iPad Home Button Not Working? Here’s What To Do!

Your iPad Home button is stuck and you’re not sure what to do. No matter how many times you try to press it, nothing happens. In this article, I’ll explain what to do when your iPad Home button is not working and explain how you can get it repaired today!

Is My iPad Broken? Does It Need To Be Repaired?

Even though your iPad Home button is not working, it’s possible that there isn’t a hardware problem at all! When you press a button on your iPad, it’s the software that tells your iPad to perform the task. Your iPad may just be experiencing a minor software glitch!

Turn On AssistiveTouch

Apple has built in a temporary solution when your iPad Home button is stuck or simply won’t work — it’s called AssistiveTouch. When AssistiveTouch is on, a virtual button will appear on your iPad’s display. This button allows you to lock your iPad, turn off on your iPad, and so much more.

To turn on AssistiveTouch on your iPad, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> AssistiveTouch. Then, turn on the switch next to AssistiveTouch. As soon as you do, a small button will appear on your iPad’s display.

turn on ipad assistivetouch

When the AssistiveTouch appears on the screen, you can use your finger to drag it around the display. To use the button, simply tap on!

Take Off iPad Case If You Use One

Although it’s unlikely, it’s possible your iPad Home button is not working because the case on your iPad is preventing you from pressing it all the way down. Try taking off your iPad’s case and pressing the Home button again. If it still won’t work, move onto the next step!

Can You Still Press The Home Button, Or Is It Totally Stuck?

There are essentially two different types of Home button problems:

  1. You can’t press it down because it’s completely stuck.
  2. You can press it down, but nothing happens.

If scenario one describes your iPad, then your only option may be to repair it. Dirt, gunk, and other debris can occasionally get stuck in your iPad’s Home button. Try wiping it down with a microfiber cloth to see if you can clean anything out.

You probably won’t have much success with this because there isn’t really an easy way to clean it out without opening up your iPad. If you want to get your iPad Home button fixed, scroll down to the “Repair Your iPad” section of this article.

If your iPad Home button isn’t stuck, there’s a chance the software is causing the problem. Work through the troubleshooting steps below to try and fix the problem!

Restart Your iPad

The first software troubleshooting step when your iPad home button won’t work is to simply turn it off and back on. This can fix a minor software glitch that could be causing the problem.

Press and hold the power button, then swipe the red power icon when “slide to power off” appears. Wait a few seconds, then press and hold the power button again until the Apple logo appears.

Back Up Your iPad

Before we move onto the restore step, I first recommend backing up your iPad. That way, when you actually perform the restore, you’ll be able to quickly restore from the backup and not lose any of your data or information.

To backup your iPad, plug it into your computer and open iTunes. You can also go to Settings -> Your Name -> iCloud -> iCloud Backup -> Back Up Now.

icloud backup ipad

Put Your iPad In DFU Mode

Now that your iPad has been backed up, it’s time to put in DFU mode and restore. There’s only one problem — the Home button is broken! Without a working Home button, you can’t restore your iPad the conventional way.

Instead, you’ll have to use special software to perform the restore. We recommend Tenorshare 4uKey, which we’ve personally tested and reviewed.

We can’t guarantee that a DFU restore will fix your iPad’s Home button because it could still be not working due to a hardware issue. You may just want to have the Home button repaired rather than paying for a third-party software that may not even fix the problem. The final step of this article discusses your two best repair options, both of which will help you fix your iPad!

Repair Your iPad

If you’ve made it through all the troubleshooting steps and your iPad Home button still isn’t working, it’s time to explore your repair options. If you have AppleCare+, set up an appointment at your local Apple Store and bring your iPad in.

However, if your iPad Home button stopped working after it got wet, the Apple Store won’t be able to help you out. AppleCare+ doesn’t cover liquid damage, so the best they’ll be able to do is completely replace your iPad, which won’t be cheap.

iPad Home Button: Fixed!

You’ve successfully fixed your iPad’s Home button, or you have a great option to get it repaired if necessary. Next time your iPad Home button is not working, you’ll know exactly what to do. If you have any other questions about your iPad, leave them in the comments section below.

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David Lynch is an expert on cell phones, cell phone plans, and other tech. After using a flip phone into his early 20s, he learned the ropes about iPhones and Androids from a former Apple employee. Today, his articles and videos are read and viewed by millions, and he has been cited by major publications including Reader's Digest, Wired, CMSWire, Consumers Advocate, and more.

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Mark Alder
5 months ago

After attempting every recommendation I could do myself, I finally found a fix not mentioned in any forum I have found anywhere. After cleaning the button carefully with alcohol, with iPad off, I took attachments off of shop vac so it would seal against flat surface, and proceeded to put it over the button to pull out any debris I may have loosened up and turned it upside down doing the same. I have the button now 90% funtional from about 10% previously. Also important to keep working the button throughout the process, goal being to loosen any debri or… Read more »

Mark Alder
5 months ago

Found a new solution!

1 year ago

Have an A1337IPad and the home button not working. Else all other options r working.
Also no option available in Accessibility for Assistive touch/option access. How to I go back

Last edited 1 year ago by Jay
1 year ago

You rule! That virtual Home button was a godsend. Thanks so much!!!!!!

2 years ago

I am stuck in a classic invert and I can get to go away. I can’t get AssistiveTouch without my home button please help.

2 years ago

Thank you! The virtual button will work until I have a chance to replace my iPad.

Edward MacDuff
2 years ago

My daughter’s iPad Air 2 has the same problem and what do is use the power button to turn it on then use the Touch ID to open it since it still works for that. I don’t worry about the home button while using the iPad since I can swipe the windows up and off the screen.

Last edited 2 years ago by Edward MacDuff
3 years ago

My home button works it’s just that when I turn on my iPad by pressing the home button and I press it again to unlock it it doesn’t work so what do I do now? And you may be wondering how am I contacting you if my iPad doesn’t work well I have another iPad

3 years ago

AssistiveTouch is so helpful thnx

3 years ago

How long can I keep assistive touch on without fixing home button

Patsy Smith
3 years ago

When I push my push home to unlock button Sierra comes up and seems like the button is deeper than it should be

3 years ago

My IPad home button is not working and my assistive home button does not respond. The message on the screen says I must press home to upgrade

3 years ago

The home button on my I Pad is not working. It is not stuck. I am unable to access my home screen. I have tried different solutions posted online.

Satish Karle
3 years ago

iPad home button was not working? you said go to settings? how to I go to settings without home button

Liam Shotwell
3 years ago
Reply to  Satish Karle

You can just tap on the settings app. You might have to reboot or use assistive touch.

The home button on my iPad has fallen off so I can
3 years ago

The home button on my iPad has fallen off so I can’t turn it on what do I do

3 years ago

I’m late so it might already be fixed but you can use the power button to turn it on then, to unlock it you can tap the bottom of the screen and drag up and then just put in the code

4 years ago

I can’t open my ipad or switch it off because the touch button is not functioning so I cannot reboot it or go to Settings. Please help.

4 years ago

David, the accessibility suggestion worked great. thanks

Nathan Keck
5 years ago

I told you my other iPad home button was not working? you said go to settings? how to I go to settings without home button?

3 years ago
Reply to  Nathan Keck

I’m guessing, turn off your iPad, then go to suggestions and if you have settings there click it, put your password if you have one in your iPad and there.