area, and when I have, I’ve had a case protecting that area. any clues? Ohh my problem is that it won’t charge at all and when it turns on(it only did this once), it wouldn’t charge past 1% when When I take it off of the charger, the phone thinks as if it is on 1% and dies.

  265. I have a non-Apple cable that has worked fine for months, and even worked fine this morning. I had to unplug to attend a meeting, then came back and plugged in again. I’m getting an error message now on my phone: This cable or accessory is not certified and my not work reliably with this iPhone. And even though I touch “Dismiss”, it won’t charge! What the heck?!?! For giggles I did try rebooting my iPhone, but continue to get the same message. Any suggestions?

  266. I have done everything you said but nothing worked. But i’m happy that my phone is charging finally. Here are the steps I did,

    Go to settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings
    Wait for phone to shut down. Then connect your charger.

    Hope this helps someone.

  267. Message In A Bottle on

    WOW, I’ve had this issue for quite some time and always bought a new charger or two – I had no idea it could’ve been a software crash. I’ve been figuring this out for hours now and came across this. Resetting the battery worked. Thank you so much for these tips! bookmarking this site for future reference. Thank you again!!!

  268. my computer or any computer was not able to detect my iphone 4s and it won’t charge. It is charging if I will turn on first my iphone, second connect a cable and turn off and you will not determine if charging because it is black screen but it really charge. How to fix like this?

  269. Brandon McCall on

    problems with my 6s plus when i charge my phone in the outlet charger it takes 5-10 minutes for it to charge each percent. and recently when i use my car charger it just keeps the percent i was perviously at or it drops one percent. I took it to the apple store and they told me nothing was wrong with it

  270. I have a really odd issue. I have an iPhone 4 that stopped charging with a cable / to my PC.

    Now here’s the odd thing. The phone WILL charge on a dock. But if I try to plug the phone into my desktop or my laptop or even my car charger, it doesn’t charge. I’ve even tried 3 cables. No difference.

    So … I can charge it using the dock, but I’m no longer able to connect the phone to my computer to transfer music, etc. (I recently upgraded my phone but I at least still wanted to use the iPhone 4 as an iPod of sorts).

    And crazier yet? Even though the phone will charge on the dock, it no longer makes the familiar connected / buzzing sound. I’ve searched and searched and can’t find anyone with the same issue as mine or a solution. HELP!

    Much thanks in advance. 🙂

  271. Thank you sooo much!!! You saved my day. I did the hard reboot, and it did solve the problem. I have given my husband my new IPhone 5c, and took his iPhone 4 (that doesn’t work with his new phone provider) and I was frustrated from my husband that he gave me a phone that stopped charging shortly after it became mine. If you were beside him, my husband would have hugged you! lol

  272. I read this article months ago to try and fix my iPhone. Turns out it was a hardware issue that was gonna cost me $400 to fix. So I downgraded, all that jazz.

    But just now I found my iPad, tucked away on my bookcase because it didn’t work. Tried your trick mentioned here to do the software reset – boom. The thing’s been broken for over a year, and you fixed it right up! Thank you very much!

  273. Lot of thanks to you Mr.David payett.My iphone 4s remianed on programme overnight. I tried to switch on in the morning.It did’nt.So connected to charger.But did not start charging and screen remained black.I thought battry may be bad or problem with charger so took out new charging cord.But no result.So as usual start googling.and got your website and followed your instruction to reboot.
    I got the iphone ON and start charging.
    Thanks one again .God bless you.
    Good bye.

  274. Ok so I dropped my phone in water. It still worked fine. I stuck it in rice for a while and then i tried to plug it in after work but there was some rice stuck in the charging port. I got it out plus a couple pieces of lint as well. Tried to charge phone. Nothing. Turned it off and plugged it in. It would start up the second it was plugged in but not have the lightning bolt and charge. Did the normal turn off and it would not charge when i plugged it in and it turned itself on. What should I do?

  275. I have had my iPhone 5c for only a few months. However I bought it from my sister who had it for a little over a year. It was charging just fine a few hours ago but now the battery is at 40% and I can’t get it to charge AT ALL. I’ve tried the reset like 3 times and still nothing happens. The charger I have for it is brand new and I tried cleaning it out with a toothbrush. Still nothing. Please help!

  276. My iPhone does not charge unless I fiddle about with the lead at the point where it plugs into the phone. I find that gentle upward lift on the point where the cable connects at the base of the iPhone seems to supply contact. I then have to gently lay it down. I usually test to see if it’s charging by saying “Hey Siri!” If Siri responds, then I know it is charging. However last night I had to rest a pencil under the cable at the point of connection, otherwise it kept buzzing intermittently as if it was charging, then not charging if I didn’t. This seemed to work, but I shouldn’t have to do this.

  277. I normally don’t sign up or comment on forums, but this one saved my phone. Thanks!

    I used the new toothbrush trick to clean the port & a small bit of “funk” popped out. Took it to the charger & BAM! Back in action.

  278. hello, i have an iPhone 5 and what it is doing is it is on thirty percent, so i need it to be charging, but every time i plug it into my wall computer, it wont do anything. the screen doesn’t light up showing that it is charging. i have cleaned my port out which had dust in it, and it still isn’t charging. do you know the problem to my phone? can it be fixed? i need help asap.

  279. I have tried buying a new charger and its still not working I can see it when the black screen come up and it shows the white power bar with red in it but not charging and if i hold it a certain way it show the the plug thingy and the charge bolt what is the problem?

  280. sir i have iphone 5s yesterday its battery gets discharged and when i plugged charger in my phone firstly it shows charging then when i put it on the table it disconnected .and get swiched off and after then it never start charging it is still switched off what should i do is it a battery problem or my charger problem plz help

  281. Thank goodness I found this article, because I thought my phone just stopped working on me forever. I looked down at my phone and saw 1% battery, so I rushed to charge it. After trying multiple cables and changing the wall USB charger, I then tried cleaning out the port for any lint. That didn’t work either. I found this article and did a software reset holding down the power and the home button and when it finished resetting the battery started charging again! The weird part is that it no longer showed 1% charged, it had jumped to 12% charged, as if it had been charging even when it said it wasn’t or the battery indicator was wrong. It is now charging, thank goodness.

  282. I am having the same issue as REGORVLRIO. My phone battery seemed to already not last very long. Then I upgraded to ios 9. Now, my phone will drop from 100% to 1% in about 10 minutes. If it is at 100% and I turn it off, it will report a dead battery and not turn back on. Something very strange is going on. The only solution I have found is this (and it DOES work):

    1) I have a 2.1 amp Belkin charger.
    2) Left the phone plugged in for about 5 hours during which time it showed ZERO battery and NO evidence of charging
    3) then one minute the phone abruptly comes to life with 100% battery.
    4) to keep it working I need to constantly keep plugging it back into a power source (I use a travel battery pack)
    5) if I let it die on me, I can resuscitate it..but it takes hours and hours to charge it. And it will appear as if it is not working until it just magically turns itself back on with 100% power.

  283. hi could you help me with my iphone problem? i updated my iphone 5 to ios9.1 then several days later, i forgot to bring my charger and my iphone was on 3%(while on Lowpower/Low Battery mode) then when it hits 1% ofcourse a few seconds it died, and when i got home i tried to charge it. it wasnt expecting anything like it has some problem or anything, but when i woke up at 4am itried to open my iphone and then the problem starts. i was using a cheap charger and now my iphone won’t turn on. i tried to do that hold Powerbutton Homebutton for 3mins without releasing like 20 times and still nothing happen. it wont even respond to itunes or anything. please help me out im really desprete about this. 🙁

  284. Thanks *so much* for this article, David. Like other readers, I was surprised to realize that my iPhone 6 wasn’t recharging and was all but dead with only 3% battery life. My anxiety heightened when switching cables and power sources didn’t bring my ‘Phone back to life, and I really started to panic when a hard reset didn’t help. Your advice to hold down the power and home buttons for a l-o-n-g period of time ultimately did the trick. Twice I held the buttons down for about 30 seconds, which didn’t do anything. Finally, I held the buttons down for a very long time, perhaps a minute or more, and voíla! The ‘Phone restarted and began to recharge. As I write this, it is back up to 42% and climbing, and I am much relieved.

    Jeff Frankel

  285. Hello. Good afternoon Mr. David, my iphone sometimes charges, and sometimes it doesn’t. sometimes it displays, “The accessory may not be supported”. there are times as well when its been plugged for like 5hrs already and it’s not even fully charged yet or its not even moving at all. 🙁 please help

  286. This is a very helpful article, though I am still stuck. I charged my iPhone with a third-party charger and that seems to have screwed up the phone and now it won’t charge through my legitimate apple chargers.

    I have gone through all of the procedures, checked for lint, done a reset by pushing the home button and power button together.

    Still when i plug the phone in with its apple charger, it does not charge… and sometimes I get the message that ” this cable or accessory is not certified” That makes me think that the firmware/software (i’m not sure sure what that is) is screwed up from the previous third-party charger. If so, how do i update it?

    I am a little desperate at this point. My phone is turned off with only 9 percent battery left… so I am really hoping to have a solution before I try to turn it back on again. I would greatly appreciate any advice which could help!

  287. Jesus Christ, i had the toughest 2 hours of my life tonight when my iphone suddenly decided to not turn on even whilst charged! i read this post and tried everything leaving the easiest attempt (to push the home button and power button together) doing the hard reset which immediately turned the phone back on. never have i ever been so relieved in my life. heart skipped more than just a beat! thankk you so much !! definitely backing up my phone now!

  288. Hi, on monday I’ve purchased an iphone 6s, on thursday I’ve updated to ios 9.0.2, since then, I can’t charge my iphone till battery drained at all. Ex: If I have 50% of battery and try to charge it, just nothing happened, I can see the ray logo beside the battery logo on taskbar, but the battery don’t charge and continue draining normally.
    When the battery have 1% or 2%, even if it turned off, then I can really charge at 100%, I don’t know way have to drain all battery before charge.
    I contact apple support, try restore as a new iphone on 9.0.2, try many original cables and chargers, pc, etc, but the only way to charge is wait till battery drain at all (or 1% or 2%)
    I’m not sure if this happened before update to ios 9.0.2, maybe never charge well, it’s a new iphone, just a week! For bad, the nearest apple store it’s about 200 miles.

  289. This is currently happening to my iPhone 5. It only charges off and turns back on at 4% and if u try to reset it dies. In order for me to get it to charge, I have to hurry and turn it off without it being plugged into an outlet. Then wait for a few minutes to ensure its completely off. Next I plug it back in and don’t touch it for 15-30 minutes, then I reset it by holding the home and power button down, the apple logo will appear and it will charge, but if I unplug it I have to start the process all over. Sometimes if u don’t wait long enough with it off and plugged in when u try to reset it the battery charging symbol appears and u have to start the process over again. I’m pretty sure this happened BC my phones battery died during an update.

  290. Vita Victoria on

    Ok I think my problem is quite unique compared to everyone else’s. My iPhone 5S was able to charge everywhere before, but recently it does not charge on my laptop. I tried then many other laptops in my workplace and still have the same problem. The weird thing is it still charges absolutely fine using the adapter on the wall socket. Is it possible that the iPhone cable now refuses to charge from USB ports but still able to charge from wall socket? Cheers

  291. if your phone isnt turning on or charging but you see the red battery when you plug it in, try warming up the battery. this is the ONLY thing that finally worked for me! you can use a hairdryer or keep your phone in a warm spot. i’ve been able to get it to turn on using my body heat putting my phone between my hands (like you are praying) for a minute or so. DO NOT use a microwave or anything like that. The only problem is my it hasnt fixed the problem completely for me, i still need to keep it plugged in, but im finally able to turn it on again and it works every time! I have the iphone4 and it wouldnt stay on for long unless it was plugged in and then eventually just wasnt turning on at all. Luckily this worked for me so when I get my phone upgrade i will be able to switch over all my data. I tried cleaning it out and rebooting and none of that worked. I was so glad to finally be able to turn my phone on again after because I was about a week without it working! Hope this helps someone!

  292. I read somewhere online that before you do anything you should clean the power port of dust and other possible things that prevent a good contact. I did that and yes there was a small lint in it, not really noticeable but using a toothpick I got it out. Tadaaaa phone is charging now!
    Hope this comment saves someone lots of frustration and time

  293. iPhone 5 not Charge
    Anybody know how to fix an iPhone 5 that not charging? I tried to fix my iPhone 5 because it was off automatically and could not turn on by power switch. when I plug in a charger it just pop up the light and logo and gone for several times. then I replaced the new battery and plug in charger but it still happens the same. ( Still could not turn on by power switch)
    then I remove battery and plug in the charger again without battery inside then I can see that the light and logo just pop up and gone which is happening just like when I plug the charger with the battery inside. ( It happens the same issue) So I think that its not battery issue. it just like the battery doesn’t contact to the phone.
    Anybody knows how to fix it???

  294. hello ….. I was in a journey by card and i used the car charger , to be serious the charger is fake and cheap , after a while around 30 min. of charging the charger was exploded i took my iphone it was charged around to 90% after 5 min, i looked to my iphone the battery rate decreased to 60% ! and after 5 min to 40% ! >>> i tryed to charge with another cable in another source in a diffirent accessory and cables and still does not charge … it appears some times MSG ((the cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iphone)) and i tryed to charge by pc same problem … sorry for my bad english … and i wish u help me 😀 thanks

  295. I accidentally dropped my iPhone 6 in the sink with the water running. I got it out in time to save it and everything was working fine. It was charging and then the power in my house went out and no that it is back on my phone won’t charge. I tried resetting it but no luck. Is there any chance my phone can be saved?

  296. I have an iphone 5s. I have had problems recently with it keeping it’s charge. Tonight, I turned my phone off while it was charging and now I can’t get it to turn back on. I keep seeing the battery icon signifying that it is charging. I have left it for multiple hours and it still won’t turn itself back on. I have tried to get it to restore but the only icon I continue to see is the battery icon, no matter how long I hold home and lock screen keys. Any suggestions?

  297. I have an issue not involving charging
    But I purchase an iphone 5 and the owner removed it from her icloud account ,but the iphone 5 is asking for a SIM CARD with no lock pin ? Can someone please tell me. My original sim card wont work.

  298. I went to apple store with my original charging cable they cleaned the charging port in iPhone and gave me new charging cable without charge great costumer service (all without an appointment done within 15 minutes)

  299. My phone wasn’t charging properly, so I tried out a few things I was reading in this post. Remind you it was a long 3 months of constantly trying to find ways to charge my phone, but I tried the toothbrush with windex trick and it worked. Thanks whoever posted that.

  300. hi, I’m having difficulty to charge my iPhone 6plus last night I try to put my phone charging but didn’t charge till morning even battery drained out completely by morning, I bought new charging cable to ensure not have any issue in cable, but again im unable to charge my phone once connecting with charging showing charging icon but cant get started. please advice.

  301. I have had this problem with my 2.5 year old iPhone 5. I cleaned some lint out the Lightning port on the phone and that helped a little, but it would still charge inconsistently when plugged in, with a wide variety of cables and power sources (work, car, house, computer, etc). Last night I stayed up until 3am swapping out the lightning connecter thinking that would fix the issue. It was quite a pain. But it is still having the same issue, even with a brand new part! What else could be causing this problem?

  302. Ive read this article, tried the solutions with no luck. Maybe some one has some advice. I found an iphone 6 at my house a couple months ago in a drawer in my table I never use. I have no idea how long it could have been there or who it belongs to. I plugged it in and it turned on just fine at the time, but it had no service. I kept waiting for someone to come and ask for their phone and no one has. Ive been asking everyone I know whose been over if they have lost a phone. No luck. Fast forward a couple of months this phone is still in my junk drawer. I feel bad and want to return it to the person it belongs to. After doing a little googling I discovered some ways to find the owner, but of course now it will not charge or turn on. What to do??? I don’t want to keep it forever, its already been at least 4 months, and I don’t want to just throw it away. I don’t know what service provider this person used or id just call them. I don’t understand why it charged and turned on before and wont now. any help or advise with this situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  303. Hafizah Ibrahim on

    my phone wont charge…i miss my phone terribly..:(.. it just happened died suddenly when the battery is 15% left..i’ve tried to use different cable but it doesnt work as well.tears….

  304. Thanks all for the info. My Iphone5 wouldn’t charge…so I cleaned both metal ends of the charging cable with Windex (lightly sprayed on a paper towel) and now IT’S WORKING!

  305. Hi, I am having a lot of trouble with my 5s, it charges, but only to 3% or less, plus it will not let me charge it again until it has fully died. I have been having this problem for a day. I have tried different adapters including my computer, I don’t have any other cables besides my $20 Modal light-up cable which seems to be fine. I think it might be a storge issue, but no matter what I delete my phone will not charge.

  306. I have an iPhone 5s that won’t charge with apple made lightning cables. It works with my Rocketfish charger (Best Buy brand), but it won’t work with Apple products anymore. I’ve cleaned it with a toothbrush and all the debris is out, but it still only works with the Rocketfish charger. Once in a blue moon it will work with an apple charger but most of the time it says “This cable is not supported by apple” or something of that nature. And it’s not the cables because it works perfectly with my 5th genereation iPod

  307. brother mine, i have an iphone 4s. it shows the symbol that it is charging but it doesn’t starts. i had kept it for around 1.5 hour and by that time it should have started by itself. i have checked my adapter and wire and both of them are fine as it shows charging sign. please telll me what to do??

  308. Hi David, my son dropped his iPhone 6 in the toilet. We immediately put it in rice. We saw on YouTube ao video about using a vacuum cleaner to quickly suck all the water out. To our amazement it worked and the phone returned to normal except for a speaker problem. It’s been about 3 days now and it was charging as normal but today it just refused to charge! I tried all your suggestions and did find some dust in the charging port and cleaned it out as you instructed. Is this possibly repairable?

  309. Richie Thompson on

    I have had an iPhone 3GS, 4S and now 5S. On each occasion I have experienced battery drain or charging issues after approx 18months and generally within 6months of contract end date. Could this be an Apple software ploy to influence upgrades ???

  310. My iPhone 6 just won’t hold the charge. It’ll charge for a few seconds and then randomly disconnect/reconnect the charge. It’s been doing this a lot for the last couple of days. I’m not sure if this is the same thing as what this article tackles.

  311. Thanks for this article. I have a 4s and it charged last night but when plugged in today, not charging. I tried the hard restart and brushed the bottom of the phone to see if it was just dusty/dirty. So far, no luck but I appreciate the info so I could try a few things I hadn’t thought of.

  312. Hey Mate, my iPhone 5 is playing up like i charge it up to 100% then all of a sudden it drops down to 1% then shuts off, i chuck it back on charge and it shows that low battery logo and stays like that for a long period of time and won’t turn back on even when i force restart, could this be the battery?

  313. On the iPhone 5 and laters there is a common problem that involve a chip that manage the charge on the mother board… its called U2 Chip, if it suffers a malfunction the phone wont charge with any cable with any source or event wont connect to iTunes or PC.. you gotta look for that too..

  314. Ok here’s one for you. I decided to get a 3m 3rd party lead as my old lead is looking a bit worn.
    The new lead charges my iPhone 4s with no issue, but if I plug it into my iPad it charges for about 30 sec then stops bringing up the message, not charging. My old shorter lead charges both fine. I have tried multiple sockets and plugs

  315. I have an IPhone 5 and my phone started dying and wouldn’t charge back up. I replaced the chargers but eventually the same thing would happen where it would die and it wouldn’t charge back up. I did, however, have this ONE charger which my puppy chewed in half to expose the wiring. If I played with the wiring it seemed to jolt the battery and the phone would turn back on. If I could get it charging at least 5 minutes, I could plug it into any of the other chargers to charge it back up. Does this just sound like a case of a cheap 3rd party charging issue?

  316. Dustin Zeigler on

    Just to share my issue and results . . . My phone would display that it was charging, but would randomly stop charging; once again, requesting the power cable be plugged in. At one point, the phone finally gained enough reserved battery life to boot it’s OS; however, it quickly powered back to charge mode. I tried multiple power outlets around my house and then two different USB wall adapters, neither worked. I followed the steps and finally decided to blame the cable – grabbed my buddies – and it worked! It turned out to be my lighting cable, that I had purchased from a third-party a few months ago. I believe it may of just been a bad cable though, as it’s my “indoor/home” cable and receives very little wear-n-tear compared to my “mobile/vehicle” cable. On another note, my friends have also been using these cables for quite a while now with no issue, I will buy another one! 🙂 Good luck fixing your iPhones people!

  317. Hi David, in order to do the hard reset do I do this with the telephone switched off or whilst charging? I got an iphone 5s and starting 2 days ago with consuming the battery really quickly to not being able to charge at all it doesn’t go up from 5% charge…. help!

  318. Hi David,
    Thank you for the detailed information. I have an iphone 5S that stopped charging after the charger melted down. The battery drained until the phone died. I replaced the battery and the phone came on fully fonctionnel but it does not charge at all. It is possible that charging chip on logic board is dead or it is the charging port. My logic understanding say that if the charging chip is dead, the phone won’t turn on even with a new battery unless there is bypass ?. Thank you for your help.

  319. It all started one morning my battery was low so i charged it and when it started up it wouldnt accept my passcode. I also realized that it wouldnt charge, it was just stuck on 1%. I eventually held down on the lock and home buttons to restart it and it started to work again, later that day the same problem ocurred. My iphone six wouldnt accept my passcodebut it shows my notifs. Also a message came on the screen saying the temperature of the phone was too hot and needed to cool down i left it for a while and the message went away.I tried to plug it into my laptop to reset the phone ir update software or something.. and the apple logo comes up for a few seconds, then it turns off and then repeats. after a day i left it on charge and the battery is at 100% now, but the phone only stays on while plugged in. i cant make or receive calls either. help please. ive also tried doing the thing where you hold the power and home button and nothing happens

  320. i have iphone 4. when i pug the charger in the phone it doesn’t charge. but when i turn the power off and plug the chagrer it become to charge the phone but not at the time when it is turn on . ? why plz give me a solution

    • Hi Iqra,

      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble like that. That’s a tough one. If you haven’t already, try taking a toothbrush or something similar (that you’ve never used before) and try brushing out the charger port. If you’ve inspected both the port on your iPhone and the USB cable, I don’t like saying it, but it’s probably a hardware problem with your iPhone. It might be worth a trip to the Apple Store (if you’re under warranty, and remember to make an appointment), but if you’re not, a less-expensive way to go that I recommend is through Puls. Here’s a link:

      Best of luck with everything and I hope it turns out well for you,
      David P.

  321. Nichole Kennedy on

    I am in the same boat, I don’t have enough battery to do a hard reset. I’ve tried changing cables and have done the hard reset while connected to the pc. For some reason I took a picture of another computer’s screen (dell) and that computer stored my device to it and I’ve never hooked up to that computer or signed in with on any account. Thats when my problem started.. PLEASE HELP!!!

  322. I have an iPhone 5s and when I plug my charger in the iPhone it turns on as if it was charging but the percentage on batery life remains the same all the time and in doesn’t matter for how long it stays plugged in. I tried all tips above and it won’t help. do I have any other choice than the repair centre?

  323. Russell Favager on

    My iphone5 wont charge and I have done all the suggestions in this article. One of my questions is that I have just returned from Mexico to the UK where it was a different electrical connection, if there was a different electrical surge could this be affecting anything ? Thanks Russ

  324. My local phone repair said Apple had its own special plug, which would only take Apple brand, or other high priced cables. For $40 they could swap the port for a generic one. Any comment on this?
    This is especially annoying as I use a PowerBank case. My first Power Bank worked great. The successive three cases refuse to charge the phone properly. Any ideas on that as well

  325. My iPhone 6 would not charge after the battery drained completely. It would only show the low battery symbol for a few seconds then shut off. I tried out different iPhone cables/ports/computer and had same results. However I was able to solve my problem by charging my iPhone with a USB battery pack. My phone is back to normal now, I hope this helps for those in a similar situation.

  326. Ricah Pauline on

    I have iphone 5 and its not charging i dont know if its the cable itself the problem or the adaptor or the software said above. Please help me thank you

  327. Does this also apply to this? I can charge my iPhone perfectly. But when I try to connect it to my pc it just beeps as if it is being unplugged an plugged in back can u fix this and I have not synced my gone to iTunes to transfer music to it.i have an iPhone 4s.any help would be really appreciated.??????

  328. OMG! Thank you so much for this article. My phone WAS completely DEAD! I took a safety pin an toothbrush to it and got an amount a lint out that a belly button would be jealous of. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I’m a little mad at myself for not thinking of that before.

  329. Wow, who would have ever thought that just a gentle brush-out would solve my problem! Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort to write this helpful article.

  330. The battery in my son’s iPhone 5 has been questionable at best for a long time now. It would go from 100% to 35% in just a few minutes. Sometimes it would completely die at 54%. It died yesterday, has been plugged in for well over 12 hours and it won’t charge. Neither iTunes nor my computer will recognize that is it plugged in, however, the phone shows that it is plugged in, it simply won’t charge. We’ve tried cleaning it, several different apple chargers and cords, I’ve attempted a hard restart several times, holding both buttons for up to a full minute and nothing happens but the battery icon flashing at me. Please help, he’s not due for an upgrade until the end of December.

  331. I still need help, my charger charged another iPhone 5c but won’t charge mine, I changed the outlets, I tried charging it on my laptop and it still won’t charge. Is there something wrong with my iPhone?

    • It’s not your charger. Clean your port. If your port is clean, do a hard reset, as indicated in the article. If even that doesn’t work, restore your phone to factory settings.

  332. I have water damage to my port without even knowing it and now i lost 2,000 pictures, all my music, and all my notes. 4 years worth of memories gone right down the drain. Thanks Apple for making what is possibly the worst phones

  333. Kristie Liggin Wilder on

    God Bless you…. I’ve been sitting here frustrated, cleaning out the port with a paperclip and compressed air… The hard restart for 30 seconds did it… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

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