My iPhone “Cannot Connect To App Store”! Here’s The Real Fix.

The App Store is not working on your iPhone and you aren’t sure why. There’s an update or a new app right there — but it’s just out of reach. In this article, I’ll show you what to do when your iPhone “cannot connect to App Store” and help you fix the problem for good!

Why Can’t My iPhone Connect To The App Store?

Your iPhone says it “cannot connect to App Store” because it’s not connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular data network, a software problem is preventing the App Store from loading, or the App Store servers are down.

To diagnose the real reason your iPhone is having this problem, we have to make sure that:

  1. You’re connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular data network.
  2. Your settings allow you to connect to the App Store and install, update, or purchase apps.
  3. The App Store servers are up and running.

If one or more of these aren’t working, it could be the reason why your iPhone “cannot connect to App Store”. The steps below will address each of the three points above and help you troubleshoot potential software or hardware problems.

iPhone cannot connect to app store

Is Your iPhone Connected To Wi-Fi Or Data?

First, let’s make sure your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular data network. Without a reliable connection, the App Store won’t load on your iPhone.

Let’s begin by checking to see if your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi. Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi and make sure the switch next to Wi-Fi is in the on position. You’ll know that Wi-Fi is on when the switch is green!

Below the switch, make sure there’s a small check mark next to the name of your Wi-Fi network — if there is, you’ll know you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

check connection to wifi

If Wi-Fi is on but there isn’t a check mark next to any network, tap your network under Choose A Network… and enter your Wi-Fi password if necessary.

choose a wifi network on iphone

If you want to use Cellular Data instead of Wi-Fi, that’s okay too! Go to Settings -> Cellular and make sure the switch next to Cellular Data at the top of the screen is turned on.

make sure cellular data switch is turned on

Clear The App Store Cache

One of my favorite tricks to use when my iPhone can’t connect to the App Store is to clear the App Store cache.

Like other apps, the App Store is run by software. There are countless lines of code that tell the App Store how to work and what to do. As you can probably imagine, all that software takes some time to respond. However, we want apps like the App Store to load instantly, so software programs use a “cache” to help them run faster.

A “cache” is a collection of frequently used files that are stored in such a way that when you go to use them, they load faster than other files do. A lot of different computers and programs do this, from your web browser to your home computer.

Unfortunately, cached files can sometimes become corrupted or experience glitches. Clearing the cache gives your App Store a chance to start over with fresh code that hasn’t been cached.

First, open up the App Store — it’s okay if it says “Cannot Connect To App Store”. Next, tap one of the five tabs 10 times in quick succession to clear the App Store cache.

clear the app store cache

You won’t see an on-screen notification saying that the App Store cache has been cleared. So, after tapping one tab 10 times in a row, open the app switcher and close out of the App Store. If your iPhone still can’t connect to the App Store after you’ve reopened it, move onto the next step.

Check The Apple System Status Page

It’s possible that the reason the App Store won’t load on your iPhone is because the App Store itself is having a problem. While it’s rare for the App Store to go down, Apple has a dedicated webpage set up so you can check the status of the App Store and their other services.

The App Store is the very first service listed on this page. If you see a green dot to the left of the App Store, that means the service is up and running.

Troubleshooting More Significant Software Problems

Although unlikely, it is possible that your that iPhone “cannot connect to App Store” because of a deeper software problem. Software files can become corrupted, which may lead to a variety of issues.

First, try resetting all settings, which will restore everything in the Settings app to factory defaults. To perform the reset, open Settings and tap General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. Then, tap Reset All Settings when the confirmation alert appears.

how to reset all the settings on your iphone

If resetting all settings doesn’t work, you can also try performing a DFU restore on your iPhone. A DFU restore erases and reloads all the code on your iPhone, so make sure to save a backup of your data first!

Potential Hardware Problems

In rare cases, your iPhone may have a hardware problem. There’s a small antenna inside your iPhone which connects it to wireless networks as well as Bluetooth devices. If you’ve been experiencing a lot of problems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth lately, you may need to have your iPhone repaired.

First, you may want to try setting up an appointment at your local Apple Store to see if a repair is actually necessary. If your iPhone needs a repair and it’s covered by AppleCare+, Apple may repair it for free.

We also recommend Puls, a smartphone repair company that will send one of their certified technicians directly to you who will fix your iPhone on-the-spot.

Can’t Connect To App Store? No Problem!

You’ve fixed the problem with the App Store and now you can continue to download and install your favorite apps. Next time your iPhone “cannot connect to App Store”, you’ll know exactly how to fix the problem. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any other questions you may have in the comments section below!

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Janet Symington Degeyter
Janet Symington Degeyter

I try to download the Harbor Freight app on iPhone. Why can’t I get it

Anjanette Brown
Anjanette Brown

I got this error two or three days ago on my IPhone 7 and Im still running 11.0.1. I logged out and back into my Apple account even though I knew there was nothing wrong with my phone, carrier or wifi. The error persisted. I checked Apple status update page and of course it said everything was available. So I waited. 24 hours later the App Store was available.

Antonio Costa Bigua
Antonio Costa Bigua

Damm it, I start get this also I did reset, setup likes new device and all around didnt work. Sounds looks like Apple want to force users Update to iOS 12 ;<

Patricia Green
Patricia Green

No, I’m not ‘resetting’ – it deletes all your photos/contacts/everything – that’s a bit drastic, and why should I have to do that?

Patricia Green
Patricia Green

When the screen says ‘cannot connect to app store – that’s all there is on the screen – no little icons at the foot of the screen that you show here, just an irritating – ‘cannot connect…..
I have an iphone SE – and it’s still on ios 11.2.1 because of all the bad publicity about ios12.
So what kind of phone shows you icons on the screen? Is there an alternative way of solving this problem please?

Prashant Madan
Prashant Madan

When I signing in to apps store payment method, billing name,
Billing address appearing. But phone no. Filling row not showing.