Puls Review: Best iPhone Repair Service That Comes To You!

As a former Apple employee with experience repairing thousands of iPhones at the Genius Bar, I can tell you this for sure: When an iPhone breaks, the most frustrating part of the experience isn’t the broken iPhone — it’s the headache of getting it fixed.

It’s easy for any trained technician to fix an iPhone. The customer experience, on the other hand, can be downright awful. It usually looks something like this:

  1. Book a Genius Bar appointment, which may involve waiting days for a slot to open up. We used to turn people away if they didn’t have an appointment, even if they had driven hours to the store.
  2. Drive to the store and wait in line to be called. We ran late most of the time.
  3. Wait for the tech to repair your iPhone and hope they can do it on the spot. Customers would have to wait days for a part to come in or be told to wander around the mall for hours if the Geniuses were backed up.
  4. Drive home, with or without a working iPhone, and wait for a phone call from a Genius Admin so you can drive back to the Apple Store to pick up your iPhone.

How Does Puls Work?

1 Visit the Puls website to schedule an appointment at a time that works for you.

looking for help on laptop computer

Puls sends a trained, background-checked technician to meet you at a location of your choice. 

technician on the way to customer's location

The Puls technician fixes your iPhone on the spot.

phone being repaired with tools
You only pay after the repair is completed successfully.

customer paying repairman for his services

Puls guarantees the work for life!

technician meeting up with customer

You’ve taken a day’s work and condensed it into a few minutes!

Click here to set up a repair with Puls.

Here’s What Makes Puls Different

Instead of you taking hours out of your day to fix iPhone issues, Puls sends a trained repair professional to meet you at home, the office, at Starbucks (you choose the location), and the technician fixes your iPhone on the spot. You only pay if the repair is successful, and you’ll get a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

When Shouldn’t I Use Puls?

If your iPhone is under warranty, you may want to repair it at the Apple Store. Not only will it be free (or, in the case of accidental damage, be highly discounted if you have AppleCare+), but you’ll also continue to be able to get your repaired through Apple if something happens in the future.

This is the important part: When you replace an Apple part with a non-Apple part, your iPhone warranty becomes void and Apple won’t repair your iPhone if something goes wrong in the future (if they find out).

Puls is great under these circumstances:

  • When you need to get your iPhone repaired quickly.
  • When repairing your iPhone through Apple would be very expensive.
  • When you have an old iPhone that you can give as a gift or donate after a simple repair.
  • When you have an annoying problem that isn’t worth a full day and Apple’s repair cost to fix, but that is worth 30 minutes of your time and Puls‘ affordable repair prices.

Comparison of Puls to Apple’s Repair Cost

Picture this: You have an iPhone 6S. You dropped it on the bathroom floor and the screen shattered. What do you do?

Puls charges $129 to repair an iPhone 6S Plus screen; Apple charges $149. With Puls, you’ll save $20, skip the headache of making an appointment, driving to and from the store, and waiting for hours, and get a lifetime warranty.

But what if you dropped your iPhone on the floor, the screen shattered, and now it won’t turn on? 

Repair costs vary depending on the amount of damage, but Puls charges $129 for a broken screen + $79 to repair an iPhone 6S Plus that won’t turn on for a total of $208. Apple’s “Other Damage” cost, which is their cost to replace iPhones with damage more extensive than a cracked screen, is $329 for an iPhone 6S plus.

For more extensive damage, you’ll save $121 plus the time and headaches of going back and forth to Apple by choosing to repair your iPhone with Puls.

Pros Of Using Puls

  • Save hours out of your day: No need to make an appointment, drive to and from the Apple Store, wait in line, or hope the iPhone can actually be repaired that day.
  • Less expensive than Apple.
  • Better warranty than Apple on repairs (lifetime vs. 90 days).


  • May void your iPhone warranty if you replace an internal component with a non-Apple part (if Apple finds out), but that’s probably why you’re using Puls in the first place — because your warranty won’t cover the damage.

Puls: The Best iPhone Repair Service

Anyone who’s dropped an iPhone on the bathroom floor and cracked the screen (that’s me!) knows that when your iPhone isn’t working, usually the most frustrating part of the process isn’t necessarily the broken phone — it’s the headache and hoops you need to jump through to get it fixed.

Click here to set up a repair with Puls.

Puls makes the iPhone repair process a breeze, and with cheaper prices, door-to-door service, and a better warranty than Apple’s, they’re a great choice for anyone who needs their iPhone repaired fast and headache-free.

Note: Payette Forward is an affiliate of Puls and we believe in transparency. We never recommend companies we don’t believe in, and we want you to know that we receive a commission for repairs that are referred through our website. We’re grateful for your support!

Best Door-To-Door iPhone Repair Service

With cheaper prices than Apple, a lifetime warranty on parts and labor, and door-to-door service, Puls is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to avoid the frustration of making a Genius Bar appointment, driving to and from the Apple Store, and waiting around in a mall for hours when they need to get their iPhone repaired.

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I'm a former Apple employee and the founder of Payette Forward, and I'm here to help you with your iPhone.

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4 years ago

I am horribly disappointed and feel taken advantage of. The Puls website makes it feel like a local business with fair pricing, but experience proves otherwise. Sure, they will not charge the $79 diagnostic fee if the customer chooses to get the repair done, but their base price is $217 – which is not listed anywhere! This is ridiculous. As for not charging until the repair is done – well that is a blatant lie – I was charged the full amount and my repair has yet to be completed. Spoke to customer service and they are foreign – surprise… Read more »

5 years ago

Your inspection will go nowhere. Don’t pay for it. 3 different repair men failed to follow up with the repair after the initial inspection was paid for. Puls scheduled a new repair man every time one failed to show up. They lack the ability to keep tabs on and motivate their repair people. Go with a local repair crew that you can hold accountable. Otherwise, you go around in a circle of scheduling and will wait weeks before any repairs are made.

5 years ago

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! I had a perfectly operating phone and they broke it!!! THEY ARE LIARS,AND CHEATS!! I dropped my phone and shattered my screen. I found them online and thought it would be perfect to have fixed same day at my work. The only good thing is the tech showed up in the time period i requested. The tech took about 45 mins to replace the screen as he brought it up to give back to me he was honest and said he thinks he shorted out my home button because it was not working. I took… Read more »

5 years ago

Yes stay away. They do not vet their technicians. I know for a fact that they hire illegals and people on a visiting VISA. No one is vetted nor a background is checked. Let me say again. They use the cheapest parts and that’s why it will void your Apple Warranty if you have any. This comment is from a former technician. They are all about the money. Do yourself a favor and go to the store. You will regret if you fix it with puls (former CellSavers).

5 years ago

Stay AWAY from this company and its products. They claim to have screens that work just like the original Apple screen but that statement is FAR from true. Their screens become unresponsive quickly and they DO NOT capture all keystrokes when typing letters and/or numbers. STAY AWAY.

5 years ago

I used Puls to repair a cracked screen on my iPhone. It worked perfectly well prior to the repair just needed the screen repaired. The Puls technician replaced the screen, but I only noticed after he left that I was not able to place or receive calls (the screen went black every time there was a call). I contacted Puls to ask if they could fix the issue they created. Their response was to say that since the screen had been previously replaced, they were not responsible. So, it appears that they can do a terrible job on a repair… Read more »

6 years ago

I would give zero stars if I could. I had a tiny crack on my iPhone and called these guys – bad mistake.

They fixed the crack but managed to completely screw up my phone. The screen is bulging out and totally not flush. I cannot believe their “technician” missed that. I guess I should have noticed it but maybe I am too trusting.

They were really responsive when they wanted to take my money but then would not return emails or calls to rectify it. Avoid this company at all costs.

6 years ago

Hello my Name is Nelson and I had paid for a screen replacement from plus but the two different Technicians that came to my apartment on different appointments were unable to fix my screen. I would like to request a refund for the repair that wasnt done, I just picked up my phone from the Apple store and the service was already covered by Apple. I chose your company to fix my phone because it was suppose to be a fast and an effective service, but I ended up buying a new phone due to the extended wait. I’m attaching… Read more »

6 years ago

WORST SERVICE EVER!!! Okay so I dropped my phone for the first time ever and the screen ended up completely shattered and didn’t work at all. I schedule and appointment for early in the morning. The technician didn’t arrive til 4-5 hours later than the appointment so Puls offer me $10 off. The technician changed the screen and it didn’t work either so customer service tells me that I need to take my phone elsewhere but that they were going to cover everything. The technician was so nice that he took my phone and offer me to bring it to… Read more »