“Update Apple ID Phone Number” On iPhone? What It Really Means!

Your iPhone says “Update Apple ID Phone Number” and you’re not sure why. Every time you pick up your iPhone, the notification is there! In this article, I’ll explain why it says “Update Apple ID Phone Number” on your iPhone and show you how to get rid of this message.

Why Does It Say “Update Apple ID Phone Number” On My iPhone?

Your iPhone says “Update Apple ID Phone Number” because Apple is reminding you to make sure theTrusted Phone Number associated with your Apple ID is up to date. If it’s not, you run the risk of losing access to your account.

This notification first appeared on my iPhone shortly after I installed iOS 12, so this may just be Apple’s way of reminding its customers to double-check their iPhone security settings as the next big iOS update is pushed out.

update apple id phone number home screen

Making Sure Your Apple ID Phone Number Is Up To Date

To make sure your Apple ID Phone Number is up to date, open Settings and tap the “Update Apple ID Phone Number?” notification. Then, tap Continue.

update apple id phone number settings app

When you tap Continue, a new menu will pop up asking if your phone number has changed. If your phone number has changed, tap Change Trusted Number. If your phone number hasn’t changed, tap Keep Using (Phone Number).

has phone number changed iphone

I’m willing to bet that the phone number of most people reading this article hasn’t changed, so you can dismiss this notification for good by tapping Keep Using (Phone Number). If you did get a new phone number, and therefore tapped Change Trusted Number, you’ll be prompted to enter that new number on the next screen!

Can I Always Update My Apple ID Phone Number?

Yes, you can always update your Apple ID security settings. To update your Apple ID Phone Number, open Settings and tap on your name at the top of the screen. Then, tap Password & Security.

password and security settings on iphone

Next, tap Edit next to Trusted Phone Number and tap Add a Trusted Phone Number. After entering your iPhone passcode, type in the new Trusted Phone Number. Finally, tap Done.

edit trusted phone number on iphone

I Trust You’ve Found The Answer You’re Looking For

You now know why your iPhone says “Update Apple ID Phone Number” and how to update your Trusted Phone Number. If you have any other questions about your iPhone, leave a comment down below. Thanks for reading!

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1 month ago

What can I do about not being able to update my number to my apple account because apparently it’s already being used. I just got the this number from at&t fee weeks ago. I’m not using my iPhone for actual service though. But I’m also not getting rid of my iPhone. I no longer have access to number I originally used on my iPhone. Thus why I need to update the number. Help please

1 year ago

Yes but everyday I get a message to update my phone number when I already have

2 years ago

I tried signing into my Apple ID, but it said I needed a verification code from my trusted phone number. I am guessing it is because I said to keep that phone number, but I have no access to it 🙁 I used my dads number (since he allowed me) to get a text for instructions. A day later, I tried to log into my Apple ID, and it says “you will be able to update your phone number in 8 days.” What happens after 8 days? How would I be able to update my phone number?

2 years ago

How can I change the other country phone number?

Drake sizemore
3 years ago

Hello my name is running wolf I have tryed for 2 months to get in my other iCloud account I’ve even called apple with in a few days I was supposed to have been able to get in my account to check my mail because I got another iPhone because AT&T sold me my phone that was missed up don’t buy a regular iPhone 12 it has been like this since the day I bought it I can’t get in my WiFi or my Bluetooth if any one know what I can do to fix this pls let me know… Read more »

3 years ago

I have an iPad mini 2 and I no longer have my old phone which is tied to my Apple ID account. I cannot remember my password to my iCloud account and someone new now has my phone. When I select change my trusted number it returns response system error. I’ve been trying this for days. What can I do?

3 years ago

An acquaintance put my phone number as his trusted phone number and now I get his damn verification codes multiple times every few days because that crackhead can never remember his password. How do I, as owner of the trusted phone number, but not owner of the apple ID, remove my number from his account?

Liam Shotwell
3 years ago
Reply to  Kalei

Ask him to remove your number is the best thing you can do. You can try and contact Apple support as well. I hope you can get it fixed!

3 years ago

How do I get access to change the number when I am locked out of my account

Cory oneill
3 years ago

Hi i want to change my apple id phone nunber

Liam Shotwell
3 years ago
Reply to  Cory oneill

Just follow the steps in this article and you’ll be in good shape in no time ?

3 years ago

what if you have forgotten the apple ID password

3 years ago

my phone number veryfi is not use anymore how to change

Syadali haider
3 years ago

Hi sir my phone my phone is having problem with password and it

Alan Maxwell
3 years ago

I am asked to review my Apple ID phone number but when I click on the notification I just get the General menu and no mention of Apple ID.

3 years ago

How can change the my phone number and ID

3 years ago

I just got an iPhone today for the first time in a few years. Since I’ve last had an iPhone or Mac product, my “trusted phone number” has changed. I remember my correct Apple ID and password, but can’t do anything to get around having the verification code sent to my old number, which is currently out of service.

3 years ago

Please my iPhone got stolen with my trusted phone number and I’m trying to manage it please what do I do

Liam Shotwell
3 years ago
Reply to  Rose

This article might be able to help. By using the Find My iPhone tool, you can erase the data on the device so that the thieves can’t pull anyhting off the device.

Tenzin Wangdhen
3 years ago

I forgot my Apple ID Password can you tell me how to Update New passwords?

Tahui (Polly) Crawford
3 years ago

The Trusted phone number showing on my phone is my husbands phone number. So should it be the number of my phone or the number of another phone whom I trust

3 years ago

Ive changed my trusted numbers but it still hasn’t registered so I can update some settings. I’ve tried restarting the phone but it didn’t change anything

Nkhangotiah Randsom
4 years ago

My iPhone is disabled, how do i unlock please!!

4 years ago

hello sir my problem is that my trusted phone number is not in use so i cannot able to get the two factor authentication no. and repeatedtly its asking me to submit the two factor authentication. if i want to edit also same question is asking.i need to update all apps slowly my apps are closing so pls suggest me

shera emraj
4 years ago

hi i can’t change number my account

Dorothy Root
5 years ago

Quick question-Yesterday I put in an international Sim card and in WhatsApp I elected to continue to use my current US phone number. Now my iPhone is asking me to update the trusted Phone number or use with my Apple ID, or leave it as my US phone numbee. Should I keep the setting as my US number, or should I change it to the international Sim? Im not sure how long I want to use this new SIM card, and I wouldnt want any messages going to that number when I finish using it. your thoughts?

Victor Engel
5 years ago

I just updated my phone to iOS12 and got the “has your phone number changed” screen, above. The things is, my number did not change. What changed is the format of the number. Instead of appearing as 1 (123) 456-7890 typical for US numbers, the new number was 12-34567890. I was given an option to change to the number number or retain the old. I selected the option to retain the old because I’m not sure if something would be screwed up by changing it. I also filed a bug report with Apple, since I think this should not have… Read more »