Photos Missing On iPhone? Here’s Why & The Real Fix!

You can’t find some of your iPhone photos and you’re not quite sure where they could’ve went. You’ve scrolled through your entire photo library, but the one you’re looking for simply isn’t there. In this article, I’ll explain why photos are missing on your iPhone and show you how to find them!

Check Your Recently Deleted Album

Sometimes, the photos missing on your iPhone are just in the Recently Deleted album in the Photos app. To check your Recently Deleted album, open Photos and tap on the Albums tab at the bottom of the screen. Then, scroll all the way down to Recently Deleted under the Other Albums heading.

recently deleted album on iphone

Tap on Recently Deleted and see if your missing iPhone photos are here. You can recover any photo from your Recently Deleted album by tapping on it and tapping Recover.

recover recently deleted photos on iphone

Check Your Hidden Album

If you’ve ever hidden photos on your iPhone, they won’t show up in the Camera Roll on your iPhone. They’ll only be accessible in the Hidden album.

So, go to the Photos app and tap on the Albums tab. Then, scroll all the way down and tap Hidden. Are your missing iPhone photos here?

tap on iphone hidden folder

If so, tap on a photo you’d like to recover, then tap the Share button. Finally, tap Unhide. Now these photos will appear in your Camera Roll.

how to unhide photos on iphone

Turn On iCloud Photo Library

If the your missing iPhone photos weren’t in the Recently Deleted album, head to Settings and tap on your name at the top of the screen. Then, tap iCloud.

Next, tap Photos and make sure the switch next to iCloud Photo Library is turned on. You’ll know it’s on when the switch is green!

turn on icloud photo library

It’s important to turn on iCloud Photo Library because this feature will save and store all of your photos in iCloud so you can access them on any of your iCloud-connected devices. If iCloud Photo Library is on, you may not see the photo on your iPhone, but you’ll be able to access it in iCloud!

Once you’ve turned on iCloud Photo Library, go back to the main page in Settings and tap Wi-Fi. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on.

Give your iPhone a few minutes to sync up with iCloud, then go back to Photos on your iPhone and search for your pictures again.

Make Sure You’re Signed In With The Right Apple ID

If you’re still missing photos on your iPhone after turning on iCloud Photo Library, quickly make sure that you’re logged into the correct Apple ID. If you’re logged into the incorrect Apple ID, you could run into problems when saving your photos to iCloud and syncing your photos between devices.

To check the Apple ID you’re logged in with, open Settings and tap on your name at the very top of the screen. The email address you see under your name is the Apple ID you’re currently logged in with. If it’s the wrong Apple ID, scroll all the way down and tap Sign Out.

check apple id and sign out

If you’re logged into the correct Apple ID, try signing out and back in anyway — a minor glitch could be causing the problem.

A Photo Finish!

You’ve found those lost pictures on your iPhone! Next time there are some photos missing on your iPhone, you’ll know exactly how to fix the problem. If you have any questions about your iPhone, feel free to ask them below in the comments section.

Thanks for reading,
David L.

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Kemar gayle
1 month ago

Had over 4000 photos and check earlier and most if not all is not there except 900 could you please help me out

1 month ago

I went to Delete photos and videos I don’t need because my storage ran out. I had over 10000 photos and videos and all of them disappeared I only have 164 now from 2017. What the hell happened none of this helps how can I get them back???

Anika Ali
13 days ago
Reply to  Kaylee

Hi, ive had the exact same problem just now, so far apple support haven’t found any solution. Did u manage to retrieve the photos back, if so could you please let me know what u did.

David Hench
1 month ago

What are the chances? I’m David Hench!

1 month ago

I lost all my photos memeory gone. How fix it I’m deaf please help me

2 months ago

I went looking for a video I took and photos that were taken at the same event. The video was still there but with no audio. And most of the pictures were gone, iCloud storage is on and I pay Apple for extra storage and now pictures are gone. 😡

1 month ago
Reply to  SAM

Same thing happened to me

15 days ago
Reply to  Kaylee

It happened to me too that all pictures disappeared

2 months ago

i have an iphone 6 and when i went to my photos they were randomly just gone.

2 months ago
Reply to  Dev

It was the same for me. Did you fixed it? let me know thanks

2 months ago
Reply to  Keara

Same issue. Please someone tell me ho to fix it

2 months ago
Reply to  Keara

The same thing happened to me moments ago.

1 month ago
Reply to  Dev

This just happened to me today

Recent Update screw up?
3 months ago

Weird, but all my photos appear in my Photos app on my laptop, but the majority of them are gone from my phone. None of the above suggestions worked and this morning I just did the most recent update. Not sure if that’s what screwed it up.

3 months ago

my phone had a problem and i ahve to restore it. but im scared by doing so i will lose my data more precisely my photos. i checked i cloud and not all photos are on there.

Mario Balderrama
3 months ago

I lost a lot of fotos and videos, when I reach the free limit, I received warnings, then I sucribed, but old fotos are not appearing in my gallery, just form 2007, WHY?? Is it possible to revoer them?

Last edited 3 months ago by Mario Balderrama
3 months ago

None of the above worked for me… I lost a lot of my pictures on my iPhone… We should report this to Apple

3 months ago
Reply to  Moon

I just spoke to Apple Support. Since the 13 IOS update, 50 photos are missing. The rep told me that I must have accidentally deleted then, (my fault), bull. Cant get them back.

3 months ago

i literally just signed out of my apple id and signed back in and just lost all my photos. i don’t know what happened but i checked all the folders and they aren’t there. what am i supposed to do now?

Liam Shotwell
3 months ago
Reply to  someone

I’m wondering if your photos are missing on your iPhone because when you signed out of Apple ID, it removed all the photos that were on your iCloud. Now that you’re signed in again, try checking your photos settings to make sure iCloud Photo Library is turned on. I hope that helps.

3 months ago

i woke up and saw that all my photos were missing, they were on but not in my gallery. Does anybody know how to transfer all photos from to the gallery???

Rinad Nageeb
2 months ago
Reply to  idiot

I have the SAME problem I logged out of icloud id and when I signed in again a lot of photos were missing but they are in iCloud and now I don’t know how to return them to the album can someone please help me if they know?

6 months ago

i cant bring back my photos, i charged in 50gb and im not still paid for 2months is it the reason why my photos in my icloud are not in my phone?

6 months ago

Most of my photos are just gone. I don’t know what the hell happened 🤦🏽‍♀️

Melissa Mateo
6 months ago

So I wanted my pictures from my IPhone 4 so I don’t want those pictures to erase so I went on iCloud clicked photo library and everything disappeared I had around 1600 pictures and now it only has 179? I want all my pictures back

Jessica wheeler
7 months ago

I can’t remember my password. Someone was supposed to fix my screen, ended up tearing apart my whole phone! I brought it to the professionals to fix it and they said my whole memory board was missing. Idk what to do. All the pictures of my kids births through ages4-5 we’re on that phone. I’m beyond sad, upset, distraught and many other things. I don’t even remember if I was smart enough to turn on the cloud or sync at the time I got the phone. This was the 4S. I hope you can help me somehow. I do have… Read more »

21 days ago

Omg this is my exact problem. All of my child’s pictures from date of birth to 6 months are gone and I can’t understand what happened.

7 months ago

Hello, i just did all that and they aren’t still on my iPhone and I know that they are on iCloud because i got to and they were there btw.

8 months ago

my phone updated on its own and once it went to the home page i went to the gallery it only had like 600 pictures and mind you i had around 2000 and the other’s are gone i got my old messages and my recent messages and my pictures are on gone it seems like it went back in time and i need a certain video that got deleted or didn’t update what can i do to get them back.

Sarah Spector
1 year ago

My Recently Deleted album has been AWOL for weeks now.