What Do To If Your iPhone Has A Gap Between The Screen & Frame

A few people have reached out to us asking why there’s a gap between their iPhone’s screen and frame. We’ll tell you what we told them — the gap shouldn’t be there. In this article, we’ll explain what to do if your iPhone has a gap between the screen and frame.

Why Is There A Gap?

There isn’t much public information about the gaps other than a laundry list of forum posts by people with a flawed iPhone. That’s because there should never be a gap between your iPhone’s display and its frame or bezel.

Check out this video to see what the gap looks like on an iPhone 12 Pro Max. It’s big enough to slide a piece of paper into.

Problems The Gap Could Cause

We don’t blame you for being worried about this problem, if your iPhone has been affected. These gaps open up space on your iPhone’s exterior, potentially exposing its fragile components to the elements.

This gap makes it easier for liquid and debris to get inside your iPhone. Naturally, the idea of water and dirt coming in contact with your iPhone’s internal components doesn’t sound particularly appealing. Check out our other article to learn about all the ways water can permanently damage your iPhone.

What To Do If There’s A Gap In Your iPhone

We highly suggest bringing your iPhone to your local Apple Store to see what your support options are. Sometimes Apple will make exceptions and replace your iPhone, even when there’s no physical damage to the screen itself.

Visit Apple’s website to schedule an appointment before you take your iPhone to the Genius Bar. You can also get support online, over the phone, and through the mail.

Mind The Gap!

It’s no fun getting a new phone only to discover it has a serious design issue. Leave a comment down below to let us know if your iPhone has a gap between the screen and frame. Make sure to share this article on social media so your friends and family know to check their iPhone for this design flaw.

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2 years ago

My gap was just on top. In my case, a toothbrush bristle easily fits. Apple store replaced the screen. All good.

Now, the gap fits a computer paper. Which is what I have seen in previous models.

2 years ago

Just got the brand new iPhone 12 in purple and just one day in and I’ve noticed a gap at the top running all the way down both sides to the bottom, and some dust participles have already made their way into the gaps, as beautiful as the phone is this flaw makes me want to return it but at the same time I just like it too much!

Liam Shotwell
2 years ago
Reply to  Candy

If you just got it, Apple will probably give you a new one for free if you return it 🙂

3 years ago

I wanted to report that my brand new iPhone 12 pro has the exact same issue as well. 
I don’t know what should i do because I live in israel, and here it’s not so simple as to just go and have your iPhone replaced, because here the costumer service is not directly from apple, it’s goes through a third party retailer and they might not even recognize the screen gap as an issue… yeah it really sucks here.