Meritcase Crystal Waterproof iPhone 7 Case

This case is for the beach babes and the pool loungers, including moms with little tots who need to protect their phones from getting soaked.

merit case crystal iphone 7

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Meritcase Crystal Waterproof iPhone 7 Case

This case will protect your iPhone from dirt, dust, and water, while also giving you great protection, and it one of the best-looking waterproof cases I’ve seen yet.

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It’s also great for the snow bunnies who want to get those awesome shots without fear of dropping their iPhone 7 in the snow. Yes, the iPhone 7 is water resistant, but you still can’t take it in the pool to snap those awesome pool selfies. This case is IP68 waterproof certified to go up to 6.6 ft under water, and the crystal design still lets your iPhone 7 colors shine through. The case’s bezel bumper around the iPhone 7 comes in four color options.

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