My iPhone Won’t Connect To The Internet! Here’s The Real Fix.

You’re trying to use Safari on your iPhone, but it isn’t connecting to the internet. No matter what you do, you can’t browse the web. In this article, we’ll explain how to diagnose and fix the problem when your iPhone won’t connect to the internet!

Does Your iPhone Say “No Internet Connection”?

Sometimes your iPhone will say it’s connected to Wi-Fi, but a “No Internet Connection” message appears below the name of your network. If your iPhone is experiencing this problem, you can skip past the Troubleshooting Cellular Data Issues section of this article, as the steps won’t be relevant.

One common reason why this notification appears is because your iPhone is too far away from your Wi-Fi router to establish a strong connection. Try moving your iPhone closer to your Wi-Fi router and see if the message disappears.

If it persists, make sure to restart your iPhone, follow the steps in the Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Issues section, and complete the more advanced steps below.

Restart Your iPhone

The first thing to try when your iPhone won’t connect to the internet is a simple restart. Turning your iPhone off and back on allows all of its programs to shut down and restart naturally, potentially fixing a minor software issue.

Press and hold the power button until “slide to power off” appears. If you have an iPhone without a Home button, simultaneously press and hold the side button and either volume button. Swipe the red and white power icon from left to right to shut down your iPhone.

Wait a few seconds, then turn your iPhone on again by pressing and holding the power button or the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

turn off your iphone

Wi-Fi Versus Cellular Data

You can connect your iPhone to the internet using Wi-Fi or cellular data. First, we’ll show you how to diagnose and fix Wi-Fi problems, then we’ll do the same for cellular data issues.

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Issues

Turn Your Wi-Fi Off Then Back On

The first thing to do when your iPhone won’t connect to the internet is to quickly turn Wi-Fi off and back on. This gives your iPhone a second chance to connect to your Wi-Fi network, which could resolve a minor software problem.

Open Settings and tap Wi-Fi. Then, tap the switch next to Wi-Fi at the top of the menu. Wait a few seconds, then toggle Wi-Fi on again.

make sure wifi is on

Forget The Wi-Fi Network On Your iPhone

Sometimes forgetting your Wi-Fi network on your iPhone and setting it up like new can fix connectivity issues. When you connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network for the first time, it saves information about that network and how to connect to it. If part of that connection process has changed, it could be the reason why your iPhone won’t connect to the internet, or why your iPhone says “No Internet Connection.”

Make sure to write down your Wi-Fi password before you complete this step! You’ll have to reenter it when you reconnect to the network.

Open Settings and tap Wi-Fi. Tap on the information button next to your Wi-Fi network, then tap Forget This Network.

forget wifi network on your iphone

Next, go back to Settings -> Wi-Fi and tap on your Wi-Fi network to reconnect to it.

Restart Your Router

Sometimes the internet isn’t working because of an issue with your Wi-Fi router, not your iPhone. You may need to restart your router.

First, unplug your router from the wall. Wait a few seconds and plug it back in. Your router will boot back up and start to reconnect. Be prepared, this might take some time!

Check Your VPN Configuration

It’s possible an issue with your VPN is preventing your iPhone from connecting to the internet. Try turning off your VPN in Settings -> VPN. Then, turn off the switch next to Status. You’ll know your VPN is off when it says Not Connected.

vpn not connected on iphone

Try connecting to the internet now that your VPN is off. If it works, there’s probably an issue with your VPN. Check out our other article to learn how to fix issues with your iPhone VPN!

Troubleshooting Cellular Data Issues

Turn Cellular Off And Back On

Turning Cellular Data off and back on can sometimes fix minor connectivity issues. Open Settings and tap Cellular. Then, turn off the switch next to Cellular Data. Wait a few seconds, then turn it on again.

turn on iphone cellular data

Eject and Reinsert Your SIM Card

A SIM card is what connects your iPhone to your carrier’s wireless network. Sometimes ejecting the SIM card and reseating it can fix connectivity problems.

Your iPhone SIM card is located in a tray on the side of your iPhone. Check out our guide on ejecting SIM cards if you need help! After reinserting your SIM card, try connecting to the internet.

Final Steps

If your iPhone still won’t connect to the internet after following of the steps above, you may have to perform a deeper reset on your iPhone. Before you do, head to Settings -> General -> Software Update and make sure your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS. Tap Download and Install if a software update is available.

Apple regularly releases iOS updates to fix minor bugs and problems, one of which could be preventing your iPhone from connecting to the internet.

update to ios 14.4

Reset Network Settings

When you Reset Network Settings, all Wi-Fi, Cellular, APN, and VPN settings are restored to factory defaults. You’ll have to reconnect your Bluetooth devices and reenter your Wi-Fi passwords after completing this step.

Open Settings and tap General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. Then, tap Reset Network Settings when the confirmation pop-up appears. Your iPhone will shut down, perform the reset, then turn itself on again.

Put Your iPhone In DFU Mode

A DFU (Device Firmware Update) restore is the most in-depth restore you can do on your iPhone. Before putting your iPhone in DFU mode, back it up to avoid losing all of your data, such as your contacts and photos. When you’re ready, check out our article to learn how to DFU restore your iPhone.

Repair And Support Options

If none of our software troubleshooting steps fixed the problem, it’s time to get in touch with a customer support representative at Apple, your wireless carrier, or your router manufacturer.

Contact Apple

We recommend reaching out to Apple support first to see if they can help you fix your iPhone. Apple provides support online, over the phone, and in-person. If you plan on going into your local Apple Store, set up an appointment to make sure an Apple Tech is available as soon as you arrive.

If your iPhone has a hardware problem, it may be worth investing in a new phone rather than paying to have your old one fixed. Check out the UpPhone phone comparison tool to find the best prices on new phones from Apple, Samsung, Google, and more.

Contact Your Wireless Carrier

Contact your wireless carrier if you’re having issues using cellular data, or if you think there might be an issue with your cell phone plan. You can quickly find the customer support number of your wireless carrier by Googling its name and “customer support.”

If you’re fed up with cellular data issues, it may be time to switch carriers. Check out UpPhone’s cell phone plan comparison tool to find a better plan!

Contact Your Router Manufacturer

If you can’t connect to Wi-Fi on any device, contact your router’s manufacturer. There could be an issue with the router itself. Check out our other article for more advanced router troubleshooting tips, or Google the name of your router manufacturer and “customer support” to find the appropriate phone number.

Connected To The Internet!

You’ve fixed the problem and your iPhone is connecting to the internet again. Make sure to share this article on social media to teach your friends, family, and followers what to do when their iPhone won’t connect to the internet. If you have any other questions about your iPhone or cell phone plan, leave a comment below!

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David Lynch is an expert on cell phones, cell phone plans, and other tech. After using a flip phone into his early 20s, he learned the ropes about iPhones and Androids from a former Apple employee. Today, his articles and videos are read and viewed by millions, and he has been cited by major publications including Reader's Digest, Wired, CMSWire, Consumers Advocate, and more.

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1 month ago

Thank you for this guide. I could not get my iphone to connect to the internet no matter what I tried. I discovered through your article that my VPN was the problem the whole time. Thank you!

2 months ago

My phone won’t connect to the internet, but money was added onto my iphone

4 months ago

My iPad was connecting but my iPhone wasn’t so I visited this page after I thought I had tried of the tips was try updates,I thought we’ll that won’t be the problem as my updates are automatic but as it was the next step I looked into updates in settings.lo and behold there was an update,I don’t know why this wasn’t an automatic one?but anyway problem now fixed.thanks for all the tips.

Roy Sokolowski
5 months ago

Resetting the network settings fixed my issues with network connectivity. Thanks.

9 months ago

The VPN trick worked for me too. It was a little VPN app called Orbit. I had tried it, but it didn’t seem to be running. In fact, when I took your advice I found that it was continually attempting to connect in “Connect on Demand” mode, a setting in the VPN settings. I have deleted the app. It is useless. I won’t reinstall it.

10 months ago

It worked!! VPN was the problem. Thanks!!

1 year ago

If you are using MAC address filtering for the WIFi connection-

Sometimes, the mac address for this setting is different under the WIFI settings, than the one given in general settings. You might get a new phone and then copy the settings from the old phone.

Tony Stark
1 year ago

The VPN fix worked! amazing!

1 year ago

I discovered today that my phone was not connecting to some of my apps that use internet after receiving a phone call from my heart doctor’s office. I have a pacemaker and use an app on my phone in order for my doctor to monitor it. I have tried for several hours to connect to wifi without any results. I could get online with all other devices I use so I knew my internet service was working. I pulled up this article and saw about the VPN issue so I just deleted my app for it and what do you… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  janet

Thank you. For 2 days I am trying to fix it, tried everything and nothing worked. Then I seen your comment and was able to figure it out.

1 year ago

Tried everything, on/off, soft reset, network settings reset – turns out it was realted to Nord VPN. opened the app and my phone reconnected to wifi. I deleted Nord anyway just in case but great fix – thank you!

1 year ago

Thank you!! I had spent all day trying to fix my phone, turns out it was the vpn, hadn’t even thought of that

1 year ago

Thank you. I tried everything from switching off the phone, switching off the cellular, installing updates. Nothing worked until this:
Open Settings and tap General -> Reset iPhone -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. Then, tap Reset Network Settings
And it worked.
Thank you! Tim from Singapore

2 years ago

Thank you for your article. VPN issue and fixed with deleting. Much appreciated

2 years ago

Thanks for your always gratefully appreciated efforts to help us iPhone users. I solved the problem with “No internet connection” by going into the Netgear app that allows me to control user access to our home network. It seems that a while ago, when I wondered if someone was stealing our wifi, I blocked a bunch of devices I didn’t recognize – including, uh, duh, my phone. That’ll do it! Turned access back on and we’re fine. I submit this because it’s always worth ruling out.

Last edited 2 years ago by George
2 years ago

Deleting VPN app did the trick

Saair Imran
2 years ago

i was trying every thing to get my WiFi back and tried for over an hour continuously but then i just randomly changed my DNS to manual and typed and secondary and all of a sudden the WiFi was back. If anyone is still stuck then try this method and even check your IP address that it should match with another device that is connected to the same WiFi and it works well on that device. i tried deleting all my VPN configurations and the apps but non of the steps worked. (don’t worry guys about the DNS,… Read more »

2 years ago

Thank you so much for the troubleshooting tips. My iPhone is back working again and will be sure to visit your site for any other issues that I am experiencing.

Terry Padilla
2 years ago

Deleted my VPN configuration and it worked yay Go to General then to VPN and delete

2 years ago
Reply to  Terry Padilla

thank you so much. saved my life. i was seriously contemplating on buying a new phone due to this exact issue. now that it has been solved, i don’t have to anymore!

2 years ago
Reply to  wt


2 years ago
Reply to  Terry Padilla

thank you for your comment. I had the same issue,,

2 years ago

I deleted ExpressVPN and it fixed the problem, I reinstalled the app afterwards

2 years ago

How do I get SIM card out

2 years ago

Did all the things above, but still nothing- remembered someone just installed NordVPN on my phone last night before I went to bed. This morning my phone was malfunctioning. The comments on this post are golden, thank you so much.

2 years ago

Popping the Sims card worked and I am up and running again! Thanks for the advice.

2 years ago

Somehow my internet got fixed by accepting the Cloud’s terms/conditions, so try that if none of the above steps work.

Michael Do
2 years ago

I tried everything but failed. Finally, I deleted my VPN just as Mr. LeLo did and it works perfectly. Thank you Mr. LeLo.

2 years ago

Delete your VPN app! It worked.

2 years ago
Reply to  LeLo

Thanks it worked

Tanya T
2 years ago
Reply to  LeLo

Thanks, this is worked for me!

2 years ago
Reply to  LeLo

You’er a savior

2 years ago

I can’t get internet access on my iPhone 8 with Wi-Fi or cellular data.

2 years ago

Deleting my VPN app worked for me. I’m so happy after two days of being offline. Just delete that VPN and reboot your device.

2 years ago

For most of the afternoon I have been trying to get on wifi with my iPhone X. Finally, after reading this post and the comments, I found that if I deleted IP Vanish I could finally get on the internet! Thank you to everyone that commented regarding the IP blocker!

2 years ago

So this was odd. I got the no internet connection message from my iPhone 11, but my iPad that was connected to the same router had no issue. When comparing the wifi settings, bother we’re set to automatically get the IP, but my phone had a totally different IP (iPad started with 192 but iphone was 163), the subnet was different, and the router was blank. I changed it to manual and copied the subnet and router, and then used the same IP just changing the last 3 digits, and now it works. I know this is a temporary fix,… Read more »

Sue Andersen
2 years ago

Hi can you please tell me how to connect to a wifi when there is no internet at my dads house or even when I’m in my car . My sister can still get internet on her phone at my dads house. THANKYOU sue

Colin Boyd
2 years ago
Reply to  Sue Andersen

Hi Sue, can your cell phone connect to the internet while you’re using cellular data? Or can it not use the internet at all?

nnaemeka odikamnoro
2 years ago

My iphone keeps developing new faults for every new software update. right now after having tried everything I still cant connect to the internet

Brooke Scoular
2 years ago

Hey I keep trying to read my emails but it’s saying I’m not connected to the internet! It’s very frustrating

Colin Boyd
2 years ago
Reply to  Brooke Scoular

Hi Brooke. Have you tried checking your email over Wi-Fi and cellular data?

2 years ago

I tried most of these techniques. Didn’t help. BUT … finally went into settings for Safari and Google and deleted web history (clearing cache). Bingo. It works.

2 years ago
Reply to  Rick

Thank you, thank you. After hours of searching every day for a fortnight, removing the Mcafee VPN solved all my frustrating internet connection problems on iPhone.

3 years ago

Pleased to report that as soon as I removed my Express VPN app from my iPhone 7, my Wi-Fi connection was restored. I had been troubleshooting this for 1-2 weeks, to the point of thinking it was a hardware issues. Even toggling the VPN button in settings did not help.

Liam Shotwell
3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

You should still be able to use your VPN and the Internet at the same time. Try uninstalling it and setting it up again, and if that doesn’t work try resetting network settings.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

I went through so many hoops to fix this issue, and your comment is the only one that fixed it, though it was NordVPN and not Express. How awful. Thank you for sharing!

Alexander Harold
3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

I did this and it actually worked

3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

NordVPN caused the same issue for me. Re-activating NordVPN is not affecting Wi-Fi thus far. Thanks!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

Omg I’ve spent HOURS AND HOURS troubleshooting this. Finally. Thank you!

2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

Thank you!! Reading this fixed the problem I had been trying to resolve for over a week. My next step would have been to replace the device if I hadn’t read this.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

Thank you I tried everything and nothing worked until I saw this comment and deleted my VPN app. Then, bam — internet was back!! Literally made my night!?

3 years ago

We enjoyed reading this article.<a href=””> Your articles are very helpful. </a> I hope you keep taking similar posts.

Odi Kosmatos
3 years ago

I had this problem, and tried everything above and nothing helped. Turns out that the “set time automatically” feature was turned off, and this prevents all internet access. Go figure!

3 years ago
Reply to  Odi Kosmatos

Wow this solved my problem. I tried everything and this is the only thing that worked. Crazy.

k s
3 years ago
Reply to  Odi Kosmatos

wow you rly solved my problem with that

3 years ago

JenN, thank you. I drr DT keyed my VPN snd simultaneously it hooked on to my Wifi. I wonder why it does not like my BPN. I have iPhone 8 Hod Bless.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jays

Thank u! It was the VPN app for me too. I tried everything on this list before I saw ur comment lol

3 years ago
Reply to  Jays

Brilliant. This was my issue too. I did suspect it was this and tried turning VPN off but that didn’t work, but the second I deleted it, everything worked fine. Thanks

3 years ago
Reply to  Jays

Seems that it was the cyber ghost vpn for me. After uninstalling everything connected in a sec.

3 years ago

The solution for me was to get rid of the VPN app. Everything went back to connecting after that!

3 years ago
Reply to  JenN

I was having the same problem and had tried most of the other potential solutions without success. Deleting the Norton VPN app seems to have worked for me, so thank you

Liam Shotwell
3 years ago
Reply to  EssJayBee

Resetting your network settings will help without having to uninstall the VPN.

3 years ago
Reply to  JenN

wow you are the best JenN!!!

3 years ago

Same thing happened to my phone using cellular data – to resolve the issue I went into safari app and deleted the history and it resolved the issue.

3 years ago

so my I phone just stay searching at the top it will not let me connect to my home internet what do I do

Peter Mohan
3 years ago

I’ve done every suggestion to get WiFi with my iPhone X.
it’s still hit or miss with my WIFI.
Frankly, it’s making me CRAZY ?

dore champagne
3 years ago
Reply to  Peter Mohan

did you ever get this resolved? i’m having the same exact issue, and have even purchased a brand new phone. it still will not connect!

Anna Black
3 years ago
Reply to  dore champagne

That would mean that it’s your router. I’d try getting a new one of those.

Grace Kikulwe
3 years ago

how can i access internet on my iphone 6

Leela Leng
3 years ago
Reply to  Grace Kikulwe

Yeah the same thing happened to me after fixing my phones battery by replacing it with a new one and after that I can’t connect to cellular data or WiFi, so I got the WiFi issue fix but I still can’t connect to the WiFi

1 year ago
Reply to  Leela Leng

Wish I’d have seen this thread sooner. Could not straighten anything out through the iphone settings as far as connection to internet even though it said I had a strong wi-fi signal. I have a Iphone Pro 12. However when I clicked on my VPN app on my phone and went through the sign in process for my VPN provider, everything cleared up.