My iPhone Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi. Here’s The Fix!

Your iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi and you don’t know why. Maybe your computer connects, maybe your friend’s iPhone connects, or maybe no devices will connect at all. Maybe your iPhone connects to every Wi-Fi network except for one, or maybe it doesn’t connect to any networks at all.

There are a lot of maybes when it comes to diagnosing and solving this problem, but I’ll help you get to the bottom of it. In this article, I’ll explain why your iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi and help you fix the problem, whether it’s with your iPhone or your wireless router.

Meanwhile, At The Genius Bar…

iPhone Connected To Wi-FiA customer comes in and says their iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi. The technician asks the customer to connect to Wi-Fi inside the store, and most of the time, it works. That’s the first step in diagnosing this issue, and the first question you should ask yourself:

“Will my iPhone connect to any Wi-Fi networks, or is it just one network my iPhone won’t connect to?”

If you don’t have another Wi-Fi network to use to test your iPhone, go to Starbucks, your local library, or your friend’s house and try to connect to their Wi-Fi. If your iPhone connects, it’s not a hardware problem – there’s a problem between your iPhone and your wireless router at home.

Note: If your iPhone doesn’t connect to any wireless networks, skip to the section of this article called Delete All The Wi-Fi Networks Stored On Your iPhone. If that doesn’t work, skip to to the section called Diagnosing Hardware Issues. Check out my other article if Wi-Fi is grayed out in Settings!

The Simplest Fix

If you haven’t already, try powering off your iPhone and Wi-Fi router, and turning them back on.

  1. On your iPhone, press and hold the power button until slide to power off appears. Slide across the screen with your finger and wait for your iPhone to power off. It can take 15 seconds or more for your iPhone to power off. Next, hold the power button until you see the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  2. We’ll use a very technical trick to turn your Wi-Fi router off and back on: Pull the power cord out of the wall and plug it back in.

After your router reboots, try reconnecting your iPhone to Wi-Fi. If it works, there was a problem with your wireless router’s built-in software (sometimes called firmware). Few people understand how Wi-Fi networks actually work. All Wi-Fi routers use essentially the same hardware to create wireless networks, but the software built into Wi-Fi routers varies greatly from model to model. 

Just like on your iPhone and your computer, the software built into your wireless router can crash. The router may still broadcast the Wi-Fi network, but the built-in software doesn’t respond when a device tries to connect. If resetting your wireless router fixes the problem, you may wish to check the manufacturer’s website to see if a software (or firmware) update is available for your router. Software updates can prevent the problem from coming back.

When Your iPhone Connects To All Wi-Fi Networks, Except For One

This scenario makes it very difficult to diagnose the problem, especially in an Apple Store. Usually, the customer can’t reproduce the issue because it only happens at home. The best a technician can do is offer some generic advice, reset some settings, and wish the customer best of luck. I hope this article will be more helpful than that, because unlike a Genius, you can take it home with you.

Before we dive deeper, I find it helpful to restate the problem: Your iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi because there is a problem with your iPhone or your wireless router. Problems with iPhones are easier to diagnose, so we’ll start there.

Problems With iPhones And Wi-Fi Networks

iPhones remember all the Wi-Fi networks they’ve ever connected to, along with the password for each network. When we come home from work, our iPhones automatically reconnect to our Wi-Fi at home and enter the password. At least they’re supposed to.

One of the major benefits of the iPhone, and the thing that geeks are always complaining about, is that it’s simple, and therefore limited in terms of a user’s ability to “go under the hood” to diagnose an issue. Unlike your Mac or PC, your iPhone can’t display the list of Wi-Fi networks it’s saved over the years. You can “forget” a Wi-Fi network, but only if you’re already connected to it.

Toggle Wi-Fi Off And Back On

One quick step when your iPhone is not connecting to Wi-Fi is quickly turning Wi-Fi off and back on. Think of it like turning your iPhone off and back on — it gives your iPhone a fresh start and second chance to make a clean connection to Wi-Fi.

Open the Settings app and tap on Wi-Fi. Then, tap the switch next to Wi-Fi at the top of the menu. Wait a few seconds, then toggle W-Fi back on!

toggle wi-fi off and back on iphone

Delete All The Wi-Fi Networks Stored On Your iPhone

Next, try completely resetting your iPhone’s database of Wi-Fi networks. This fixes the issue a lot of the time, and all but eliminates the possibility that a software issue on your iPhone is causing the problem. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset and choose Reset Network Settings.

how to reset iPhone network settings

You’ll have to reconnect to all your Wi-Fi networks and enter their passwords again, so make sure you know the important ones before you begin. Try reconnecting to your wireless router after your iPhone reboots. If it still won’t connect, it’s time to take a look at your wireless router. I’ll show you how to fix it on the next page of this article.

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I'm a former Apple employee and the founder of Payette Forward, and I'm here to help you with your iPhone.

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3 days ago

my network keeps appearing then diapering and when i put in my password it always says incorrect and then the network is lost again. it also finds other wifi networks more than it finds my own

5 days ago

Hello I have an iPhone 8+ and it won’t connect to my wifi. All of the other devices in the house are connecting fine without any issue. A couple of weeks ago, I was having the same problem with the same phone. I looked everywhere, did everything that was suggested but still didn’t work. So my father suggested I reset my phone, saying that maybe lack of storage was causing the issue. So, I did, and I lost everything, but it worked. I was able to recover a few stuff through iCloud. Fast forward today, I woke up to my… Read more »

Liam Shotwell
4 days ago
Reply to  Haru

When you did a reset, did you do a DFU restore? That’s the definitive way to fully reset the software on your device, and that might help you get connected.

5 days ago

hi! my iphone and iPad connect to wifi when I’m downstairs where the router is, but when I’m upstairs only my macbook connects to wifi. I can’t connect it on my iPhone and my iPad kinda connects, but actually nothing seems to work or never loads. I used the same router in my other house and the range was okay, I could connect to the wifi on the 2 levels. It wasn’t great or anything, sometimes it would disconnect but it wasn’t a major problem. Now it’s causing a problem and I don’t know what to do. If I’m in… Read more »

Liam Shotwell
5 days ago
Reply to  Jay

I would try just repositioning the router somewhere else. There’s a chance there might be some kind of obstruction you aren’t aware of. A range extender can actually slow your speed down since they repeat data packets. Weird, right? Some of the more expensive ones are better but again, they’re really expensive. Depending on the scenario, it can help in some cases, but in others it might not. You’ll have to try it and find out, but start with moving the router before you go out and spend a ton of money. Getting your Wi-Fi straight from the router will… Read more »

6 days ago

I can connect to
my home wi-fi but I have been in 2 non secure networks in 2 different hospitals and can not connect. My husbands iPhone connects without any problems.
I have reset my networks. Any thoughts

7 days ago

My iPhone 7 is connected to the wifi, but it doesn’t show the icon in the upper left side of the screen and it doesn’t allow me to actually go on the internet. Mobile data also doesn’t work.

7 days ago
Reply to  Maya

I’ve got the same issue (iPhone xs) and I’ve tried everything.. can’t reset my phone to factory settings because I don’t have internet connection though ugh

11 days ago

Thanks! I needed to reset my network settings.

Dinah Sered
15 days ago

I cannot connect to wifi. I reset my network settings. but it didn’t help

18 days ago

my iphone 5s is not getting connected to wifi, i reset the network setting… also i rest the factory setting but can’t connect to the wifi even my apple id is getting logged in, i tried a lot but every time it is showing verification failed…. please help me how to solve out these issues

22 days ago

my iphone is not connecting to my wifi and showing the password is incorrect. and i tried resetting all networks still isnt working

1 month ago

my iPhone connects to wifi but won’t use the wifi connected to it only use my data

Liam Shotwell
1 month ago
Reply to  David

If your iPhone is connecting to Wi-Fi but only seems to be using your mobile data, try turning your Cellular Data off. Go to the Settings app, tap cellular, then make sure that the switch next to Cellular Data is turned Off.

If you do this while connected to Wi-Fi and you aren’t able to use your Internet connection at all, there might be something wrong with your Wi-Fi settings or your Wi-Fi antenna. Check your Wi-Fi settings and if you can’t resolve the problem there, you might need to get your phone serviced.

Good luck to you!

Susan Kent
1 month ago

Hi, I have an old iPhone 6. My current iPhone (X), my iPad and laptop all connect to my WiFi. A few days ago the IPhone 6 just stopped connecting to the WiFi. It doesn’t show ANY available networks. Everything else seems to be working.

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3 months ago

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pawan perera
4 months ago

my iphone is not connecting to my wifi and showing the password is incorrect. and i tried resetting all networks still isnt working

Sumayyah Jugreet
28 days ago
Reply to  pawan perera

Have you been able to solve this problem ? I am having the same problem can you please help ?

veronica s.
20 days ago

Me too. It’s really annoying that my iPhone 6s+ is the only device not being able to connect. I’ve restored both my iPhone and Wifi to factory default. Also did update it through iTunes to the latest version. 13.5.1. I had my fingers crossed, but still to no avail, it says “Incorrect Password” help

18 days ago
Reply to  veronica s.

I have an iPhone 6S and been having the same problem. Did everything and displays “Incorrect Password” seeing loads of people having the same problem.

12 days ago
Reply to  veronica s.

hello have you solve this already ?

9 days ago
Reply to  valerie

me too iphone 6 I cant connect at home, but can elsewhere. also when trying to get my mac or housemate’s phone to send me the doesn’t work either. im using the right password, but on my phone it says incorrect. been a month or two

5 days ago
Reply to  masiero

This is happening to me too! (iPhone 5) Can we please get a fix?

james doyle
4 months ago

Thanks for your help on the Iphone/wifi problem. Can you help me please with my MacBook Air. I updated OS to Catalina, now Microsoft requires a subscription to use Excel and WORD. How can I get around that. Originally MSOffice came free with the original OS. Thanks.