Sprint Phone Deals and Plans Compared  | 2017’s Best Offers

The key to a great smartphone and data experience is not about getting the cheapest deal — it’s about getting the best value and getting exactly what you’ve paid for. In my search for the best phone and plan offers, I’ve discovered Sprint’s best offers for 2017 and I’d like to share them with you in my curated list of the best Sprint Phone Deals this year.

Get A Great Deal On The iPhone 7 At Sprint

The iPhone 7 is the latest smartphone from Apple, and Sprint has several deals that let you pick one up at a price that works for you. You can get their iPhone 7 deal for as low as $26.39 per month, or you can pay the full price of $649.99. You can also enjoy a free annual upgrade after completion of the 12 payments. Plus, you can save $30 with a free activation fee.

Sprint iPhone 7 32GB Prices

18 Month Lease 24 Monthly Installments 24 Month Contract Full Price
$26.39 / month $27.09 / month $199.99 $649.99

A 50% discount will also be applied to your base monthly service when you switch to Sprint from most national carriers, including Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. Please note that the discount doesn’t cover the competitors’ promotional offers.

Get The LG Stylo 2 Smartphone For Free

For those Android phone lovers looking for the best Sprint phone deals, Sprint is offer the stunning LG Stylo 2 for free after you’ve purchased two LG Stylo 2 smartphones and opened at least one new line activation. The two LG Stylo 2 smartphones must be in a single purchase to take advantage of the free unit and free activation of the new line. This offer is available until stock lasts.

Sprint Deal: Own a Samsung GS7

For loyal Samsung users, Sprint offers a buy one, get one free deal for the Samsung GS7. This phone deal also comes with a free activation through click and call only. If you are tied to another contract, Sprint is willing to cover up to $650 for the switching fee after online registration and new phone activation. Click here to read more about this deal from Sprint on their promo page.

Another Good Deal: Enjoy The Stunning LG G5 Phone

This phone deal is yet another fantastic offer for LG users. Buy one LG G5 and open one new line with a 24-month installment and you’ll get it for free. You can also get this phone without the monthly payment by paying the full price. This offer is also available until stock lasts.

24 Monthly Installments 24 Month Contract Full Price
$24 / month $149.99 after mail-in rebate $576

Done Choosing Your New Phone?

You can use our free online calculator to find the best plans after you get a new phone from Sprint. Just visit our Cell Phone Savings Calculator to help you save big on your phone bills.

The Icing On The Sprint Cake: Unlimited Data, Text, and Talk

Just get any eligible phone and choose the Unlimited Freedom Plan. You’ll enjoy unlimited data, calling, and texting for as low as $100, and it’s good for two lines. An additional $30 will apply for every additional line.


Sprint also ships your new smartphone for free. Please note that free shipping applies when you buy online or through call only. Also, the Unlimited Freedom plan doesn’t cover iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, or any phone under promotional offers.

Have you decided on your new phone and data plan yet? Hopefully, these Sprint Phone Deals have helped you to choose the best plan for you. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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