Apple Watch Face Cracked? Here’s The Fix!

You put on your Apple Watch, but the display doesn’t look right. There’s a crack on the Watch face! In this article, I’ll explain what to do if your Apple Watch face is cracked.

Assess The Damage

The first step in working to repair your cracked Apple Watch screen is to assess the damage. Take your Apple Watch off your wrist and set it aside. If any shards of glass are sticking out from the display, carefully put your Apple Watch in a plastic bag — it’s easy to get cut by the glass.

If it’s only a small crack, then you may be able to live with the damage. Small, hairline cracks typically won’t interfere with how you use your Apple Watch. However, if the screen is totally shattered, you’ll need to get it repaired by an expert.

Back Up Your Apple Watch

A backup is a copy of all the information on your Apple Watch. Whenever you back up your iPhone, it backs up your Apple Watch too. It’s important to back up your Apple Watch now, just in case something goes wrong during the repair process.

Check out our other article to learn how to back up your iPhone and Apple Watch to iCloud, Finder, or iTunes.

Get The Watch Face Repaired By Apple

Fixing a cracked Apple Watch face is different from repairing screen damage to an iPhone or MacBook. The repairs are more difficult, and Apple has a special process that they use. This process involves using a microwave to heat up a pad designed to melt the adhesive holding your Apple Watch together.

It’s difficult to find other companies that are willing to repair Apple watches. That’s why we recommend reaching out to Apple directly — you can be certain your Apple Watch is getting repaired by an expert.

How Much Will It Cost?

Apple Watch repairs can be quite expensive, especially if its warranty is expired. Apple lists prices for out-of-warranty Apple Watch repairs on their website.

If your Apple Watch is covered by AppleCare+, you may only have to pay a $69–79 service fee plus additional taxes. Reach out to Apple Support to set up your repair. Apple provides support online, over the phone, through the mail, and in-person at your local Genius Bar. If you opt to go to the Apple Store for a repair, make sure to schedule an appointment first.

If you have an Aluminum Apple Watch Series 2 or 3, it’s possible Apple will replace your Watch for free. Apple determined that under any circumstances, the edges of these models are more prone to cracking than other Apple Watches. It’s a good idea to double-check to see if you qualify for this free replacement!

Crack A Smile

Even though your Apple Watch screen is cracked, you have a plan to stay safe and get it repaired. Make sure to share this article with your friends and family to teach them what to do if they crack their Apple Watch face. Leave a comment down below if you have any other questions about your Apple Watch!

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I cracked the screen on my Apple Watch six and
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I cracked the screen on my Apple Watch six and would like to get it repaired without having to pay hundreds of dollars. Do you repair Apple Watch faces