iPhone Significant Locations: What It Means & How To Turn It Off!

You were using your iPhone when all of a sudden you stumbled upon a setting called Significant Locations. “Has Apple been tracking me everywhere I go!?” you ask yourself. In this article, I’ll explain the iPhone Significant Locations feature and show you how to turn it off!

What Is iPhone Significant Locations?

iPhone Significant Locations is a feature that tracks and saves the places you’re located most often. Apple uses these locations to send you specific alerts in the Calendar, Maps, and Photos app. Although your iPhone saves these Significant Locations, Apple can’t see or read them because the data is encrypted.

To view your iPhone Significant Locations, go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System -> Services -> Significant Locations. If you have Significant Locations turned on and you’ve had your iPhone for awhile, you’ll probably see a few locations here under History. If you just got your iPhone, you may not have any have any Significant Locations yet.

significant locations on iphone

How To Turn Off Significant Locations

Turning off Significant Locations is one of the many steps in our article about extending iPhone battery life. Location Services that track you everywhere you go can be a huge drain on your iPhone’s battery.

To turn off iPhone Significant Locations, open Settings and tap Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services -> Significant Locations. Then, turn off the switch next to Significant Locations. You’ll know it’s off when it’s white.

turn off iphone significant locations

If you ever want to turn iPhone Significant Locations back on, just go back to this menu and turn the switch back on. It make take a few days before Apple has enough data to save any Significant Locations on your iPhone.

Clear Significant Locations History

If you want to erase the Significant Locations that have been saved on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services -> Significant Locations and tap Clear History. Finally, tap Clear History when the confirmation alert appears on the screen.

clear significant locations history

Significant Locations: Explained!

You now know what Significant Locations are on your iPhone and how to turn them off! Share this article on social media to teach your family and friends about iPhone Significant Locations too. Leave a comment below if you have any other questions about your iPhone!

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