My iPhone Says “Scam Likely”: Here’s Why It Happens!

Your iPhone says “Scam Likely” and you’re not sure why. Don’t worry — your iPhone isn’t at risk and you haven’t mistakenly created a new contact. In this article, I’ll explain why it says “Scam Likely” on your iPhone in the Phone app.

Why Does My iPhone Say “Scam Likely”?

Your iPhone says “Scam Likely” because your wireless carrier introduced a new feature called Scam ID or Scam Lock that automatically changes the caller ID from the phone number to “Scam Likely” if the number calling is a known or suspected scammer.

scam likely on iphone

Why Do I Have A Missed Call From “Scam Likely”?

If you receive but don’t answer a phone call from a number that has been flagged as “Scam Likely”, it will still show up under the Recents tab in the Phone app on your iPhone or Android. If you want to delete the missed call, swipe the number from right to left in the Phone app and tap the red Delete button.

missed call from scam likely iPhone

Not Just An iPhone Issue!

iPhone users aren’t the only ones receiving phone calls from “Scam Likely”. Wireless providers such as T-Mobile are also warning Android owners of these potential calls from phone scammers.

scam likely missed call android

Can I Just Block All Calls From “Scam Likely”?

If T-Mobile is your wireless provider, you can block all calls from numbers that are flagged as “Scam Likely”. Check out our article How Do I Block Calls From “Scam Likely”? Here’s The Real Solution! to learn how.

Go Away, Scammers!

We hope we were able to help clear up any confusion you had about why “Scam Likely” was showing up on your iPhone or Android. Now that you know what’s going on with your iPhone, make sure to share this article social media with your family and friends so they don’t get confused when they receive a phone call from “Scam Likely”. Thanks for reading this article and remember to always Payette Forward.


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