Why Does My iPhone XS Charge So Slow? Here’s The Truth!

Your iPhone XS is charging slowly and you don’t know why. Your old iPhone used to charger so much faster! In this article, I’ll explain why your iPhone XS charges so slow and show you how to fix the problem for good.

Why Is My iPhone XS Charging Slowly?

Your iPhone XS charges so slow because its battery is physically larger than the batteries in older iPhones. The iPhone XS battery is 274 mAh bigger than the largest battery in older iPhone models. This means that at full capacity, it should take 30–60 minutes longer to charge your iPhone XS.

Furthermore, batteries lose their capacity over time. It’s not uncommon for your iPhone’s battery to lose 5% or more of its capacity over the course of a year. When your iPhone battery loses some of its capacity, it takes less time to recharge, because your iPhone isn’t charging to its maximum capacity.

On the other hand, your iPhone XS has a full-capacity battery when you take it out of the box. When you recharge it, it charges to full capacity!

How To Charge Your iPhone XS Faster

There are a couple things you can do if you want to charge your iPhone XS faster. First, trying using a charger with a higher amperage. The iPhone XS comes with a standard 1 amp wall charger, but there are plenty of higher amperage chargers out there.

Most iPhones are capable of handling about 1.6 amps, so a more powerful charge may increase the speeds at which your iPhone XS charges. Higher amperage chargers won’t damage your iPhone XS because its designed to not take in an amperage that would be harmful to the battery or its other internal components.

Another way to increase the speed at which your iPhone XS charges is to look into fast charging options. Fast charging is a feature that was introduced with the iPhone 8 and it’s compatible with the iPhone XS too! Fast charging means that your iPhone XS will charge up to 50% in just 30 minutes!

Currently, the only reliable way to fast-charge your iPhone XS is to buy Apple’s USB-C to Lightning cable connector. Normally we like to recommend a cheaper, generic version of Apple accessories too, but unfortunately there isn’t a reliable, generic USB-C to Lightning cable connector on the market right now.

Tell Your iPhone XS Who’s In Charge!

I hope this article helped you understand why your iPhone XS is charging so slow and how you can fix the problem. Leave me any other comments or questions you have about your iPhone XS down below in the comments section!

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