My iPhone Says “Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector.” Here’s The Fix!

You plugged a Lightning cable into your iPhone, but you received a scary pop-up as soon as you did. It says “Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector” and you’re not sure why. In this article, I’ll explain what to do when your iPhone says there’s liquid in its Lightning connector!

Why Does My iPhone Say “Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector”?

If you have an iPhone XS or later, your phone can detect liquid in your Lightning port. When it does, your iPhone might display a Charging Not Available error that says “Liquid has been detected in the Lightning connector.”

charging not available liquid detected in lightning connector

If you see this message displayed on your iPhone, unplug it from its charger and leave it out to dry for several hours. While your iPhone dries out, avoid plugging anything, such as headphones or another charger, into its Lightning port. The liquid present in the Lightning port could permanently damage your iPhone’s hardware.

We don’t recommend tapping Emergency Override to charge your iPhone. If your iPhone supports wireless charging, it might safer to charge your iPhone with a Qi-enabled wireless charger while your charging port dries. However, if your iPhone was exposed to a lot of water before this error message appeared, it’s probably best to avoid wireless charging as well; it’s possible that liquid has spread to other components of your iPhone.

How To Dry Out Your iPhone

Turn off your iPhone and leave it on a flat surface. If possible, surround your iPhone with desiccants, which can help it dry out. You can often find small desiccant packs in shoeboxes or shipping containers.

Then, it’s time to be patient. Try not to pick up or move your iPhone for a while. The notification you receive on your iPhone may say it’ll take “several hours” for the connector to dry.

Check out our other article to learn more about what to do when your iPhone has water damage.

What Not To Do With A Wet iPhone

We want to debunk some bad information about iPhone water damage. We’re sure you’ve heard that rice can be used as an at-home fix for iPhones exposed to water. Do not put your iPhone in rice.

Rice does not absorb moisture well, and it’s possible grains of rice could get stuck inside your iPhone. Putting your iPhone in rice now may just make this issue with the Lightning port worse!

Similarly, do not attempt to dry your iPhone using a hairdryer or air compressor. Either of these may just blow the liquid in the Lightning port further into your iPhone, potentially causing more damage.

Crisis Averted!

You’ve fixed the problem and the Lightning connector is dry. Make sure to share this article with friends and family to teach them what to do if they see the “Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector” pop-up on their iPhone. Have any other questions? Leave them down below in the comments section!

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23 days ago

Definitely seems like a bug issue. Never had my phone near water , I got the message and immediately took the charger out, it looked like it was indeed wet! But how? I was literally sitting in my work chair and no where near water . Seems like anyone who have updated their phone has the same issue. I even held back on updating my phone until recently.

15 days ago
Reply to  Ashanti

What’s your iphone? I just bought one that is brand new and only three days old. It’s only my third time to charge and is in no way wet or near water!

5 days ago
Reply to  Aya

I just updated my iPhone yesterday and today I’ve received that message, I haven’t been near water, I don’t get it

27 days ago

Yeah mines did that as well first time ever seeing that message.. It’s annoying.. I turned my phone off (a hard restart) & it worked & now charging. I will say a little water did touch my charger today after wasting it in my bed So that was the problem for me. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max

15 days ago
Reply to  Disha

I have one too but there is no water involved! I just got it a few days ago and wasnt even using it heavily since i still rely on my old samsung phone

29 days ago

Seriously mines started yesterday and it’s dead now and it’s still not allowing me to charge it? Solution apple!?!?

15 days ago
Reply to  J R

Oh no…

Annette McKinney
1 month ago

I have an iPhone 13 pro and this is the third time I have had this issue. No my phone has not gotten wet!I’ve had iPhones since the iphone4 and this has never happened. As much as these cost this should not be happening!

15 days ago

Do you have any updates about ur phone?

Linda L
1 month ago

I have an IPhone 11 and the same issue is with mine. I left it overnight to dry but it still won’t charge. Anything else I can do?

Michelle Hackbardt
1 month ago

My iPhone 11 Plus did this today. Not near any water/moisture. Restart removed the error.

24 days ago

Same thing happened to me. Tried this and it worked. Thank you!

1 month ago

I’m very annoyed, I’ve got the same thing that came up with my iPhone 12. And it’s about to die and I really don’t want to leave it!

1 month ago

I have an XS. I took my phone to Verizon. Since I have extended warranty they are sending a refurbished one. It’s better then having this error coming up.

1 month ago

So i just started having this issue today, used my cell till 10 pm yesterday and no water anywhere in my bedroom and today i have this message that it wont charge because of water issues, what water issues? Besides restarting it what can be done to stop this message?

2 months ago

Happened to me for the first time ever today. Phone isn’t wet, but I’m wondering if it’s the new charger I just purchased? My iPhone 11 is about 18 months old.

Joshua Landis
2 months ago

Just upgraded my iPhone XS Max to the new iOS and never had this issue til now. My battery sucks and I need to charge it but it won’t let me!! Fix issue asap!!

2 months ago

There has gotta be something going on with the iPhone 11s…my daughters said the fluid thing and she said its been nowhere near fluids. My other daughter has the same exact phone, it will be interesting to see if hers does it.

15 days ago
Reply to  Keri

I’ve got an 11 Pro Max, it is a few days old, and I already am having this problem 😒

5 days ago
Reply to  Aya

Me too!!! I updated my phone and I’m having troubles with that message, any solution?

2 months ago

It is a glitch. I got my iPhone 11 this new Year and I am very disappointed with this glitch I’d rather get a Samsung cause this made me think I broke my BRAND new phone. Thanks you for the help though, if I ever do expose my phone to water I will use those methods.

Dina Resinan
2 months ago

While I know I shouldn’t…I take a cotton swab, not the cheap ones where the cotton comes off easily, I pull some from the tip and dip it in alcohol and use it in the charging port. I know alcohol is great drying up water at times so I figured I would try it and it worked well.

2 months ago
Reply to  Dina Resinan

Just tried this and it worked straight away was surprised

Ankita Tripathi
2 months ago

I had same issue on my iphone 13 pro max but after restarted its working ok.

3 months ago

I had same issue on my iPhone 11 also. I had an iPhone X which am using all the time, but I don’t have this kind of message. I only receive it on my iPhone 11, which I am not using at all. I think something is wrong with my iPhone 11, but I think that problem is from the factory.

3 months ago
Reply to  Morad

Mine is doing the same thing it’s so annoying. I have the iPhone 11 . My phone isn’t even wet!

15 days ago
Reply to  Ebony

Mine too, annoying.

3 months ago

I’m having the same trouble. My phone has not been anywhere near water. It has been sitting on the end table overnight. This is the third time I have had this problem.

3 months ago

Most comments here have been made in the last few days. I also had this message pop up. Although I did shovel the snow with my phone in my inside pocket, it exposed to snow. I’ll leave it dry near a radiator but yeah, weird

3 months ago

My iPhone 11 Pro has not been anywhere near water and the Lightning connector should not be wet, so why am I receiving this error message? Is there a bug in iOS 15.3?

2 months ago
Reply to  Carole

100% a bug. I never had this issue til I updated my phone and I get this error message almost every night.

Dennis F
3 months ago

My phone is doing the same thing. Its saying there is water in the lightning port and I know for a fact there isn’t. And I’m not able to charge my phone. F’ing BS!!!!

jaidyn b
3 months ago
Reply to  Dennis F

mine just started doing this and it’s making me mad

4 months ago

My phone hasn’t gotten wet and goes all day without charging so why am I still getting this stupid error

Laura Richmond
3 months ago
Reply to  Charla

Me too! It says this all the time when my phone isn’t wet?!

2 months ago
Reply to  Laura Richmond

Same here brand new iPhone 13 pro max in waterproof case never exposed to water get message all the time since I got the phone definitely a bug that needs to be fixed